Why are there no t-shirts of America's Founding Fathers?

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Chuck Woolery asks why American youth wear t-shirts with faces of dictators and murderers.
Why is it hip and cool to wear a t-shirt with the face of a killer, Che Guevara, on it?

I know. I know!
Because our young people are “useful idiots,” brainwashed by their Marxist teachers, professors, and Hollywood.

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0 responses to “Why are there no t-shirts of America's Founding Fathers?

  1. OH! THANK YOU!!!!
    I’ve been looking for a new, patriotic line idea for t-shirts / purses / bumper stickers (etc.)!! I’ve had a heck of a time you have no idea. Normally I’m great at trend spotting but have been so blocked with this one!!
    You don’t know what you & Chuck have done!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!

  2. P.S. Shirts in the style of the Che & other commies coming up with founders & their quotes. I owe ya big will have to have you guys pick out a couple on the house!!. 😀
    ***So excited I can get back to designing*** woohooo!

  3. If a student wore one to school he/she would likely be suspended. Or worse.

  4. Yes,please let us know when and where they will be available,I too will buy one.


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