Why Do Blacks & Jews Vote Democrat?

A new CBS News/New York Times poll has good news for us about Tuesday’s elections. Republicans continue to hold an advantage over Democrats in the generic House ballot: 46% of likely voters say they plan to vote Republican, while 40% say they will vote Democrat.

But the poll also shows that blacks continue to be slaves to the Democrats, with 90% of them still approving of Obama. 

Jews comprise such a small percentage (2-3%) of the U.S. population that their political preferences typically don’t show up in polls such as the CBS/NYT poll, unless pollsters specifically target them. But, according to anecdotal data, despite being disillusioned with Obama, all signs point to Jewish Americans continuing to vote mainly Democrat next Tuesday.
Which brings us to this question: Why do blacks and Jews vote the way they do?
Obama has done little that really benefits blacks, other than have the Dept of Justice look the other way on the new Black Panthers’ 2008 voter intimidation. After half a century of the “War on Poverty,” blacks are still mired in crime and poverty, although a black middle class has arisen due mainly to Affirmative Action racial quota and government employment. (BTW, did you know that Affirmative Action was installed by a Republican administration — that of Richard M. Nixon?)
In the case of American Jews, it’s even more baffling, as this article by James Lewis addresses.

Why Do Jews Vote for Their Enemies?
By James Lewis – American Thinker – October 27, 2010

American blacks vote Obama for the color of his skin. American Leftists vote O because they hope he will shaft this country more royally than anybody else has so far.
So what excuse do the Jews have? The black and the radical leftist vote O for reasons I can understand. Obama is black, even if his life experience has no relationship to the average American black person — none at all. And Obama is a radical, so even the radicals have a reason. However, why does Obama keep his favorable standing with American Jews? It makes no sense.
With his favoritism for Muslims, by trying constantly to undermine the elected government of Israel and by constantly reaching out to a Hitler-wannabe in Iran, Obama has made it clear enough what side he’s on. His friends Jodie Evans of Code Pink and Bill Ayers agitated for the Gaza flotilla that turned into a planned PR disaster for Israel. His administration supports the grotesque and shameful farce of Iran, the Sudan, and Libya sitting on the U.N. Human Rights Council. Those are genocidal, torturing, and utterly reactionary regimes. And that’s just the start of Obama’s bitter hatred of Israel and Western values. There’s more coming — you betcha.
American Jews are voting against their plain self-interest. They voted for someone who listened to J-Wright ranting against Jews and whites for twenty years. Wright is a race-hater, pure and simple, and he hates Whitey and the Jews. What’s more, Michelle Obama is the daughter of a Chicago ward boss who grew up in that atmosphere, rife with Louis Farrakahn and the Black Muslims, J-Wright, and the ranting Father Pfleger. Michelle grew up with the Jesse Jackson family, and we know where Jesse stands. Put all that together, and you get classical Jew-hating. It’s obvious to anybody who pays attention.
Obama’s pal George Soros helped set up the phony front group J Street, which specializes in undermining Israel while claiming to defend it; it’s classical Stalinist agitprop. Anybody could find that out. Granted that the media tried to cover it all up, but it’s on the web, for goodness’ sake. Use your fingers and it’s right there.
Jews have the reputation of being intelligent, and academically, they often are. But Jewish smart people seem to be — how shall I say this? — incapable of thinking straight about politics. Once many Jews figure out what side in politics they are rooting for, they are stuck for life. No facts, no matter how persuasive, will change their minds. This is nuts. It is certainly not intelligent. In politics, American Jews seem to be idiots savant: Very bright in one part of life, but with big islands of ignorance, denial, and wishful thinking.
And yes, some of my best friends, and all that.
I can make up all kinds of imaginary reasons. Back in Europe it was the socialists and Soviets who ultimately did the most harm to the Nazis, so Eastern European Jews were drawn into that horrific maelstrom and chose the only side that wasn’t systematically threatening and killing Jews. But that’s historically one-sided. George Soros infamously grew up in Hungary selling the (stolen) furniture and art of the Jews who were marched to the concentration camp. Liberal Jews still admire the man.
Jews are attracted to the fantasy world of the lion lying down with the lamb. But reality tells us it hasn’t happened yet, and the chances that peace will break out all over are not high. The Left constantly runs that sucker play, and American Jews fall for it. I’ve talked with Jewish friends, and I keep trying to figure it out. Can’t they spot a cruel scam when they see it? Where is their intelligence?
The Jews in Europe had a very bad time with Catholics and Orthodox of various stripes, especially in Poland and Russia. And yet the European Enlightenment that started the liberation of Jews from the medieval ghetto was created by many Christians and some Jews. Historically, Christianity has both anti-Semitic elements and philo-Semitic ones, as the historian Paul Johnson points out in his history of the Jews. Listen to Mozart’s Requiem Mass. Half the text comes from the Hebrew Bible.
A billion Muslims in the world are exposed to classic anti-Semitic hate propaganda. You can see it day by day on the MEMRI website, with straight translations from the Persian and Arab language media. Hate-Jew cartoons are all over those Islamic media. Hitler’s Mein Kampf sells like hotcakes in Egypt. The Saudis sponsored a truly filthy TV series shown throughout the Arab world based on the Elders of Zion, the phony czarist anti-Jewish propaganda tale. (It features those folks with caricatured Shylock faces who are constantly plotting to take over the world, talking like Snidely Whiplash and rubbing their hand in glee while they are preparing to kill a Christian baby for Passover.) This is sleazy, nasty, hateful, and moronic stuff. Arab audiences in Egypt and Iran just love it. They are mental throwbacks to the Dark Ages.
And yet, American Jews vote for Obama. Now, Obama himself is careful to avoid any appearance of militant hatred of Jews. He just inveighs against “Wall Street Fat Cats” and “Neo-cons” and protects Black Muslims who are caught in voter intimidation in Philadelphia. A lot of those targets of abuse are Jews, and a lot of them sort of agree with Obama’s rants against capitalism. But capitalism frees people, and the Jews, who have suffered more than their share of oppression, should recognize that instantly.
Half of American Jews are women. Women are badly used and abused both sexually and physically throughout the Islamic world. So are gay people. So are Christians who profess a religion that does not elevate Muhammad as the last prophet. Jews by the million have been forced to leave Muslim countries and are now settled in Israel and America. Every other day Ahmadinejad issues another nuclear threat against Tel Aviv. The Muslim Brotherhood, which inspired Hamas, has acted to destroy Jews and Israelis since its World War II alliance with Hitler. Jimmy Carter is a big fan of Hamas and brought that other medieval throwback, Ayatollah Khomeini, into power, thereby driving Jews and other Iranians out of that country.
And still the Jews vote 70-plus percent for their enemies.
Two plus two does not equal four.
This is not adult, rational behavior. It is not intelligent. It is not wise or benevolent. It is not charitable toward the weak and oppressed peoples of the earth. It is not good for future generations. And as 97 percent of the Israeli public has decided, Obama is very bad for Israel; after all, he’s done nothing visible about Iranian nukes, which are the biggest genocidal danger to Israel ever. A second Holocaust has never been closer. Obama’s backed off now for the election, but he’ll be back at Netanyahu’s throat as soon as the election is past. His White House “advisors” are all for shafting Israel but good. It’s their substitute for sane foreign policy.
Something isn’t right here. People usually don’t vote for those who hate them and who constantly act in alliance with genocidal haters like Hamas and the Iranian fascisti.
Something isn’t right.
Now watch the midterm elections, when the country will render its first verdict on Obama and his cronies in office, on the recession, the insanely high budgets, Obama’s friendly alliances with ranting enemies of America and Israel.
I’ll bet that Obama’s crew gets more than 50 percent of the Jewish vote in the midterms.
Is this crazy, or what?
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9 years ago

