Why Do Conservative Elites Avoid Obama Eligibility?

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The GOP honchos, beginning with John McCain in 2008 and continuing to new House Speaker John Boehner, avoid it.
Conservative columnists and talking heads such as Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly not just avoid it, they go out of their way to mock those who don’t. The latter chickened out when he wasted a golden opportunity to ask Obama about his elusive long-form birth certificate (and other documents such as his kindergarten and college records) in their recent sit-down interview.
When even an Obama worshipper such as Chris “thrill-up-my-leg” Matthews calls on O to release his original long-form birth certificate, it grows ever more curious why conservative elites avoid it with that proverbial 10-foot pole. I don’t buy the excuse that it’s because they fear a civil war would result should the Fraud be found to be constitutionally ineligible for the presidency.
Among national talk radio hosts, only Rush Limbaugh and to a lesser extent Sean Hannity talk about it, which is most strange because, as WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah points out, the Obama eligibility issue is not just all-important, it is a winning issue. Go figure!

The humongous elephant in the room everyone is denying

Why eligibility is a winning issue
By Joseph Farah – WorldNetDaily – February 03, 2011

Conservatives make me laugh – and cry, sometimes.
From the very beginning of WND’s relentless coverage of the eligibility issue, there were many very high-profile conservatives in public office and the media who discouraged any focus on it.
They whispered and muttered that it was not a “winning issue.”
They wrung their hands in worriment over the possibility that Barack Obama would pull the rug out from under the pursuit by pulling his long-form birth certificate out of his hat – making us look ridiculous for ever asking for it.
They even went so far as to suggest the whole controversy was a “trap” being set for those who went near it.
They warned that Obama is waiting for me to get out far enough on a limb so he can saw it off.
They were even afraid that Obama might indeed be ineligible and the nation would face a constitutional crisis as a result.
I didn’t listen to them then, and I don’t listen to them now.
It’s very simple.
There is no doubt, none whatsoever, that Barack Obama is hiding something about his origins and his life leading to the White House.
It has been two-and-a-half years since serious questions first arose about his birthplace, his parentage, his adoption, his travels, his college years, his early education and so on. When we began pursuing the question of his constitutional eligibility, no one else was covering it or taking it seriously. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised in June of 2009 when we conducted our first scientific public-opinion poll on the issue to learn that 50 percent of the public had even heard about the controversy – and that half of those were skeptical about Obama’s claims.
We were amazed at how many people were aware of the story with only one news source covering it.
The most recent poll, conducted by CNN last summer, showed 58 percent of Americans skeptical of Obama’s claims and that the entire world knows about the controversy – and that’s with practically the entire media establishment devoted to denying there is any story worth covering.
How is that not a winning issue?
Yet, most conservatives are still hiding in the tall grass on this issue, afraid of their own shadows and being outsmarted by their political opponents.
I have always looked at this issue through the eyes of a newsman. It is the job of the news media to hold politicians accountable to the law and the standards of our society.
The Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born citizen,” and the very first piece of evidence one would need to show to establish that fact is a long-form birth certificate – and actual eyewitness account of a birth taking place in a specific place, at a specific time, by specific parents.
So we asked for that specific document. We couldn’t get it. Obama wouldn’t release it. Nobody in government, no controlling legal authority has ever seen it as part of a process of evaluating Obama’s eligibility.
Even as a rookie cub reporter 35 years ago, I would have recognized that as a cover-up – a deliberate one. Somebody clearly had something to hide.
It’s amazing to me today, even as this story begins breaking out beyond WND, that practically no one in the media sees what I and my merry band of WND reporters and editors see. The American people get it. But the media and even most conservative political activists don’t. Most Republican officials are afraid of it.
But what could possibly be wrong with asking for the documentation that is absolutely necessary to meeting the constitutional test?
How could it backfire if Obama actually produces the proof? That’s all we’re asking for. That’s all we ever asked for. I would consider it a major victory if Obama produced what I have been asking him to produce for two-and-a-half years. I would even be relieved to find out that the man occupying the White House is indeed constitutionally eligible for the office he has held for the last two years.

I still don’t understand what is the downside of demanding something so innocent and so essential to constitutional governance as proof of eligibility.
I’m not afraid Obama will produce what I’m asking for. I’m afraid he won’t. That’s something very scary. It is already a constitutional crisis when the president can assume office and make profound changes in the direction of the country without ever proving he is constitutionally eligible.
Why won’t he produce it?
Americans are asking this question more frequently than ever before. It has become something of a national joke. But it’s not a joking matter. It’s a matter of national security and constitutional integrity.
Now that several states are ready to approve legislation requiring future presidential candidates to prove their eligibility before getting on the ballot, we are closer than ever to learning whether Obama can meet that test.
If he seeks re-election, he can. If he doesn’t, he can’t.
If he doesn’t and can’t, I dare someone to tell me our hard work and dedication on this issue wasn’t worthwhile and productive.

