Why I voted for Donald Trump

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The final reason wasn’t my confidence in Donald – It was my certainty about Hillary

Unlike Barak Obama, Donald Trump’s past is unshielded and available for all to observe and research.

We can know and expect many things about Donald Trump, most of them good, but some possibly objectionable to ideologues on either end of the Liberal/Conservative spectrum. What we can’t predict is how Trumps skills will transfer into the challenges of the presidency. So there is some unpredictability about Donald Trump.

Like Donald, Hillary also has a history that can be studied.

Hillary has been active in international affairs for years, definitely long enough for us to make accurate predictions. We can see that if she became president, she would corrupt every part of our government to serve her personal desires. We can see that with the power of the oval office, anyone who opposed her or became inconvenient could be quietly removed (killed) in the same way she and Bill did all the way from Arkansas to DC.

So my vote for Donald was more importantly
a vote against Hillary.


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0 responses to “Why I voted for Donald Trump

  1. My vote was not a NEVERHILLARY vote, although we had a belly full of Clintons, Obama, all the DC insiders for quite a while.
    Being from NYC and being aware of Trump’s ability to succeed in a world-wide business environment which is even more competitive than the backstabbing U.S.Congress, and listening carefully to his values seeing his team, and watching his campaign, I was happy to vote for him.
    There were a few kind of “viable” GOP contenders in the primary, but the debates revealed enough about the candidates and the totally screwed up MSM to seal the deal for me, (and many others, apparently)
    It seems that every professional politician has to be in someone’s pocket in order to get into and stay in office.
    Trump is unique.
    Now I’m with Trump for the long haul, and I take every affront towards him personally.
    I consider it my duty as a citizen of the U.S.A., and am awaiting his call to action.

  2. Okay, but apart from that, why didn’t you vote for her? (Sarc.)
    How does Donald Trump shock others? Although wealthy and well educated, his life involved working dealing with many wearing blue collars, not those living in a world of thought and idea production that is often far distant from physical reality. He did not go to law school and learn and practice how to most effectively address others to accomplish his goals. He dealt directly with others who all lived the same lives. It was labor, management, financial, and political interests being addressed at ground level with every party knowing the others well at ground level and relating accordingly. Others may not be comfortable dealing with this, but is necessary if we are to avoid the consequences of falling for the promises given us by those offering their sugar candy just before their rain storm.

    • traildustfotm

      The most frequent objection I have heard from my liberal friends is the remarks Donald made years ago about women letting him grab their private parts. Having played team sports, I know locker room talk, and put that into the category of a social mistake, and a wake up call for Trump the candidate. I have had to be forgiven for many sins in this life, and don’t intend to view Donald with a self-righteous eye. PS: He’s doing an amazing job so far.

      • But your liberal friends weren’t bothered by the fact that Hillary not just did NOTHING when her husband, Bill Clinton, more than locker room-talked about “grabbing pussies” — he groped & raped women, and had oral and anal sex with a WH intern in the Oval Office — she blamed the women and trashed them as “bimbos”. What hypocrisy.

    • traildustfotm

      Amen brother.

    • Anonymous . . . That is the most telling picture I think I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing. It truly is stellar . . . the whole story is told in just one very simple picture! Bravo!

    • Tragic loss of life caused by dereliction of duty. Not a single person with the authority to intervene and save lives acted in the affirmative. Several people had the opportunity to redeem themselves for the heinous crimes committed in Libya. They chose to double-down on evil. RIP. We will Never Forget Benghazi.

  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    “We can ignore reality, but we cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Ayn Rand

  4. Your reasoning was exactly my reasoning, Trail. And notice how analogously similar our reasoning was to Pascal’s Wager: Better to risk on that uncertainty likely to yield the best outcome than to risk certain loss!
    President Trump’s Administration has gotten off to a rocky start, and he has already committed an impeachable offense by bombing Syria. Although he has slain the CNN dragon with aplomb, he has yet to go on the offensive against Soros-linked infiltrators and saboteurs. He has yet to slay the Obamacare Dragon once and for all. But despite these minuses, President Trump has done more in his first three months than many new Presidents have done in their first six.
    I say this with the knowledge that Trump CANNOT save America: Only God can do that now. But I do think that he remains our best bet to buy us the valuable time we need. And hopefully Hillary won’t be around too much longer.
    But then we all go on to face the Book of Revelation and what comes with it: It’s unescapeable at this point, I believe.

