Why are feminists fixated on the vagina?

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The feminist movement began with the assertion that women are more than their bodies — that biology is not a woman’s destiny.

Oddly, today’s feminists seem to equate women with exactly that — their biology, specifically, the vagina.

The obsession began with the 1996 debut of the play, The Vagina Monologues, written by Eve Ensler to, in her words, “celebrate the vagina”.

The Vagina Monologues is made up of various personal monologues on the “feminine experience” — sex, sex work, body image, love, rape, menstruation, female genital mutilation, masturbation, birth, orgasm, the various common names for the vagina. A recurring theme throughout the piece is the vagina as a tool of “female empowerment” and the ultimate “embodiment of individuality”.

22 years later, feminists and the Left have only become even more obsessed with the vagina.

Note: The vagina is the elastic, muscular part of the female genital tract that leads tothe cervix, the entrance to the uterus or womb. Entrance into the vagina is via the vulva or labial folds. Often, vagina is mistaken for the vulva. An example is actress Cameron Diaz‘s reference to shaving her vagina, which makes no sense because hair doesn’t grow inside a woman’s vagina unless she is afflicted by some very strange disease. What Diaz really means is shaving her pubic mound. (See “Stupid Hollyweirdo: Cameron Diaz has a hairy vagina“)

Obsession with the vagina/vulva finds expression in everyday objects, from the infamous pussy hats and vagina suits in the Women’s March (against Trump) on January 21, 2017, to Christmas ornaments, mugs, vases, pillows, and furniture.

Sweden’s Byggnads Construction Workers Union in pussy hats to honor 2017 International Women’s Day

This vagina/vulva pillow is on sale on Etsy for $85 (link)

Vagina chair by Eduardo Benamor Duarte

$20,000 custom-made vagina sofa for sale on Craig’s List in Troy, Michigan.

I just don’t get it.

Why should the vagina be “celebrated” and how does this celebrating “empower” women?



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33 responses to “Why are feminists fixated on the vagina?

  1. Women who are this fixated on their vagina, are certifiably out of their minds . . . men who go along with this nonsense I must conclude are a quart or two low on testosterone. It is the height of nonsense.

  2. Their vaginas are all they have to offer .. or withhold. As soon as the ongoing emasculation of our males is complete, these pu$$sy obsessed morons will lose all their power. Dumbing down of society .. Mission Accomplished!

  3. I find this all disgusting, these people do not represent me or any other female I know. I connect the vagina with the ability and the honor of producing a gift from heaven. I do not see any of these nuts deserving as such.

    • I agree. When they started this asinine stuff, I thought what if men went around dressing up as a giant penis? These same idiots would be saying that they were being intimidated or assaulted!
      Haven’t we seen all this kind of stuff before in more primitive cultures where like in India they have giant lingam (penis) that everyone strokes and throws milk on for good luck?

      This is nothing more than a a lame attempt to replace all primitive phallic idols that have been worshiped over the millennia. Now there’s’ a great way of advancing things on the planet – NOT!

      • And I would add that this is the antithesis of anything spiritual which clearly these morons think it is, in that focusing on a body part drags one down to identify with their body, the physical instead of identifying with the spirit.

        “Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
        John 3:5

        • Maybe it boils down to utter rejection of Western faith and culture. When they do that they feel free to “invent” something to replace it that they think they like better.

          Apparently this appeals to those who feel underprivileged by being female. Of course it is totally ridiculous. That doesn’t seem to affect them in the slightest.

          What’s scary to me is that once one of them goes all bull goose loony with something there are a dozen others waiting in the wings screaming “me too, me too!”.

          • “Maybe it boils down to utter rejection of Western faith and culture. When they do that they feel free to “invent” something to replace it that they think they like better.”

            I think you nailed it there. Not just the throwing out, but inventing something in their own image. There has been a l0t of material out there for the last 30 years or so that falls under that New Age milieu that seems to promote this kind of goddess worship and related ideas. This vagina stuff is an extension of that. It seems misguided, desperate, and ill informed. There have after all been legitimate criticisms of the Church having been a ( and I hate this word at this point ) patriarchy. All we have to do is go back to that Council of Trent where the vote narrowly decided that women have souls. Seriously ? Men deciding whether women have souls or not? If anyone doesn’t think that kind of attitude hasn’t infected the general climate of the Church they are mistaken. How else could the church become nothing but a women hating Homosexual guild ? The problem is like everything else – people throw the baby out with the bath water, or the become the thing they hate, which is what we are seeing with these looned out man hating women dancing around in vagina costumes. God help us.

      • Ha, ha. Instead of saying “I’m a Gnu” I can say “I’m a Ganesh”.

  4. What a bunch of sick idiots some have become. A mindless juggernaut of depravation and garbage.

  5. I remember reading in Carl Jung’s autobiography that an East Indian friend of his once told him about a certain temple in India that has realistic lingams and yonis in the form of sculptures that line its major approach.

    The fellow spoke in a normal voice about the lingams (penises), but when he mentioned the yonis (vulvas), his voice suddenly fell to a bare whisper! Jung was taken aback by this, as he couldn’t fathom what would disturb his friend.

  6. This is as illogical as anything else they do. Some make themselves ugly to show how “feminine” they are. They mutilate their bodies to show how “proud” they are.

    This one is just too detached from my frame of reference. I suppose I could say that while I appreciate vaginas (I do), I have no desire to wear one on my head or stick my house plants in one either.

  7. It’s an inversion. Once upon a time not that long ago… ladies were aware of the idea of private areas remaining private. Back in the good old days, society still required a certain level of decorum. The inversion of decorum = vulgar and obscene. I’m raising my daughter the old school way, unlike so many other mothers I know. My 13 year old daughter thinks the pink-lady-part hats are only good because you can easily identify the insane people and avoid them, too funny. I homeschool because of stuff like this.

