Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies

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First, Arizona passed the Immigration Law that enables the state to enforce federal immigration laws that the Fed is unwilling to enforce. (See “Fact Sheet on Arizona Immigration Law“.)
Now comes news that the Arizona legislature just passed a bill banning ethnic studies! Ethnic studies are the darling of the Left which encourage “identity politics” and foment division, at the expense of individualism and a national American identity. The result is an increasingly balkanized Amerika — the very opposite of the fabled melting pot. 
Way to go, Grand Canyon state! Now if only the Republicans in the Arizona Senate would grow a couple of iron ones and vote to approve the “birther” bill that the House has already approved!

Arizona's state flower: Saguaro Cactus Blossom

Arizona Legislature Passes Bill to Curb ‘Chauvanism’ in Ethnic Studies Programs – 
April 30, 2010
After making national headlines for a new law on illegal immigrants, the Arizona Legislature sent Gov. Jan Brewer a bill Thursday that would ban ethnic studies programs in the state that critics say currently advocate separatism and racial preferences. The bill, which passed 32-26 in the state House, had been approved by the Senate a day earlier. It now goes to Gov. Jan Brewer for her signature.
The new bill would make it illegal for a school district to teach any courses that promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, promote resentment of a particular race or class of people, are designed primarily for students of a particular ethnic group or “advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.” 
The bill stipulates that courses can continue to be taught for Native American pupils in compliance with federal law and does not prohibit English as a second language classes. It also does not prohibit the teaching of the Holocaust or other cases of genocide.
Schools that fail to abide by the law would have state funds withheld.
State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tom Horne called passage in the state House a victory for the principle that education should unite, not divide students of differing backgrounds.”Traditionally, the American public school system has brought together students from different backgrounds and taught them to be Americans and to treat each other as individuals, and not on the basis of their ethnic backgrounds,” Horne said. “This is consistent with the fundamental American value that we are all individuals, not exemplars of whatever ethnic groups we were born into. Ethnic studies programs teach the opposite, and are designed to promote ethnic chauvinism.
Horne began fighting in 2007 against the Tucson Unified School District’s program, which he said defied Martin Luther King’s call to judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Horne claimed the ethnic studies program encourages “ethnic chauvanism,” promotes Latinos to rise up and create a new territory out of the southwestern region of the United States and tries to intimidate conservative teachers in the school system.
But opponents said the bill would prevent teachers from using an academically proven method of educating students about history. They also argued that the Legislature should not be involved in developing school curriculum.
Click here to read the bill.

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  1. I’ll love Arizona more when they put John McAnus out to pasture for good come November.

  2. Ditto. No more RINOs!


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