You too can climb Mt. Everest!

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Ladies and Gents!
Today, we sit on our collective little tushies, garbed in our jammies, and we will scale Mt Everest.
I present to you….

Mount Everest, in two billion pixels

Click to see the panoramic image of the Himalayas in gigapixel navigation
At the bottom of screen, you will see toggle switches. Use those to zoom in, out. Up, down.
Really Kule. Best part is no plummeting 18,000 ft to your demise.   LOL

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0 responses to “You too can climb Mt. Everest!

  1. Thanks Steve. This is KULE!!!
    To see it in prospective, at the toggle buttons just above the up-arrow ZOOM in and you can see a base camp.
    Semper Fi

  2. This way cool!


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