    • IF you think he actually bombed syria……
      I hold out much more hope than you do Steven, even though I agree with most everything you’ve stated in the comment section over many months.

  5. Yikes, that picture is the stuff of nightmares!

  6. I am from MI, and so for me, a vote for a third party candidate for conscience sake simply was not a viable option this time around. I knew that our state would be one of the close, important ones this time around. And having seen, and read, a lot about the Clintons and their abuses, there was simply no way that I would take a chance on her winning, while I could at least vote to stop her.
    On a similar topic, our local newspaper this Sunday, ran as it’s frontpage, a huge article about gerrymandering, and how it is such a bad thing, and how it basically gave the election to the Republicans this time. The liberals even managed to come up with some formula that proves how unfair it is, by making a comparison of how if one party wins or looses by too great of a margin, it is proof of a conspiracy to make the voters waste their votes on races based upon unfair gerrymandering. The funny thing is, I don’t recall them decrying this as foul when the Democrats got to redraw the districts to make things go their way. Then again, this the same rag whose editorial board predicted back in the early days of shall issue CCW in MI that the blood would run in the streets, and every traffic accident would become the next OK Corral. In those exact terms. I never did see a retraction on that when it didn’t happen. They don’t seem to see the correlation between their journalistic bent and the fact that they can no longer sustain daily delivery, and have instead been forced to cut back to 3 days a week. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, are the only days that they deliver to homes, the rest they sell only at stores and boxes.
    By the way, Trump was not my first choice either, but I am proud of the things he has done so far. He does indeed have feet of clay, like the rest of us, but he makes me proud to be an American, and not afraid of the world stage that Obama stood on. Trump was made for that stage, and made to stand in it’s center. And also, keep your eyes open for what Ted Cruz is doing and saying. He is not going away, and is also someone to watch as our next possible president of the future.

  7. My vote started as a “Never Killary” vote,but the more I looked into Trump-what he promised,what he believes,and far from least,his ability to get things done regardless of adversity,the more I felt that he was THE ONE-I believe it possible he was Heaven sent for the job he has ahead of him. I believe it’s true that only God can save the USA now,but I also believe President Trump was destined to be here to make what corrections he can make until God takes the wheel.
    Yeah-I voted AGAINST Killary,because I’m fully aware that if SHE was to become the president,the USA would be GONE in less than a year,and she’d be occupying a cushy office at the UN,deciding the fate of the World. (She’d UN’s Queen,because she’d deliver to them what Obama didn’t have the balls to deliver-a disarmed America in the midst of civil war over Race,Politics,Capitalism vs. Socialism,and the adoption of every form of social evil the Devil could conjure up.)
    BTW-I’m hearing on OANN reference to the fact Obama KNEW about Russia “meddling” with elections and covert surveillance being conducted before the Election,but CHOSE NOT to do anything because he expected Killary to win. Since SHE DIDN’T WIN (Pardon the caps-I just love saying SHE DIDN’T WIN…),NOW it’s a big deal. SOME Presidents would be considered TRAITORS for something like that. There REALLY needs to be some investigating,arresting,and convicting for Treason done here,and I’m sure there’s enough other Treasonous behavior going on to result in the conviction of several OTHERS from the last Badministration.

  8. Hopefully a good round of “branding” career criminal politicians with the Big “T” (and the subsequent removal from the gravy train) would be enough to cause a fair number of “early retirements” or resignations,to avoid getting branded themselves.

  9. To be honest, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either candidate of the NWO Party. But, I never do. I will say that I was gratified that Trump “won” rather than Shrillery. I am not totally negative toward Trump, I just don’t trust him. My experience tells me that they don’t allow real enemies of their little plan to take office.
    So, to the extent that he does things properly, fine. I have to say that his foreign policy sucks. What happened to disengaging from these imperial coups worldwide? What’s with the Russia bashing?
    Why would he appoint someone as obnoxious as Nikki Hailey? Why does he keep engaging morons instead of rising above it and crushing them?
    So, could someone else do better? Absolutely. Would they allow that? No!

