Why Ground Zero Mosque Is Offensive

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Proponents of the Cordoba (Ground Zero) Islamic center with mosque have defended their decision to locate it two blocks north of the World Trade Center site by insisting it is not that close to Ground Zero. The proposed mosque’s mastermind, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, callously told CNN this week, “This is not Ground Zero proper. No one’s body is in that location.”
Relatives of 9/11 victims, however, have argued that their loved ones’ remains were scattered for blocks in the dust and debris.
The map below shows they’re right and the imam is wrong:

The map was made by the FDNY’s “Phoenix Team,” which tracked the discovery of 9/11 human remains.
Some 20,000 body parts were found, many from the same person, and they’re still finding people. In June, 2010, 72 more victims were discovered during the latest “sifting” at Fresh Kills Island, adding to the 1,845 victims that have been identified so far.
The Ground Zero mosque controversy has NOTHING to do with freedom of religion. It has EVERYTHING to do with simple human decency of honoring and respecting the dead.
[Source: “America’s Cemetery,” posted by Veronica, Weasel Zippers, September 11, 2010.]

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0 responses to “Why Ground Zero Mosque Is Offensive

  1. And, let’s not forget, a landing gear from one of the aircraft that hit the World Trade Center actually landed on the former Burling Coat Factory building now at the proposed mosque’s site, going through the roof and having to be recovered from inside the structure.

  2. Aw c’mon now, you know the Imam is just trying to “build bridges”…
    When faced w/the fact that 70% of Americans don’t want it built there, the Imam threatens us by saying more Americans will be killed if it is not built. Ah, the tolerance and compassion of a “peaceful religion”…

  3. And, for Imam Rauf and others on his side who can’t seem to grasp the concept of “bad taste” to any extent, here’s a reason (out of some two hundred induced by the actions of his co-religionists screaming “Allah akbar!” it’s estimated) that a mega-mosque there might be offensive.

  4. DCG,
    Its a damn good thing for the fuzzy imam that I am not the current CIC, as his ass would be in shackles and on it’s way to GITMO for those terroristic threats.
    And that is exactly what they were.

    • Yeah, sorta like an organized crime thug adovacting a protection racket in a bad mob movie… it would be bad if something “unfortunate” would happen to such a nice place, etc.

  5. Okay then. First: Not all Muslims are terrorists. In fact, less than 1% of them are. Stop judging by the minority! Second: considering how the “mosque” is about 3 blocks away, and not on any remains, then I don’t believe that it is infringing on any burial sites, or anything like that. Unless you want to build a monument that is unless you want to build a 6 block memorial… in the middle of a freaking city! Third and finally: It really does violate the constitution to stop them, and when you do that, then the rest will fall soon after.


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