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0 responses to “Why Do Conservative Elites Avoid Obama Eligibility?

  1. BECAUSE Obama has shown the official birth certificate of Hawaii, the one that is used by THOUSANDS of people every year, and THREE Republican officials have confirmed the facts on it. It is NOT possible for a person born outside of Hawaii to get a Hawaii birth certificate with a Hawaii location of birth on the document. Obama’s birth certificate has on it that he was born in Honolulu, and that fact has been confirmed by THREE Republican officials.
    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….
    The rest of this tedious long comment is deleted by this blog’s Administrator.

    • Good grief, you again? Don’t you ever ever give up?
      That’s what I get for clearing this blog’s “ban list.” Well, I’m starting a new list, and your IP address (Fremont, Calif.) is going into it…now!
      I can always count on brainwashed braindead Obamabots INSTANTLY showing up whenever I post on Obama’s eligibility. How much does MoveOn.org pay you to trawl/troll/crawl the net looking for blogs on the dreaded birth certificate issue?

      • Seconds after TeELLEN posted her comment, an IDENTICAL tedious long comment was posted by TOMshatner1 (who claims his e-address is trshatner@gmail.com, with an IP address in Ashburn, VA: Happily, TOMshatner’s comment was dumped in my Spam folder ’cause he’s already on the ban list. LOL
        Obama must have an army of brainwashed braindead Obamabots in his employment whose job is to trawl/troll/crawl the net looking for blogs questioning his eligibility, and ready to post IDENTICAL comments the INSTANT they find articles on his birth certificate.
        Gosh, maybe that’s what Obama meant in 2008 when he declared in a speech that what America needs is “a civilian national security force as powerful and well-funded as the military”!

  2. Steve,
    Isn’t it curious that literally the instant after I post something on Obama’s eligibility/birth certificate, we get these Obamabot troll attacks? This can only mean Obama has in his pay an army of worshippers who trawl the net for eligibility articles and go on the attack as soon as they find a new one. Betcha he’s using taxpayers’ dollars to pay these fools.

    • Good morning!
      While this article is primarily a re-posting of another one by Joseph Farah, Eowyn states several crucial points at the onset, and they need to weigh in with the article, as a complete critique of the problem. As I see it, the problem exists in good part because in the US the people labelled as ‘conservatives’ are for the greater part actually ‘reactionaries’ instead. Thus the incessant knee-jerk reactions to every issue and mindless sentimentality on the subject matter, loud vocal and written stylisations instead of reasoned discourse on the substance.
      And although the Problem is the Obamamama Fraud, if the sheeple don’t get it –or are prevented from getting it– then we are well and truly finished as a nation created from Constitutional law, and the NWO elites have won the day.
      Then behold, as they bring on their night!! [see Kurt Vonnegut’s “Mother Night” and Goethe’s “Faust”].
      All best, J

    • BO has teams of obot cognitive dissonance (disinformation) agents working for Cass Sunstein, BO’s dis”information” czar. Most of BO’s and Sunstein’s time is spent on propaganda and disinformation now that all of the US Allies (Saudi King, President Mubarak, Great Britain, Israel etc.) have turned against BO.

    • Eowyn,
      It’s your magnetic personality.

  3. Can the trolls following Eowyn explain how Bobo’s sister, who nobody tries to assert was born in Hawaii, also has a Certificate of Live Birth issued in Hawaii?

  4. Good morning!
    I’m not a troll!!! I will support you and WND to spreading the word, Mr. Soetero is ineligible. We have a photoshopped document saying he was born in Hawaii. WE have noncompliance with the FOIA from all of Hawaii officials in the dept of health. We have Abercombie saying he couldn’t find documentation. We have Hawaiin election officials declaring he wasn’t born there. On the other hand we have a full certified birth certificate from Kenya. We have a grandmother declaring in pride how she held her grandchild as he was born. We have Kenyan ambassadors declaring Kenya as the place of his birth. Hmmmm which sounds like truth? Secondly and equally important is the fact that Barry was adopted by Lolo Soetero and became an Indonesian citizen. This is indicated by the fact that his school records list him as Barry Soetero and and Indonesian student. We have his mother’s 1965 passport records crossing out Barack Obama and writing Soebarkah, his Indonesian name. Fianlly we have all other school records sealed to hide the use of his Soetero name and the likely use of foreign exchange school scholarships. Add to that the mystery of his multiple social security numbers, the false documentation by the DNC and the fraudulent use of foreign money in the election of 08 and you have the ugly truth that America is without a President.

