Why are Obama and Sharpton So Skinny? Rev. Manning Has a Theory

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0 responses to “Why are Obama and Sharpton So Skinny? Rev. Manning Has a Theory

  1. I must admit I’ve thought of that too. Maybe that’s why Obama has refused to this day to reveal his medical records — along with all his other records (kindergarten, college, law school, SAT & LSAT scores, law practice client list, and his original birth certificate).

  2. I cannot believe my eyes! That is what I have been thinking for sometime! AND maybe that is how GOD is saving US!

    • hippocrates…I hope you don’t try to call yourselves christians….wishing ill upon someone simply because of their opposite views. Pull out your bible and re-read Matthew 25:40. Sick Sick mind to think god would bring ill upon anyone because of their political views.

      • Given that you are promoting a small “g” God, I have to question your voracity.
        The Bible you claim to hold up is replete with stories of how God ultimately destroyed nations whose political views were contrary to God’s will.
        Just name for me one nation that ever screwed with Israel and ever amounted to anything again.
        Look at Egypt, as they were among the most egregious when it came to their hideous treatment of God’s chosen people – yet notice that their economy has advanced little beyond what it was 4000 years ago, as many Egyptians are still standing around and pissing in their own drinking water.
        Some progress going there.
        And that is just one of a myriad of examples I could mention.
        Perhaps you should actually read the very book you claim to uphold instead of cherry-picking certain verses that seem, at first glance, to support your argument.
        If you think God has a nice, comfortable fuzzy place in waiting for those who support and carry out infanticide, you are in for a very nasty surprise.
        BTW: Have you been watching any of the DNC?

      • I hope you are not a professional teacher by day…

    • I was thinking they were coke addicts.

  3. Maybe that is why Moochelle was so reluctant to kiss the Kenyan Muslim commie fraud.

  4. Well, I hadn’t heard that one before. However, I think they are both “coke” heads. I think Obama is a big coke head and therefore his appetite would be diminished. As for Sharpton, well I think he may have had gastric bypass or something. But if they both have AIDS then we will never hear of it anyway. That truth will disappear with BO’s birth certificate and medical records. Either way, Dr. Manning is a hoot to listen to. I loved the “albeit an illegal president”. I love that he just says it like it is…or isn’t.

  5. I just saw this yesterday since I am subscribed to Dr. Manning on YouTube!

  6. edward oleander

    If you Christians have it right, then “Rev.” Manning will burn in the hottest corner of Hell… The one reserved for false prophets and anti-christs…

    • Really? What did Manning do that warrants you calling him “anti-christ”? Don’t you liberals believe in free speech? Rev. Manning, as he himself admits in the video, is speculating that Obama may have AIDS, based on the latter’s drastic weight loss. Manning’s speculation is eminently reasonable. Why is that evidence of him being “anti-christ”? While you’re at it, please tell us how an anti-christ differs from an anti-Christ?
      Rev. Manning is as much of a Rev. as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Rev. Al Sharpton. Do you also put their Rev. between quotation marks?
      After several days of silence, you’ve returned to FOTM in meltdown mode. We on FOTM have seen it too many times before. Sooner or later, every faux-reasonable and faux-pleasant liberal commenter reveals their true face — with fangs.

  7. Is Sharpton suppossed to be gay too? Thought maybe he had gastric bypass as someone else mentioned. Never heard of him being gay.

  8. The AIDS thing first. The cure for AIDS was patented in August of 1992 and the patent number is 5,188,738 also read about Drs. Lyman and Kaali. Okay now the weight loss. I contend he’s using too much coke that destroys the appetite, as simple as that.

  9. Thank you Dr. Manning for speaking out on what some of us have suspected..Those pesky ‘gay’ stories have never really gone away. But two gay members of Rev. Wright’s Church ended up dead, so the conversation came to a swift halt.

  10. Right on and talk on! You are the bravest man I can think of, Rev. Manning. I pray for your safety in these times of “anything goes”…there are evil people out there who would do you harm for the things you reveal about Obama. May God hold you close and keep you safe.

  11. So you have to be a coke head to be skinny? STFU people. I’m 6’1″ and weigh 165 lbs. I work everyday and eat all I can get my hands on. During the first Gulf War, I was consuming over 20,000 calories a day.

    • Do you have trouble understanding the spoken (or written) word? Rev. Manning’s speculation about cocaine/AIDS pivots on THE SUDDEN DRASTIC WEIGHT LOSS of Obama and Sharpton.

    • To Norm: No, you don’t have to be a coke head to be skinny. However, IF YOU ARE a coke head chances are you will lose weight and you will see signs of abuse in the skin and eyes….such as with BO. If you recall the times we saw him eating hamburgers and stuff he was looking pretty healthy. But now he looks like crap. He himself said he used “blow” before so it is not out of the realm of possibility that he still does. I personally think he smokes it. Even Larry Sinclair alledges he saw BO smoke a crack pipe. You are fortunate to have a fast metabolism and remain thin normally. Try doing coke all the time and then we’ll see how skinny you get too just like BO. Regardless of the reason he is losing weight it is indicitive of someone out of control whether it be stress, fear, drugs, illness, etc. He is a hot mess.

    • Better check with your doctor then.

  12. Probably another coke head that spends more time – as I heard of Kennedy – addicted to drugs and spends more time on them then at the dinner table…

  13. Mrs. Glenda Sowders

    That is probably why he’s tried to hide his “love” and infatuation with the “gays” after he became president. Maybe because he’s one of them. In college he kind of rode on Michelle’s coat tail while trying to get his law degree and license. Something to think about!!

  14. You all seem like aids infested fags and jew dykes.

    • Gosh, Etta, you just gave us a description of the Left. Even though I’m not one, I feel insulted on their behalf. Are all people from NY, NY, as rude as you?

    • You seem like a gubermint educated troll who failed miserably in debate class.

    • Pardon me; but, aren’t the words “fags” and “Jew dykes” terms of hate speech? Your derogatory choice of words is very offensive to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and members of the LGBT community.

      • Granny, although I do not resort to name calling (which the left is horribly guilty of), I no longer care when Liberals get offended…so what, anymore, if you get offended?…. They get offended over everything and nothing….All while trying to bully conservatives…So the “I’m offended” party was fun while it lasted, but it’s over now.

  15. brother manning has gut some guts

  16. the man is just tired GEEZ people! He is running the country and probably not eating. The man who is on this youtube, could stand to lose some weight stop HATING, and AL Sharpton, yes he did have bypass SO WHAT he had diabetes he wanted to keep the disease in check SO WHAT!!!

    • I’m not targetting Rev. Manning but speaking in general, is a minister of religion supposed to gossip, scandal, and defame people?

  17. CHECK your facts, Magic Johnson has AIDS and he is NOT SKINNY I know this for a fact!

  18. So are you going to vote for ROMNEY? A person who thinks Blacks are cursed? Who do we have to chose from?

  19. Al definitely looks like an AIDS-infected crackhead. Blacks love crack.

  20. I believe Obama is a drug addicted clown..he is so hyped up on Crack he is unable to do his job..He is paranoid and anxious and overly reactive and aggressive that spells crack to me…

  21. He has to be addicted to Crack..he shows all the signs..I mean he could have Aids but I believe his paranoid aggressive behavior is like one would be if abusing Crack..

  22. Good news report! Funny too. I like this guy.


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