Why I Pray for the Man Who Calls Himself Obama

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Why I Pray for the Man Who Calls Himself Obama
I don’t think that I have ever felt so much anger towards a single person as I do towards the man who calls himself Obama. When I think of the blatant destruction that he and his cabal of communist usurpers have brought to this country via illegitimate authority: the economic destitution, the destruction of sacred marriage, the persecution and attacks on conservatives and Christians, the ruined lives, the wrecked marriages, the murder of millions of babies, the deliberate tearing down of racial progress and the proliferation of racist policies and actions, etc., I am at a loss to come up with another person in my lifetime that more personifies the word evil.
Yet, I pray for the man.
Why? Because if there’s anyone who has done more to deliberately chart a course to his own eternal damnation in the fires of hell, it’s him. Yet I know that God loves him.
For the same reason, I pray for Holder, and Hillary, and Reid, and Jarrett, and Biden, and Pelosi, and Boxner, and Feinstein, and all the rest.
They are sowing the seeds of their own damnation. Yet God loves them.
I’ll admit, it’s hard to pray for these people. It takes effort. Yet the more I do it, the easier it becomes.
Perhaps one of them will be saved. Perhaps one of them will see the light and the errors of their ways. On the one hand, I’m not optimistic. On the other hand, I know that all things are possible with God.

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  1. Thank you for this article…very well written

  2. Thanks for this post, Mike. You remind us of our responsibility to forgive as we have been forgiven. And our responsibility to pray for those in authority (even these people). If we can’t believe in the possibility of their repentance and salvation, then at some point we will stop being confident of the same thing for ourselves.
    In Lord of the Rings, there was a point where Sam asked why Frodo kept hoping that Gollum might have some good in him. Frodo’s response was, “Because I need to, Sam.” He had become morally compromised by the influence of Sauron’s ring in the same way it had happened to Smeagol (Gollum).

    • While Frodo hoped that there was still “some good” in Gollum, there was none as Gollum was full of only malice till the end. It was God who used Bilbo’s and Frodo’s sparing of Gollum’s life to the good in that Gollum’s greed to reclaim his “precious” — the One Ring — led to his and the ring’s destruction in the fires of Mount Doom. Providence is strange that way.
      My hope is that God too has a plan to use Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama for the greater good, despite his malice and in spite of himself.
      The best definition of “providence” I’ve read is “Providence acts through individuals being and doing what they should, i.e., what is right and good, no matter the personal sacrifices.” That was what Bilbo and Frodo did — the right thing — and although they couldn’t change Gollum, Providence worked its effects through the two Bagginses, the Fellowship of the Ring, and all the good and valiant Elves, Dwarves, and Men/Women of Middle-earth, as well as good Angels (Maiar) like the wizard Gandalf. 😀

      • And then there is the case of Daniel with King Nebuchadnezzar. The king was horrible, yet through being humbled by God, and I would expect Daniel’s prayers, the king actually repented and gave glory to the God of the Jews. I will hold out a hope like this as I pray for the man who calls himself Obama.

  3. Your comments are truly words of wisdom. When we pray for our enemies, the Lord lessens the burden we are carrying in our hearts. And believe me, this man Obama causes a very heavy weight in the hearts of many. Thank you for this profound suggestion. I know it is right to pray for our enemies, I just haven’t put that into action yet. I just always pray that we will be protected “from” the results of his actions, not praying particularly for the man. I am going to give this a try.

  4. After Obama was elected president in 2008, I prayed for him because, like all of us, even the Anti-Christ has free will and can choose to turn away from his path of destruction. I did that for several months, then I stopped because Obama only became worse — more destructive and more evil.
    Like Frodo, I will keep hoping that there’s “some good left in” Obama, although truth be told, I no longer pray for him, except during Mass when we are asked to pray for our political leaders. My time and energy are finite, and I choose to use them to pray for people I love.

    • When BO became President, he had the opportunity to become the best world leader the world had ever seen. But, he had another agenda. Imagine that legacy, the best leader in the world and loved by all for uniting and spreading peace.
      But, when something seems off, go with your gut. America lost that day and we will pay for it for years.
      It is a shame the dark evil controls his heart.

  5. Satan has such a tight a grip on all of them and the minions that STILL support them as well. Your prayers are not falling on a deaf God but they will be answered just like the evil that pre dated them all down through history. Which means unfortunately the only way we come back from this carnage is a total reset which will be on the scale of a Hitler / Mussolini / Hirohito etc.
    Just to name a few. Satan always will try to take as many souls as he can seduce. Man has freewill and these individuals have hardened their hearts to such an extent that your prayers are being stored up for those that can still hear.

