Why Are Liberals So Racist About Herman Cain?

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My eyes tell me Herman Cain is blacker than Barry Obama!

Did you take Logic in college? I have a series of logical propositions for you:

  • Barack Obama is a half-black man.
  • Many conservatives did not vote for Obama and continue to oppose him, for ideological and policy reasons.
  • But Democrats/Liberals call us racists because Obama is a half-black man.
  • Herman Cain, a contender for the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee, is an all-black man.
  • Liberals don’t like Herman Cain.
  • Ergo, by their own warped logic, liberals are racists.
  • But liberals deny they are racist. One of them, actress Janeane Garofalo, actually calls pro-Cain conservatives “racists”!
  • Conclusion: Liberals are either (a) illogical; or (b) liars and hypocrites.

That’s the issue that Charles Hurt addresses in The Washington Times: Why are liberals so racist about Herman Cain? Here are excerpts from Hurt’s op-ed of Oct. 11, 2011:

Is America ready to make history by electing the first black president to replace a black president?

That is the question latest polls increasingly raise these days that show Herman Cain jetting to the front of the GOP pack.

[…] Liberals tolerate blacks and they endure conservatives. But they cannot abide a successful, independent-minded black who dares to step out of line and reject the enslavement of the Plantation Party.

There is no class of people more openly loathed around here than black conservatives. Truly, it is the Mark of Cain among the liberal intelligentsia who dominate the press and corridors of power.

It is because black conservatives — like all conservatives — reject the pact Democratic Party bosses have made with black voters. That pact is governed by two overriding commandments.

First, you shall always be dependent upon the government. Second, never shall you be encouraged to take risks or venture far enough away from the government to be independent and successful. You will forever be enveloped — or entangled — in a government safety net.

In return, these black voters are expected every Election Day to put aside their doubts, stifle their frustrations and forget their ongoing despairs and — like zombies — walk into the polling booth and once again pull the lever for the Democrats.

“Brainwashed” is the term Mr. Cain used, and for which he was somehow accused of being “bigoted” and “racist” by a Democratic operative. Then condescending white liberalism weighed in when actress and activist Janeane Garofalo announced that Republicans who support Mr. Cain are somehow racist.


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0 responses to “Why Are Liberals So Racist About Herman Cain?

  1. Ha!
    this is the 64K dollar question!
    The simple answer is because these hypocrites are totally full of @#$%!
    They simply use whomever they can as fodder.
    ” Liberals tolerate blacks and they endure conservatives. But they cannot abide a successful, independent-minded black who dares to step out of line and reject the enslavement of the Plantation Party.”
    This is not news..Obama himself said that if he were white, he never would have been nominated as the Dem candidate given his total lack of experience.
    I am finding recently that being a Conservative creative professional is considered almost as bad a Conservative Black.
    “Outing” is embraced and emulated (Chaz/ Dancing w/ the Stars ) and in my world of children’s publishing, the outing of gay/transgender/bi (????) children (!!!!!) is to be embraced but if one is to be found out to be a Conservative artist then one may as well be wearing a fig fat yellow star on their sleeve and be ready to be slammed, screamed at and blacklisted…..
    well I am getting braver and braver as I am getting angrier and angrier at feeling intimidated by creeps and liars and hypocrites……soon I’ll be totally unemployed or find a wonderful new audience/market for my art.
    It’s a fascinating ride but I can’t stay silent…..
    and my admiration and respect for Black Conservatives has grown exponentially…..
    being a sheep and hiding in silence in the face of evil is really bad for ones self esteem

  2. I believe liberals have this Great Fear that Blacks might find out, as Herman Cain Sees Himself, That in Martin Luther King’s “I Had A Dream” Speech; “That Any Man Should Be Judged by the Content of His character, and Not by the Color of his Skin!”
    If Blacks ever figure out that they can get the best representation thru competion between parties, than Always Buying at the company store; then the Liberal Plantation might have an Exodus of Blacks, Grearter than that of the Israelites leaving Egypt!
    Historically, Blacks Always Vote the Liberal Ticket!
    Liberalism Would Not Exist Without the Black Vote!

  3. Janeane Garofalo, aka slobbering lib idiot elaborates further and states that Conservatives are ‘only’ leaning in the Cain direction because he IS black, so we ‘appear’ NOT to be racist; As IF we are saving face, thereby justifying her claim that we, in turn, actually are. So, ideally, the illogical term fits nicely. This ‘race’ crap of theirs is so old… 🙁

  4. As I have often said, the Civil War did not actually end slavery, it only shifted it.
    Herman Cain escaped the liberal plantation, and the owners of that plantation view him as little more than an escaped slave.