  10. Like other commenters on this thread, I voted for Donald Trump because the alternative, Hillary Clinton, would be DISASTROUS for America. After 8 years of destruction wrought by Obama, a Pres. Hillary would set this country on a course from which there could be no turning back. 2016 was our last chance to reverse course.
    But I also voted for Trump because he is a populist (of the “rust belt” and the forgotten middle class) and an American nationalist.

    • Over a year before the primary, I took a poll that revealed I was ‘most aligned’ to Trump. At the time, I thought it was funny. Did ‘they’ give us Trump as a ‘feel good’ candidate? I do not know for sure; but I have never regretted my vote.

  11. I voted for Donald J. Trump because he is not politically correct. The first step to actually making America great again is to end the pc culture that has criminalized speech. The second step is to end multiculturalism. A divide and conquer technique, plain and simple.

    • Dr Eowyn . . . No one could have summed it up better than what you wrote. I know The Donald has his warts and all . . . but then, unfortunately, so do I, and at last glance I find that everyone around me has them also. He is human . . . but he is just butt kickin’ great!
      I saw a clip just an hour ago, showing our President walking with some high ranking military officer, they were headed towards the helicopter that POTUS uses. It just so happens that the young military man who was stationed at the bottom of the boarding ramp was hatless. The winds were extremely fierce, he hat had blown off. . . because he was at attention, and could not leave his post to retrieve his hat . . . our dear President ran the few feet to where the hat had landed, he took and placed it on the young man’s head, and kind of slapped his shoulders. If you can imagine this, once again the hat flew off, and the President headed to retrieve it, but the high ranking military gentleman who was with the President got to the hat before the President, and he took it back to the young man. It was a moment that showed such kindness, such humility, none of the BS we saw from Obummer . . . where that weasel would not even salute those who attended him when boarding either his helicopter or Air Force One. In that instant it showed who, and how and R-E-A-L President acts. (Try to find the clip if you can, it was marvelous to view.)
      I am glad I voted how I voted, and I am glad that the Heavens sustained the righteous people who live in this great nation, to allow us to see Donald J Trump inaugurated.

  12. ManCavePatriot

    My vote for Donald Trump was NOT party-driven in the least because I have as much disdain for many Repugnants as I have for Hillary and the Communists/Progressives. His campaign spoke to the forgotten Middle America/Middle Class which most politicians only give ‘lip service’ during the election cycle. He may be trying to hold together a republican coalition in order to get changes through congress, but the PEOPLE know what kind of CREEPS are walking the halls of the Capitol, on BOTH sides of the aisle.

  13. traildustfotm

    I am very glad to see a Republican president who doesn’t just stand and take it when Leftist reporters heap abuse on him. No, Donald doesn’t put up with it. He returns fire and hits them with a haymaker. And when they attack him, they are attacking his supporters, so we are glad to see a fighter in office.

    • Well, to me I have to say, if it were me, I’d make them an offer they couldn’t refuse. If they called me on it, I’d deny it. But they’d shut up. I would not allow this 24/7 constant drone of utter bullshit.
      The fact that they are openly making a mockery of the office means that he either isn’t up for the job or he’s in on it. In that position you can’t afford to play the victim.
      I would reinstate the “fairness doctrine” that was in force until Clinton. Then, if they continued, I’d pull their broadcast licenses. I’d go on TV and tell everyone that real journalists have a responsibility to the society they live in. Those who can’t accept that shouldn’t be on the air.
      It wouldn’t be what I did or said publicly that would turn that around. That’s why I think he’s in on it. If he can’t stop it (and he really wants to), he’s the wrong man for the job.

  14. I voted for Trump because he is a REAL American (warts and all) and I believe he truly loves America and wants it to thrive once again.
    The same cannot be said for comrade Broom Hilda.

