Why Are California Republicans Such Snivelling Cowards, Part II

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Dear Friends,
I received an email from the Los Angeles chapter of the Republican Party the other day. Do you know what it said? “Happy Holidays.”
And these nitwits wonder why they keep losing election after election after election.

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0 responses to “Why Are California Republicans Such Snivelling Cowards, Part II

  1. You DID send your sentiments back to them,didn’t you?

  2. Isn’t that the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? They are obviously slow learners.

  3. And a Happy December 25th right back atcha, Big Guy!

  4. 99% of our politicians are slaves to political correctness and that’s the problem. Political correctness is self censorship. Period
    if the government were to come out with a list of banned words most of the populace would be in an uproar. That’s not to say there are not words that are frowned upon and in some cases considered hate crimes by our government, but you get my point. Consequently political correctness has received very little backlash in our current culture and I find that quite astounding. Americans used to pride themselves on having a thick skin. You could call me whatever you wanted to and it did not matter to me. Unless it was the truth and then it’s something that I would need to look into and to work on. If it were merely an insult then I treated it as such and ignored it completely. We now have a culture full of perpetually offended pussies and it’s sickens me to no end.

  5. Because California is the root of the serpent seed in the United States of Embarrassment…Thats where the antichrist serpent jews in Hollywood brainwash the population through a television set…..Lucifers kids are gutting the planet.

  6. Dont believe me ? Rockefeller is serpent seed illuminati puppeteer…I can back up what i am saying 24/7…Even your neighbors are demon people and the wicked are morphing all those with no faith or love for Christ into the demonic whether they like it or not….Lucifers kids have turned everything backwards…Everything is a lie…America, hijacked by the wicked is a lie…

  7. Repubelican pussificationitis isn’t limited to just California.
    I’m afraid it’s gone national. 🙁


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