  5. The emphasis on “all black” is so odd that it makes the question ridiculous.
    Have you checked the palms of this mans’ hands, are they all black, does he have a black tongue? I hope that by now the idea of someone being all black as a type and a “race” is beginning to sound a little absurd. There is but one race, the human race. To be sure, there are many different hues of our skin, and varied distinguishing facial features, that denote someone’s backround, and sometimes the cultural background. People of different ethnicities may eat differently, speak different languages and behave in certain unique manners that make them standout. Music and history are all about cultural developments etc. Herman Cain has worked as an executive and specifically in the Federal Reserve Banking enclave, he also was engaged in commerce, running Godfather’s Pizza. It is typical for bankers to go into politics, like Tim Geithner worked for the NY FED, and Pizza is italian in origin, but has been grafted into American Food Culture, so how does his “blackness” jive with that resume?

    • Alice,
      Good grief. I was being sarcastic when I pointed out the darker skin color of Cain vs. Obama BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT LIBERALS DO — they incessantly call Conservatives “racists” because they claim we don’t support Obama BECAUSE HE’S BLACK. Do you really think I’m racist? Then all my work on this blog is for naught. I’ve been at this for 2 years, all day, every day of the week, at $0 pay. But what I get today are attacks on me, on my integrity, and accusations of being a racist and anti-Mormon. I should just quit — and I may just do that and shut down this blog.

      • Dear sage, my beloved sister in Christ,
        I sure missed you yesterday!!! So sorry that you were ill. I, too, have been sick for 2 days. Um…..
        But if the evil one thinks he can get me down, he doesn’t know me very well. I’m angry and more determined than ever. Back to Helms Deep!

    • If there’s only the “human race”, then why did the US Census Bureau ask for our race on the form?

  6. Dear Dr. Eowyn; “Keep up your Great Work!”
    “And Pay No Attention to Alice Wolf, Behind the Black Curtain!”

  7. If and when black people realize that staying in school, not having a child at sixteen to get a boost in welfare for mom, and present themselves as intelligent people, the gig is up for the black leaders. What are they going to rant and rave about in church and academia? How can they keep the flock down? They have done more damage than anyone to the black youth! Instead of building them up they tell them they will never get ahead…what a shame this is going on. There are beautiful minds being shut down with this bigotry. Yes, black leaders are bigots.

  8. If you have two black men running for the same office, then who is racists? So is it any wonder the Democrats don`t want Herman Cain to run, because if he does the party over for them and they know it.
    The black people look at it, why have half-black when you can have all -black.
    I know,,, but thinking like this is why most of the time they vote Democrat, they belive the BS of the Democrats put out.

  9. I was asked by a form filler at Human Services what race I was … and remembering that answering ‘human” wasn’t going to make friends or influence anyone (learned that in the service)
    I tried, “Native American?”. The girl looked up and said ,”You’re white.” ….I hadn’t really thought about it in forty years or so, but I must have looked like a deer in the headlights when I raised my hand. looked at it, and opined ,”Maybe a little pale ,but definitely not very white”….
    I guess the folks with the clip-boards and forms decide what we’re labeled…but I like what Kirkegaard said:’When you label me, you diminish me”

  10. YOU know they say you should fight, fire with fire. Well, I think the only way to beat, a white man, in a black body, is a man whom is truly Black!!. That way the whiney liberals and half witted democrats, cannot use the RAce Card. AS a matter of fact it has always been Obama, Clinton or some other democrat who are really racist, imo, and always bring up the race card. The fact that Obama is black, never had one iota to do with why conservatives dont like him, and if Herman Caine is his competition, he will not be able to stand up to him, especially if he has to do so with no teleprompter. I approve very much of most of caines rhetoric so far but dont know very much about the 999 element. But I do know that 80% of america does not support Obama, regardless of what the skewed polls say! Hopefully Caine, will not be swayed by the Bilderbergers but supposedly they decide whom will be president before the elections and our vote makes absolutely no difference. If this is true, perhaps Congress should be taken out of power NOW, and we should go after the kissingers, rockefellers, rothschild, bushes, morgan, kennedy, fairchild etc….

  11. I don’t care what the color is of a person running for president is. All I care about is their love for our country & ability to abide by the Constitution & effectively lead – Period.

  12. You are an idiot. Seriously. You should stop saying stuff before you begin to look like you may actually be an orangatan.

  13. I’m a conservative and I do not like what our recent president is doing. I do not like being called racist because I am white and I do not want my children to learn about the wrongs the government is doing! Teaching gay history [Oh my save me!] in Kindergarten to 12 grade! I am also a christain and I hate being mocked by my own government [gay stuff introduced, mocking of my Lord, Obama reading the bible and mocking it in extreme measures!]. I hope the country will be changed and all blacks, whites, aisains, hispanic, ect will be just simply be called humans. By the way; THE LIBERAL HIPOCRITES ARE VERY RACIST BUT DO NOT WANT TO SHOW IT. How shamful for our once powerful government.


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