Why are 8 Democrats sponsoring a bill to eliminate the death penalty for treason?

Nearly a year ago, on January 2, 2012, eight Democrats in the House introduced a curious piece of legislation — H.R. 3741: Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act of 2013, which seeks to abolish the death penalty under federal law. But the bill has only just been discovered by the media, notably The Hill on Dec. 16, 2013.
HR 3741 specifically prevents anyone from being sentenced to death or put to death for all federal offenses that presently would bring the death penalty. Those offenses include:
1. Homicide-related offenses:

  • Murder related to the smuggling of aliens (illegal immigrants)
  • Destruction of aircraft, motor vehicles, or related facilities, resulting in death.
  • Murder committed during a drug-related drive-by shooting
  • Murder committed at an airport serving international civil aviation
  • Murder committed using chemical weapons
  • Civil rights offenses relating in death
  • Murder of a member of Congress, an important executive official, or a Supreme Court justice
  • Death resulting from offenses involving transportation of explosives, destruction of government property, or destruction of property related to foreign or interstate commerce
  • Murder committed by use of a firearm or armor piercing ammunition during commission of a crime of violence or a drug trafficking crime
  • Genocide
  • First degree murder
  • Murder by a federal prisoner
  • Murder of a state or local law enforcement official or other person aiding in a federal investigation; murder of a state correctional officer
  • Murder during a kidnapping
  • Murder during a hostage-taking
  • Murder with the intent of preventing testimony by a witness, victim, or informant
  • Mailing of injurious articles with intent to kill or resulting in death
  • Assassination or kidnapping resulting in the death of the president or vice-president
  • Murder for hire
  • Murder involved in a racketeering offense
  • Willful wreckage of a train resulting in death
  • Bank robbery-related murder or kidnapping
  • Murder related to a carjacking
  • Murder related to aggravated child sexual abuse
  • Murder related to sexual exploitation of children
  • Murder committed during an offense against maritime navigation
  •  Murder committed during an offense against a maritime fixed platform
  • Murder using devices or dangerous substances in waters of the United States
  • Murder involving the transportation of explosive, biological, chemical, or radioactive or nuclear materials
  • Murder involving the destruction of vessel or maritime facility
  • Murder of a United States national in another country
  • Murder by the use of a weapon of mass destruction
  • Murder by act of terrorism transcending national boundaries
  • Murder involving torture
  • Murder involving a war crime
  • Murder related to a continuing criminal enterprise or related murder of a federal, state, or local law enforcement officer
  • Death resulting from aircraft hijacking
  1. Non-homicide related offenses:
  • Espionage
  • Treason
  1. Title 10: Offenses include
  • conspiracy
  • desertion
  • assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer
  • mutiny or sedition
  • misbehavior before the enemy
  • subordinate compelling surrender
  • improper use of countersign
  • forcing a safeguard
  • aiding the enemy
  • spies
  • espionage
  • improper hazarding of vessel
  • misbehavior of sentinel
  • murder
  • death or injury of an unborn child
  • crimes triable by military commission

HR 3741 also states: “Anyone who was already sentenced to death for a federal crime prior to the bill taking effect would have that sentence reduced to a lifetime prison sentence without any possibility of parole.”
Nothing happens in politics without a reason. Certainly, members of the United States Congress, who are more preoccupied with fundraising for their reelection than with legislating, don’t propose bills without a reason.
We must therefore ask ourselves the reason for HR 3741. Is it motivated by Altruism, the highest and most selfless form of charity?
The answer, I submit, can be found in two clues:
1. The bill stretches credulity by the sheer scope of the crimes for the elimination of death penalty as punishment, including even for such egregious acts as genocide, mutiny, sedition, murder by use of a weapon of mass destruction (not even  nuclear bomb or poison gas?), not to mention assassination of the U.S. president or vice-president, and of members of Congress. If genocide doesn’t warrant the death penalty (think Hitler), what would? Why not just abolish the death penalty altogether?

2. The bill’s sponsors:

They are eight — a sponsor and 7 co-sponsors:

  • Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.), the sponsor of HR 3741.
  • Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.)
  • Keith Ellison (D-Minn.): the first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress.
  • Barbara Lee (D-Calif.)
  • Hank Johnson (D-Ga.): the bright bulb who thinks the island of Guam would tip over because of more U.S. troops.
  • John Lewis (D-Ga.)
  • Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.)
  • José Serrano (D-N.Y.)

