Why are there no Sandy Hook lawsuits?

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One of the questions former state trooper and nationally-recognized school safety consultant Wolfgang W. Halbig asks is why there hasn’t been not even one lawsuit by a Sandy Hook parent against Sandy Hook Elementary School for negligence. Halbig has never ever seen a school shooting without parents suing the school for negligence. 

Below is an excellent article by my friend, Dean Garrison of The D.C. Clothesline, asking the same question. Highly recommend!


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What are the odds, in today’s world, of 26 victimized families ALL deciding not to sue a multi-millionaire who is a seemingly easy target?

Peter Lanza has a lot of money. Whether you believe he is responsible for the actions of his son, or not, you can not deny that the man is loaded by most people’s standards. Are you aware that he was paying Nancy Lanza over $250,000 a year to take care of Adam?

Our best clue of his actual salary comes from Yahoo:

But where is the father’s culpability in all of this? The General Electric financial executive, who makes over a million dollars a year helping his company evade taxes, has so far gotten a pass from the media and the public.

Before I go on, I want to note that I do not believe that Peter Lanza should be sued and many of our readers will not either. But in today’s world when people see dollar signs and opportunity they jump. I just find it very odd that none of those 26 families are suing.

I should also note that one lawsuit did surface after the shooting. It was subsequently dropped and was not from a family of one of the deceased. On January 2, 2013 (less than a month after the incident) CNN reported:

Outcry over a request for permission to sue the state of Connecticut for millions of dollars in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting prompted a New Haven attorney to at least temporarily withdraw his client’s petition, the attorney said Tuesday.

“I was getting hundreds of (Facebook) comments” about the potential lawsuit. “So I figured I’d take (the request) off the table for now,” said Irving Pinsky, who represents the parents of a 6-year-old survivor of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school.

Last week, Pinsky said in his filing that the state had failed to protect his client from what he described as “foreseeable harm.”

That is the only evidence I can find of any associated lawsuits, and I know of none by the families of the deceased. How odd is this? Very odd if you compare it to…


It would seem that there is some precedent for suing the parents of shooters. That is why I mentioned that Peter Lanza seemed to be an “easy target.” After the dust began to clear on the Columbine lawsuits, ABC reported:

Most of the families of the victims in the Columbine massacre two years ago today settled their lawsuits against the parents of the gunmen.

Thirty of the 36 families whose relatives were either killed or injured by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris in the April 20, 1999, school shooting agreed to participate in a settlement for a total of $1.56 million, according to Stephen Wahlberg, who led the families’ attorneys in the case. A judge will determine how the money is distributed.

Six of the families whose children were killed in the shootings opted not to settle. They are still pursuing suits against the Klebolds and Harrises, lawyers said.

Do you think that an attorney might advise a family to sue based on the results of Columbine litigation? To be fair, not all of these mass shootings have gained the same results as the Columbine suits, but ALL of them featured multiple lawsuits from families of the deceased. Let me share the info I have for the Virginia Tech shooting and the Aurora theater shooting as well.

Virginia Tech

Two of the victim’s families sued the school. Originally they received a positive ruling but lost later on appeal. The Courant notes:

The Virginia Tech lawsuit exemplifies a case that provided some closure and redress for two grieving families — the parents of deceased students Erin Peterson and Julia Pryde. In the Virginia Tech tragedy, a student, Seung-Hui Cho, murdered two of his classmates in one of the Virginia Tech dormitories. Roughly 21/2 hours later, Cho broke into one of the university’s classroom buildings and gunned down an additional 30 students and professors before killing himself. Families of the deceased students brought suit, alleging that school officials knew many facts about the first killing and there was sufficient time before the mass killing for the officials to warn the university community of the danger.

The court agreed with the plaintiffs, finding school officials responsible. Although this finding was overturned on appeal, the Virginia Tech lawsuit exemplifies a school shooting case that delved into the facts of a tragedy, answered some important questions for the grieving families and provided some closure.

Aurora Theater Shooting

Ten families of the deceased victims of alleged shooter James Holmes are still in process of suing the theater, and received a ruling to move forward from a judge in April of 2013. Hollywood Reporter revealed:

After the shooting tragedy last July 20 in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, families of those hurt or killed looked for someone to blameJames Holmes is being charged with the criminal act of murders and attempted murder, but that wasn’t enough for several victims. Ten separate lawsuits were filed against Cinemark, the owner of the theater where the shooting took place, which responded by saying that it couldn’t have foreseen a shocking criminal act.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Court judge Richard Brooke Jackson considered whether the lawsuits should proceed.

In a personal note within his opinion, Jackson writes, “I suspect that many people, despite overwhelming sympathy and grief for the victims of the Aurora theater shootings, might upon hearing about these lawsuits have had reactions like, ‘how could a theater be expected to prevent something like this?’ I confess that I am one of those people.”

But the judge quickly adds that the lawsuits “present difficult questions of interpretation and application of law,” and calling it a “close call,” he has decided that Cinemark should continue to face questions about its responsibility for the mass shooting last year.

Looking at three similar tragedies it would seem that the lack of legal actions in the wake of Sandy Hook are certainly an anomaly. It proves nothing in and of itself. It is however just another in a long line of Sandy Hook anomalies. The arguments against the conspiracy and/or cover up have become weaker with time. No longer can many people deny the oddities. You can not explain things like The Associated Press using predated photos that were taken days, weeks, months and even years before the tragedy took place.