    • And don’t forget…
      The Kenyan Parliament has RECORDED in their session minutes that Obama was born there. The exact words are:
      “If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?”
      This can be found at the following link. You will need to look under the date of 25.03.10 and open the pdf then go to page 31 (middle of 2nd paragraph)
      Then again on 05.11.08A page 17, right column, under the heading “Point of order” 2nd paragraph it says:
      “Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the President-elect, Mr. Obama is a son of the soil of this country. Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win. It is only proper and fitting that the country which he originates from should show the same pomp and colour.”
      I would think that Kenya knows best, if Obama were born there or not. Plus, how do you explain all the articles from around the World that said Obama was Kenyan Born? Check out my video for these articles and sources:

  5. It’s amazing that far-left trolls are willing to believe George Bush forged evidence of weapons in Iraq, forged documents to hide him going AWOL in the military, helped Scooter Libby cover up a plan to expose Valerie Plame, and possibly hid evidence that the government knew about 9/11 – but yet it’s impossible for them to imagine a low-level clerk in Hawaii might have forged a document to protect a Democrat. And suddenly they remind us that those oh-so-honest Republicans (whom they smeared as liars for years) should be believed now. Yawn.

  6. Oh, and don’t forget the drama of Sarah Palin pretending to be Trig’s mother. Yeah. We’re the ones who push stupid theories….

  7. We also have the statement of Obama’s grandmother in Kenya saying she was at the hospital when he was born; just as I was when my grandson was born, and my mother was when my son was born. Why would she lie?

  8. Note from Eowyn:
    The sure way to get an Obamatroll attack is to post an article on Obama’s eligibility. Sure enough, literally the minute after I published this post this morning, Obamatrolls began visiting this blog.
    The vile commenter who uses an endless series of aliases (LetsKillBirthers, Birthers Are Traitors, Why Lie?, Want Truth?, Truth Hurts, James Spader, James Kirk) is back, now morphing into “Bob Yager.” (See my post on him “Birthers Receive Death Threats”.) I’ve deleted his comment (as well as two others from him). All you need to know is that he’s threatening to kill us again, LOL.
    Alas, by whatever alias, my-name-is-Legion smells just as foul. His latest comment was dumped in my Spam folder ’cause I’d already banned the IP address. Thus far, Legion has used 4 IP addresses, all emanating from Port Angeles, Washington:
    Gosh, Legion, you just can’t stay away from this blog, can you? You must love us!

    • Oh the “man” of many aliases…you are seriously delusional. Death threats again? So much for us cons being the ones spewing dangerous rhetoric…

  9. Many Americans, even a lot of conservatives, are still in deep denial when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama.
    Many just cannot bring themselves to believe that it is just possible (probable?) that back in November of 2008, 65 million of their fellow citizens walked into the voting booth and pulled the lever for a Kenyan born Muslim communist.
    And even if Obama was born in Hawaii, he wasn’t raised as an American, as American history is not taught in Indonesia or even Hawaii.
    There is nothing remotely American about this POTUS impostor, as he was raised by people who hate everything about this country, which is why Obama is now destroying it.

  10. Hey, whatever happened to Kill all the Birthers? I thought it was on this post. Oh well, I think he was a false flag.

  11. the whole subject has been skillfully redressed as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist’s dream which is why Glenn “Question with Boldness” Beck will not seriously address the topic which is so weird as it appears to be the only topic completely outside the realm of his vast research team…..at least publicly, anyway.
    I have no idea where the creep occupying the White House is from….or why on earth he has a Connecticut SS# which is not possible, legally……
    but the one thing that is unanswerable is why every single document connected to him has been hidden or scrubbed, costing well over 1 million dollars.
    If there was absolutely nothing to hide, one would not go to such ends hiding everything.
    It simply makes no sense.
    That’s what I want to know, what exactly is he hiding?

  12. When you go to see an attorney or a medical doctor, their degrees are all prominently displayed. It inspires trust and confidence in their clients/patients. Why should a politician be any different?

  13. Eowyn:
    Again, you are 200% correct. O’Reilly should have hit Obama with “Where’s the birth certificate?”. This whole episode in American history is life imitating art from “The Omen 2” with another son of Satan in The White House.

  14. https://www.orlytaitzesq.com/
    Check out the list of evidence on Orly Taitz website. She has been going through the courts for over six years, fighting against corrupt law clerks and judges who sabotage cases. She has evidence showing Obama’s forged birth certificate, forged draft card, evidence that the SS# was originally issued to a man born in 1890, etc. etc. etc. She has been threatened, had website hacked, automobile damaged, etc. etc.
    Information about this is not posted on wnd.com, theblaze.com, and other supposedly conservative sites. Are they all afraid?


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