    • Thank you for homeschooling your daughter. She gives me hope for America’s future!

    • Your daughter sounds smart 😀

    • I’ll third that thanks for raising your daughter away from the nuclear/biological/chemical waste cesspool that is public school, you’ve prevented her from being exposed to so many propaganda and mental illness vectors.

      Thankfully she has a good Mother… may God bless her with a husband that will continue to keep her safe in this growing malignant mess of a society, as well. (I know I was rather concerned years ago that I could never find someone, given how messed up the world was even at that time, and how “high” my standards were by comparison, thankfully God blessed me with a wonderful Wife, very different from the rest.)

  8. I see this fixation as the continued decline of society and civility, brought to America by those that endlessly strive to turn this country into a 3rd world shit-hole.

  9. Disgusting. Also disgusting is bachelorette parties where women deck themselves out in penis regalia. Some people just have no shame these days!!

  10. Looking to make sense out of crazy people is impossible. It’s called insanity for a reason.

  11. I’m not a medical doctor, and I’m not a woman. But my question is this: Yes: Why all this obsession with the vagina? Can it possibly be that many of these feminists have no idea of how to enjoy intercourse with their husbands or boyfriends? (Not that I’m advocating fornication, but let’s face it: People aren’t going to stop doing it). In plain English, do they have any knowledge of their clitoris? I don’t hear too many feminists bleating over this part of their anatomy.

    Oh I get it: It’s not the vagina itself that would get cut off under Sharia Law.

    Let’s be candid: Can it be that many of these feminists actually are—FRIGID?

  12. Okay. I know that if I walked around dressed as a pecker, people would rightfully call me a d***. So… does that mean we should call women dressed as vaginas as c***s?

  13. The obsession is an old deceit, it seems, looking back on india, as Joseph mentioned, there is worship of the reproductive organs (japan does this as well, such as their penis and vulva festivals) as if they are tied directly to the divine, as if they are manifestations thereof no less, this is why crowley, blavatsky, and other occultists had such a like for hinduism and buddhism, (buddhism itself is essentially kabala and gnostic garbage, just with eastern flavoring) since both promote orgasm, and the “energy” from it, as the end-all-be-all power of the universe. In this specific case it seems that the old hoax of margaret murray and the fake “old goddess religions” are the focus, the belief being that the female bits are superior for all the “other” things they can do, the thinking being “well a male bit doesn’t grow or birth anything, therefore is is weaker and inferior”, as such the bits are considered the “power of creation”, more or less. (This also is often tied into witchcraft, and considered a power thereof, not too long ago I heard about some foolish ritual that involved drawing some conscious energy up into the womb of the person undertaking a ritual, which seemed to be effectively spectrophilia/”demonophilia” so to speak, just with some window dressing.)

    Funny thing, the whole transgenderism malarkey effectively makes “females” and “nullos” of everyone (since there is no making male organs, so everyone defaults to having mutilated bits, but men even more so, and in this way men are eliminated, realizing the feminist dream of male extinction, perhaps that’s part of the goal?) There also is a hatred for breasts as well by and large, it seems, no? And yet they are also decidedly female, so why is the focus not on them as well? (I also recently ran across this: https://activistmommy.com/american-doctors-performing-mastectomies-perfectly-healthy-13-year-old-girls/ Which is downright ghastly, breasts are another organ that transgender surgery garbage can’t make, and both it and feminism seems bent on destroying.)

    As an aside, this constant mis-use of the term “vagina” seems to demonstrate that “sex ed” is, in fact, not for education, but truly for spreading propaganda, how else can it be explained that so many don’t know the proper names for things or how they function, which they should have learned in the so-called “public school system” ages ago?

    A quote from a newer cartoon “stupidity isn’t a virus, but it’s sure spreading like one.”

    • You raise some interesting points. I rather suspect that the Indian interest has to do with the belief in “chakras” and “kundalini (sp?)”. The sex organs are a center in this system.

      Your question about “sex education” is a good one. Apparently it isn’t “clinical” as advertised. Of course, anyone with a computer or a library can find any medical information they want.

      I tend to see this as just another ready-made division that they use. Men and women are differently made so it is perfect for another division to exploit. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that all the focus lately is not on “coming together”, it is the exact opposite of that.

      It is necessary for them to destroy the traditional family and they are going about that from many angles. Lack of respect is a powerful tool to use when attempting to drive a wedge between the sexes. If they can reduce people down to their constituent parts and then imply that those are somehow “inferior”, they have another angle for use.

  14. 50 years ago, we called it “Penis Envy”

  15. In evolutionary terms women are are a life support system for their vaginas. By some quirk of logic vaginas are now life support systems for women.

  16. So biology is not a woman’s destiny, and yet it is a man’s destiny. Because if a woman wants to abort a baby, the father of that baby has no right to try and say no, to stop the woman from killing his child. ” My body, my choice”, they yell. But if the woman decides to keep that child, and they are not married, the woman has no problem with collecting child support from the man, and also making him pay half of things like health insurance, unreimbursed medical expenses, and often other things that her lawyer brings up in court.
    And then there are many women wondering why American males are choosing to remain single, or going out of the country to find their wives. There is actually a movement that is real, and it is happening, no matter the fact that they have made a reality TV show about it.
    I have seen how a lot of the young women in my small area act, and treat their mate, and I sometimes am amazed that the man is not in jail. I lucked out, and married a decent woman, or perhaps it is just that my wife is not of the younger generation. Because from many of the things that I see, this might be the last generation to survive.
    It is not popular to use the word wicked in these times, but I can’t think of a more appropriate word to describe this nation. I fear judgement is to come upon us, and soon.


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