arbeit macht frei…. anyone that has voted or will vote to continue the obama idiocracy either is in need of or has had a full frontal lobotomy…

9 years ago


9 years ago

The three D women I know, really are clueless as to what goes on in politics. One watches the SRM and probably appeared on howobamagotelected.com; one votes how her husband tells her to vote, and the last one rarely watches tv, votes D cuz that’s how she’s also voted. Rather ill-informed folks…

9 years ago

If you eliminated all the D voters that couldn’t find the US on a world map today, Obama’s approval rating would drop from 30% to .08%.

9 years ago

In Judaism, the concept of tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that roughly means “repairing the world” or “perfecting the world.” It is a central tenet of Jewish Theology, as evidenced by its inclusion in the Aleinu, a Jewish prayer that is traditionally recited three times daily. Performing mitzvots, or good deeds, is one means of tikkun olam, and the concept of good deeds and improving the world is inextricably linked in Jewish minds to social justice and equality – the hallmarks of democratic principles. Given that backdrop, Jewish support for the Democratic Party is only natural. We are the… Read more »

9 years ago

apparently many dems either have their heads up their respective asses or in the clouds. i recently got into an argument with a dem that tried to tell me that Lincoln was a democrat, Lincoln was a republican from Illinois but i suppose once again when they started dumbing education down we were bound to have a few dumb people wandering around.

8 years ago

Jews vote Democrat because we believe in social justice. Health care for all weather rich or poor. Employees paying workers a living wage. Equal pay for equal work. Why do blacks and hispanics make less then whites. A right to housing. Kaballa tells us to receive for the sake of sharing. Mitt Romney says he is not concerned for the poor. Paul Ryan wants to defund the social safety net so that the poor have no food stamps, medicaid or medicare. This is not a mitzvah or good deed. The republicans have no plan for the people paid slave wages… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  kevin

So how’s that social justice working out after over 30 years of entitltment programs? Equal pay for equal work? Tell that to Skippy. The women in his admin make 18% less than the median salary for male employees. The dems don’t even practice what they preach. I see you’ve become overcome with the entitlement syndrome as well. Since when is health care and a housing a “right”? In case you haven’t noticed, we are BROKE. Have to start making cuts somewhere. And it’s about time that the sheeple get off the government backbone, it’s killing us economically. You know what… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Or at least took a shower! Sorry…just couldn’t help myself! 😀