More often than not I hear a single recurring argument now… Do you know how many people would have to be complicit for them to pull something like this off?


For the links to all the posts Fellowship of the Minds has published on Sandy Hook, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page!

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0 responses to “Why are there no Sandy Hook lawsuits?

  1. ThePoliticalPort

    They don’t need to sue, they’ve already got free houses and made millions!

  2. Curiouser and curiouser. I’d love to see the police reports and the forensic work up that came out of Sandy Hook. If this Lanza kid was a conservative ex-Marine whose cheese slipped off his cracker there would be all kids of reports. But for the school to be razed in secret and everything so hush-hush? It places the whole incident in the same league as Obama’s birth certificate. You hate to think that someone could be so evil, so desperate to initiate an action lie this, but they just feed the conspiracy by hiding the facts. Then the state goes after the guns… hmmm.

  3. Oh, there’s plenty of “deep pockets” here that could be made to pay something in connection with this… interesting indeed.

  4. Just saw the other comments. Anger and greed know no bounds. There’s something else going on here. Even the shylocks aren’t touching this one.


    This July 2013 article states that families of the dead children will get $281,000 each from donations, not from the State, and that the survivors will get $20,000 each. That is chicken feed. Not even chickenfeed.

    The State has the deep pockets and lawyers always hunt where the deep pockets roam. And it appears that a single attorney, Irving Pinsky, filed on behalf of a single survivor (most of the stories filed in December 2012). Why just the one lawsuit?

    Then a month later some news articles for the withdrawal of the $100 million lawsuit (January 2013) state that a backlash forced the lawyer to reconsider. Other sources state that the attorney cited new evidence surfaced regarding security at the school. Then not much else after that…

    Whatever, these families apparently did not receive millions. And if they did, does anyone have a source for this information and where the money came from? Who ponied up these millions?

    Doc, you cite in your previous article (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2013/03/08/sandy-hook-victims-funds-reap-millions-of-dollars-in-donation/) that about $19 million was raised, almost double the $11 million that is referred to in the other news articles. Any idea what happened to these funds? Were they actually disbursed?

    I have been sued twice, once in federal and again in state court, for my actions as a public servant. I won in both instances but these shylocks are relentless. Seems that they are much tamer in Connecticut for some reason.

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  6. Excellent question!!! All the more reason to conclude we have been lied to from day one regarding this alleged shooting.

  7. THAT is a very revealing question! Thank you, Dr. Eowyn.

  8. hey guys you wanna hear some crazy shit? the 100 million dollar lawsuit according to CT law had to recieve some kind of official approval before it could proceed in the court system, the guy in charge of that decision just happened to be lt. paul vance’s son. what are the odds? i live in CT and i don’t purport to know exactly what happened that day but there are way way to many damn coincidences for this whole thing to have happened exactly like they said it did. something else fishy, there was a guy arrested a day or two after sandy hook for having stolen weapons, and being crazy etc etc. look into that shit too, something doesn’t pass the smell test, they say he walked out of the gun store with a barret 50 cal and they didn’t notice, the same gun store nancy lanza shopped at…small world…

  9. Thanks for posting this. Wolfgang has also mentioned the situation with the lawsuits, and how all of the families of the dead and injured at Columbine filed lawsuits, yet we have nothing from Sandy Hook

    Also, for those interested, I have a great deal of video/photo evidence in support of the theory that Sandy Hook was a decommissioned, non-operational school posted here: https://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?65846-new-shooting-Newtown-Conn-details-breaking/page130 (there were numerous fire code violations, junks stored all over the school, moldy tiles, and damaged ceilings). That is an open forum and new members are welcome, especially those interested in posting on and exposing the hoaxes.

  10. To those of us who avoid getting our news from “The electric Jew” (TV), we can be fairly certain that Sandy Hoax was a gun grab theatrical event.
    The bigger question we should be asking is why do they want us disarmed at this time?
    What do they see coming around the corner?
    My guess is that they see the imminent demise of the deficit/debt/petrodollar racket coming to an end & they know that the cities will burn when SS, pensions checks & the myriad other handouts stop being mailed.

    • “The electric Jew (TV)”

      By “electric Jew,” do you mean conservative talk radio hosts Mark Levin and Rabbi Daniel Lapin?

      Please, Dave. You really are better than this. While many Jews are left wing and vote Democrat, your characterization lumps the good Jews with the bad.

      I identify bad people by what they believe and what they do, not by their race or ethnicity.

  11. oh yeah i forgot to mention in my earlier post about lt. vance’s son that he disallowed that lawsuit, he wasn’t just in charge of the decision, he was the reason it couldn’t proceed legally in CT courts

  12. psssh who needs to sue after you rake in hundreds of thousand of dollars to millions in tax free donations. sure cremate my kids body without letting me ever see them again… yah sure totally buy that 25+ families all just ” yay sure , ill go along with that” especially in America where people are always so calm and rational when dealing with small children and families and murder.
    same with 9/11, boston marathon( there were cops standing directly in blast zone unaffected lol) , London tube bombings, sandy hook.
    you get charity money, they get to change laws and add new agencies. that’s the new system.

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