Why I’m a Democrat

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Check out this video the College Democrats of America put together at their 2011 Summer Conference, “Why I’m a Democrat”. My favorite is the student at the 1:15 mark, “I believe that through government, we can come together and do what we can’t do individually.”

Some very compelling and intelligent reasoning here!

h/t Breitbart TV


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10 responses to “Why I’m a Democrat

  1. Government “education” has turned us into a nation crawling with dumbMasses.

    And there is no way that is an unintended consequence.

    No way.


  2. I think many people are Democrat or Repulicans just because thier daddy was, most people dont know the difference or what the parties stand for or are trying to do. Ask anybody you meet and see what I mean.

    • That’s 1) assuming that government education doesn’t play a role in shaping children’s political views (which is does, don’t kid yourself) 2) verifies that government education doesn’t teach children properly about politics 3) insulting to parents that try to raise their children with values and beliefs, and lastly, 4) insulting to all individuals that make a conscious decision to be a democrat or republican. And it’s insulting to us HERE at this blog who are more than just a little informed about both parties TYVM.

  3. I am a democrat,because i’m a dumbass. My Parents didn’t teach me any better. “I want someone to take care of me all my life”.

  4. Here is a counter to that video…LOL It makes sense too?

  5. Uh, hi, my name is Bill and I’m a Democrat…

  6. Video #2 is proof positive of why the United States is falling far and fast behind other G-20 countries.


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