  6. You are a much better person than I.

  7. Well that’s one way to look at it.

  8. I have not prayed for Obama and a number of other public figures because they are evil and they know they are evil. When I was a teacher, some colleagues in my own department were into witchcraft and New Age and WOULD NOT take any mention of the Very Name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and that was the way it was.
    At the Last Supper, Our Lord relents and tells Judas Iscariot, All Right, whatever it is you’re going to do, do it quickly.
    Many politicians and regular people (such as Theosophists) are conscious Satanists and they know it. They think the Devil will give them a better deal.
    All right, maybe my attitude is off. Maybe it is. Yes, God can do ALL THINGS EXCEPT save someone who is hellbent on his own destruction. So my attitude to those people is, “Your enemies are my enemies, O Lord. I shall hate them with a perfect hatred.”

    • People can call me a hater, racist or whatever but myself still being a sinner, all that I can find in my heart to pray regarding barry soetoro is that he and his entire posse are thrown into a lake of fire other suitable holding place. These people, including obama and other presidents like Klinton, Bush etc know what they are doing, relish it and feel they are gods. THey are totally drunk with power and satan’s false promises

  9. Paul says in 1 Timothy 2:2, “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”
    If in the Bible you see 3 separate instructions to do the same thing, then it means that it is very important.
    Supplications, Intercessions, and Prayers, are generally the same thing.
    We have to pray for all of our leaders and representatives, from Obama all the way down.
    I pray in particular that Mr. Obama’s eyes will be opened and that his clearly mistaken ideas of Christianity and Jesus will fall away, and the Truth of Jesus will be present and revealed before Obama and His family in the White House.
    Awesome article by the way.
    God bless you for writing it!

  10. Mike, a very well written post. I completely agree with your view of the heinous fraud and fruit this person and his entire evil admin has perpetrated on this once-great country. And Hunter, thank you for referencing solid doctrine for why we are to pray for those in leadership. If Paul can pray for Nero, we can pray for BHO. And yes, all things are possible with God; it is not flesh and blood that are our enemies but the Satanic influences behind their beliefs, thoughts, actions and words. They speak lies because they are of their father, the father of lies.
    The thing that keeps me in perspective is that while the scale of this admin’s and each person who enables them is outrageous, it all still falls into the category of “sin” which I have too. Forgiveness through Jesus Christ and his redemptive sacrifice for us paid for it ALL, mine and everyone else’s. So, we pray for BHO’s eyes to be opened to the gospel and that he would respond to it. In the meantime, we are also to make sure no one falls asleep and becomes apathetic / unaware to the clear and present danger this “president” is to this country. We are a nation of laws and we must demand that our representatives adhere to and enforce them, including the remedies to remove the treasonous from elected office and punish him/her according to the full extent of the law. When we cannot count on them to enforce that, they become allied with the treason and enable it to continue. We can pray for that also but we must not be silent.
    Thank you Dr. Eowyn for your persistence!
    God bless America and each of her patriotic, Constitutional-minded citizens. All others: BEWARE.

  11. I will not pray to be destroyed by a fool with no concern of the people that make this nation great!!! I hope he fails in all his endeavors because he is a puppet of fools that are trying to crush this great nation!!! I pray that God can help us through this fools intentions of what he thinks is right for us!!! He is without a dought the dumbest son of a bitch that God ever ever strung a gut through!!!! The best he will ever be is STUPID!!!! God help US!!!!!

  12. I will pray for BHO, because like all of us–we fail miserably and make bad choices that are self-seeking and hurt those around us. The most awful thing about our current president and his administration is that he has made decisions that have aided in the destruction of the family–the smallest and most important unit of government. It’s awful, and the effects will keep mounting unless we and our government all change our minds, AKA “Repent”. BHO and his friends have removed what Psalm 23:10 tells us not to do: “Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless:”
    With out the landmarks that God created and our fathers have used, we will drift off of our path into sure carnage and emptiness (for ex: Marriage redefined, Human life redefined, etc.)
    All we need is for BHO to repent (change his mind) and turn to God–when he turns to God, he will see the way God works–BHO will know the true effects of his sinful, destructive actions.
    BHO was basically fatherless. He needs to have a Father like all of us that believe in Jesus Christ–we know the Father.
    IN ESSENCE: Let’s pray for a fatherless child to find his Father!!!
    ^Think about it like that!

  13. Leeann Springer

    Too many elected officials (or selected officials) take an oath to uphold the Constitution, and blatantly violate what was designated to protect our rights. We are to pray, that they will do what is right ,and if they continue in tyranny, we should work toward removing them from office. As for praying, we should pray for all men and women. As for kings, rulers and evil dictators (Obama) we should pray for our protection. We are to pray that they come to their senses, so that “we, the people”, may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all goodness and honesty. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”. (Proverbs 29:2) Leeann

  14. Leeann Springer

    Mark: Maybe God did not string a gut through him. Maybe is a son of perdition. He could very well be a satanic entity in human form. A type of Manchurian Candidate only on a more evil level. I believe that angels walk among us, and I also believe that devils walk among us too. Leeann

  15. Add to the list that now Obama wants to sanction Israel. Hold on, it’s gonna get rough!


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