  15. As Dr. Eowyn stated, “2016 was our last chance to reverse course”. After decades of intense corruption which further culminated in unbelievable attacks on religion, privacy and personal freedoms from the obummer regime, those who were “awake” realized how close we were, and still are, to losing our God given rights and the country we so love. To have voted for any other candidate would have spelled the end of our sovereignty. It may not have happened as quickly as with hillary, but it would certainly would have happened. I personally feel Ben Carson is a great man, but don’t think he had enough experience dealing with evil.
    It wasn’t until Trump ran that I realized the overwhelming extent of the government corruption. To understand that most Republican legislators didn’t want changes to their crony capitalism and various sources of illicit income was a revelation. That they would rather have hillary win to protect their financial way of life disgusts me. That they would trade their ill gotten incomes for the loss of our sovereignty is treason. That they would rather have open borders and follow the tenets of the UN and a one world government is high treason. That they would rather impeach/assassinate Trump reveals their evilness. We know we have some legislators who are good people and who try to fight the corrupt and corruption. Yet, they still don’t publicly inform the citizenry who is involved and the real details. The investigations are a joke with almost no one being indicted. They are cowards for not being honest with their constituents. They, by association with the knowledge of the corruption and those who are party to it, make them collaborators and traitors too.
    Why don’t our Republican legislators have a well thought out plan for tax reform and to replace ObamaCare? They had 8 years to work on it. It’s my opinion, most wanted a Democrat to win in 2016 revealing our two party system as a total sham.
    Virtually every agency and department in the government and many, if not most, establishment Republican legislators (Rhinos and NeoCons) are intimately in league with Alinsky Socialist and Communist philosophies. These traitors have yet to be investigated. Most have been identified. Trump made the mistake of allowing others hire and make appointments that have brought in people who are dangerous to him, his agenda and conservative America.
    American conservatives are sick of the continuous attacks on Trump and his administration. We know Trump and associates have brought some of this on themselves, much due to political inexperience. We are sick of the Soros funded organizations (including obummer and jarrett) and their aggressive and destructive agenda. We are sick of the MSM. We are sick of most of our Republican legislators and their “veiled” agendas. We are sick of the evil, lies and obfuscations.

    • I agree. My point about the media is that, if they continue to allow this, it makes them appear weak and ineffective. I honestly think that this is by plan. They can’t be that dumb or weak.
      Whenever I catch a glimpse of this I immediately think “Worldwide Wrestling”. It’s all so contrived. If they were serious about this they’d pull the plug on this circus so fast it’d make your head spin.
      Trust me, it isn’t because I like to say it. I’m afraid we continue to be had.

  16. Well put TD. My thought was, if you consider the damage Hillary did while just being the Secretary, as well as the riches she obtained, imagine the damage she would do if she had control of the whole country.
    There is no doubt in my mind those supporting her now have very fat wallets.
    I have gone back and listened to the muffled recording of Trump in that bus and to me he said, “if you have enough money, you could even grab them by their p…..,” not an admission that he actually did it. So many banked their decision on that one statement. And to listen to several women that dated him,and even his exwives, no one, except the Allred/Clinton stooges has come forward. Crude yes, but not a hanging moment for me.
    I have never been a Hillary fan even back to their Gov. Days. I thought she was evil and with the death rolls surrounding them, never a vote from me.
    After 8 years of Obama, we couldn’t afford another 8 years of a democrat.
    I know Trump is open and sometimes a little too open and a little crude, but he is honest to a fault. He mentions the elephant in the room when others ignore it.
    If he had a little more support and was given a fair chance, which the dems would never do, think what this country could be like.
    For me. It was a no brainer.

  17. Hillary was never an option for me. She’s a greedy, money grubbing, power hungry sociopath who sold America to the highest bidder.

  18. Trump is doing quite bad as of late. He needs to either move to the centre in order to bring some moderates on board or revive and energise his original voting bloc once again. In terms of healthcare, he would be best to abandon previous Republican strategies of repeal and replace and instead cover all of his constituents. If he doesn’t do this he will lose the support of the blue collar workers who proved critical in his election victory.

  19. I love our President. His fabulous success in business placed him in ‘elite’ powerful circles for the past thirty years. This was his boot-camp. He has acquired first hand knowledge of the systemic corruption that drives U.S. politics, at home and abroad; bringing not only this nation, but the world to the brink. I firmly believe his circumstances have been crafted in preparation for this Presidency.
    The President-elect was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days on Inauguration Day. He serves at God’s pleasure, he will not fail. I pray for him daily, in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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