Why Bush is Right to Refuse Obama's Invitation

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The blogosphere is lit up today with reaction to W’s decision to decline an invitation to join Obama at Ground Zero.

Bush’s official explanation is that he wants to stay out of the spotlight since he retired. But in the back of his mind, I am sure he has to be pondering both the Left’s treatment of him and Obama’s conduct as president.
If I were advising Bush right now, these are the reasons I would give him to stay away from Obama’s visit to NY….
One: Some still think he was responsible for 9/11 in some way. He was viciously criticized for staying in that classroom when he was first told, keeping too many documents classified, stripping funding from fire fighters, and then dawdling to win the war on terror. Taking credit for OBL’s death will not change that, and could possibly reignite it..
Two: Certain people who remain in Congress to this day want him prosecuted for so-called torture because of him doing everything he could to find Al Qaeda. Obama himself wanted to lead an investigation – until approximately five minutes after he became president.
Three: Obama has a long track record of inviting people to his speeches and then jumping them from stage.
Exhibit A: SCOTUS

Exhibit B: House critter Paul Ryan

Exhibit C: Donald Trump

Exhibit D: Senator John McCain

Four: Obama’s speech Sunday night made it clear that “I authorized” the action because “I” wanted him dead and “I” got it done. Giving Bush sloppy seconds four days later means nothing.
The fifth and final reason? Seven years ago it was uncouth to show up at Ground Zero for a shameless photo op. Anyone remember that?
Bush has almost nothing to gain and everything to lose from showing up there. I understand conservatives wishing that we could put partisan politics behind us for one day and just celebrate the victory.
But I am not convinced Obama can restrain himself from saying something hateful, and I am not convinced progressives will make themselves be civil to Bush.

Obama showed his true intentions Sunday night. If he wants to own this so badly, let him own it. And as far as I’m concerned, Americans treated Bush so badly for eight years, we really don’t deserve his class.

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0 responses to “Why Bush is Right to Refuse Obama's Invitation

  1. I wouldn’t want to stand next to a lying muslim on ground zero either.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    I’m inclined to let Skippy run the glory lap alone on this one. He wants the credit, give it to him —- then let him take the blame down the road when the sh#t hits the fan.

  3. Bush is no dummy. He does not want to be associated with Obama. He also knows what really is going on!

  4. Anyone who is really interested in what happened on September 11th 2001 should read the book: “TRIPLE CROSS”. About Mohammed ALI the spy who was able to penetrate the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the U.S. military and who is the HEAD of the 9/11 operation.
    Check out the video on : https://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/288073-1

  5. Concur in Bush’s decisiion not to go. Never trust O…

  6. Michelle Malkin (who I usually agree with) says George W should go to Ground Zero with Skippy. I believe he is justified in declining…

    • Z – if you look in the comments on that MM thread, she was being sarcastic. She said “Did you all people not pick up on the tongue in cheek? Hello?”

  7. DCG, glad you cleared things up for me.
    I’m usually able to read her tone easily…


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