Why Can't Michelle Dress Discreetly in America?

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Barry and Michelle visited a mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia — the Istiqlal Mosque, the largest in southeast Asia.
Out of respect for Islam’s strictures governing how females should be attired, Michelle dressed modestly, covering herself from head to toe. Here she is looking like a good demure Muslim wife, LOL:

Umm, why can’t she exercise a tad of the same discretion when she dresses for Americans?

A First Lady who fancies herself a sexpot. Ugh!

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0 responses to “Why Can't Michelle Dress Discreetly in America?

  1. OMG!!!! While the gigantic booty is well-covered on this trip, she still looks horrible! I don’t know why, but she is unable to comprehend how a First Lady should dress. Does she think she is some thin, young attractive hip-hop star??? In actuality she is an aging, fat, frumpy, clueless excuse for a First Lady. There, that felt good to say.

  2. Hmm…
    I don’t think he married her for her class!

  3. Let me at her! I can dress her to look stunning from any thrift or consignment store or on eBay. When in doubt, wear Chico’s!
    I’d like to see her on “What NOT to Wear”. Apparently, she doesn’t have a 3-way mirror.
    And I really detest her shoes.

  4. It looks like she woke up and decided to wear the bed sheets.

  5. Baby got back.

  6. Well, she’s no Jackie Kennedy, that’s for sure. It’s somewhat disgraceful. Doesn’t she have advisers or anything to deal with these things. She’s representing the greatest country on earth, could she dress and act the part please. No class, no discretion and obviously no judgement.

  7. I would never use the words Michelle Obama and sexpot in a sentence unless it was “Michelle Obama is not, never was, and never will be a sexpot. I don’t know where her classless fashion sense comes from, but I’m sure she’s spending way too much money for too little.

  8. Where’s that one where they were receiving some dignitary and she had on what looked like a shoulderless prom dress?

  9. I would hate to have to watch my every move, lest someone slay me. Didn’t someone tell her that her thong underwear wasn’t working that day?!!!!

  10. She defines FRUMP better than anyone else I can think of.

  11. She has no taste…even my 17 yo niece has more fashion sense than she does…

  12. I mean really she has all these people at her disposal SHE NEEDS A STYLIST FOR REAL PEOPLE! stop trying to do the whatever it is she is doing, and for geez sakes women learn how to walk in a pair of heels without looking like an slumped over animal

  13. Can’t wait until we get a real First Lady- key word LADY- in the White House.

  14. I cannot believe that the Treasonous Traitors to the USA Barry & Michelle are, first of all, not behind bars yet, and that she & Barry are allowed to besmirk society, endanger and attack America while they smile and laugh and wear their disgusting treasonous traitor’s clothes going about being allowed to commit their Daily High Crimes & High Treasons!! Obviously, neither she nor Barry have any class, wisdom, judgment, morals!!
    Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus! Michelle is a Serial Criminal without any moral & ethical standards exactly like her Insane, drug addicted Megalomaniac, Foreign Born Domestic Enemy Terrorist Usurper gay husband, who is a Daily Serial Criminal, Con-Man Madman, Sociopath, Illegal Alien, Psychopathic Foreign Terrorist who is legally an Indonesian citizen, and who has the legal name of Barry Soetoro Soebarkah.
    Today the Indonesian citizen, Barry Soetoro Soebarkah is using an alias name of Barack Obama, and he is illegally posing as as the president of the USA, but he is a True Imposter who is currently fighting a Foreign Coup D’Etat War against the USA and all 310 + Million USA Free American citizens!
    Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus the LORD’S Holy Name, let us pray and work to have the ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL TREASONOUS TRAITORS falsely known as the “Obama’s” both arrested and put on trial
    for committing their massive High Crimes & High Treasons against 310 + Million American people so we won’t have to hear their sickening Treasonous Traitor voices or see them insanely looting the USA Treasury and parading in the USA as the Illegal & Unconstitutional TREASONOUS Daily Serial Criminal Terrorist Usurpers that they obviously are!!

  15. Michelle is a big raw boned woman who does fit well into normal clothing and that is why she cannot wear normal clothing. At times she appears to gain weight and most of it in the butt and thighs as is common for her race. Then the clothing she thinks looks stylish shows all of her lumps, bumps and underwear lines when she is out in the daylight. She appears to buy one size too small. She like many large women does not do a rear view mirror check. If you notice when you look in the mirror you do not see yourself as others see you. Then when you see a photo of yourself you are shocked. Lately her clothing has been better fitting and the skirts are not so tight over her belly and butt.

  16. Susan Robertson



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