Edwards, Cummings, Ellisonl to r: Donna Edwards, Elijah Cummings, Keith Ellison

Lee, Johnson, Lewisl to r: Barbara Lee, Hank Johnson, John Lewis

Not only are HR 3741’s eight sponsors all Democrats, 6 of the 8 are members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Jan SchakowskyJan Schakowsky & José Serrano

Jan Schakowsky, 69, is the daughter of Jewish immigrants from, respectively, Lithuania and Russia. Not only is Schakowsky a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, she is the most “Progressive” leftwing socialist communist member of the current US Congress, with ratings of between 90 and 100 from “liberal and progressive” interest groups — which means she is a pro-abort. She even has the gall to call abortion a mere “health procedure” and wants more “federal funding,” that is, to have taxpayers pay even more for murder.
On March 11, 2004, Schakowsky’s husband, lobbyist Robert Creamer, the executive director of the Illinois Public Action Fund (IPAF), was indicted in federal court on 16 counts of bank fraud involving three alleged check-kiting schemes in the mid-1990s, leading several banks to experience shortfalls of at least $2.3 million. In August 2005, Creamer pleaded guilty to one count of failure to collect withholding tax, and bank fraud for writing checks with insufficient funds. On April 5, 2006, Creamer was sentenced to five months in prison and 11 months of house arrest. All of the money was repaid. Schakowsky was not accused of any wrongdoing despite her serving on IPAF’s board during the time the crimes were committed, and despite her co-signing with her husband their IRS filings.

José Serrano, 70, born in Puerto Rico, is the avowed socialist who repeatedly has introduced House resolutions to repeal the 22nd Amendment that limits U.S. presidents to two consecutive terms. He is widely regarded as one of the most “Progressive” members of Congress.
In other words, the bill’s eight sponsors, being all “Progressive” Democrats are not individuals notable for their sweetness and light and altruistic love of humanity. If they were, they wouldn’t be “Progressives” who support the death penalty for the most innocent and defenseless of human beings — the unborn.
The logical conclusion, therefore, is this:
HR 3741’s real objective is to eliminate the death penalty for TREASON because Democrats think Barack Hussein Obama may be arrested and tried for treason.
Like that fascinating impeachment email that the Democratic National Committee recently sent to its supporters, HR 3741 is motivated by the Demonrats’ real fear that their idol, President Lucifer, is in serious trouble.

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Mike howrightismike
Mike howrightismike
6 years ago

This is a fantastic post, Dr. Eowyn! Where else can concerned citizens find this kind of well researched and well written information? It’s too bad they don’t give out Pulitzers for bloggers, or do they? Maybe someone should start and call them Eowyns!

6 years ago

An EXCELLENT idea, IMO. I’ve complimented her many times on her superb sleuthing, as the hundreds of hours I put into researching for papers and articles is nothing compared to what she manages to uncover. Brava, brava!!.

6 years ago

I ditto what Mike said!

6 years ago

Thank you for this one, Dr. Eowyn. The Dems are going into CYA mode. They must have added things up the same way we have.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu
6 years ago

Should we put on “protective gear” . . . it seems like the S _ _ t is very soon going to hit fan! With all the preponderance of evidence–it just had to sooner or later. Great post!

Ted Nougat
Ted Nougat
6 years ago

The first guess would be that they’re wanting to protect The First Black Communist President of the United States. Or maybe it’s to protect themselves from what they know he is about to perpetrate on us.

6 years ago

Democrat and pro-criminal have become synonymous!

6 years ago
Reply to  Patrick

“Be prepared, that’s the Boy Scouts marching song,/
be prepared, in case treason comes along!”
You can fill in the blanks… on second thought, be sure they’re not blanks!

6 years ago

well 80+ communist in congress and white house will soon be arrested for treason against USA for aiding and abetting the foreign born enemy of the USA aka Barry

6 years ago

they will all be held accountable in the end.

6 years ago

Hmm, looks like they know something we don’t and are having second thoughts…

6 years ago

This is not only to protect lucifer but also hillary, reid, pelosi and the rest of the traitors in d.c. Treason runs rampant in the capitol of the devil, d.c. All of these useless idiots that sponser this bill show signs of being guilty of the writtings within it.

6 years ago

If you go back and check, everything the left has brought up or the left has accused someone else of doing……they are already guilty of it.
They know they are guilty of treason, thus the purging of the military. I guess they are trying to pad their cells before they land.

6 years ago

The answer is in those 7 letters that were in ” red ” up above . Even those losers know what he’s all about . I guess they are in serious c.y.a. mode . They don’t want to see the first ( use whatever words that come to mind ) ” hung out to dry ” . They know his policies are killing the country but still like the good ” obamabots ” they are , they still vote for his schemes at a rate of 100% . The funny thing is they are accomplices in this clusterf#$k and they… Read more »

6 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting and logical post. Your investigation sets forth the timing of why their mindset brings this issue to the forefront. I agree with your conclusions completely.

richard kelleher
richard kelleher
6 years ago

is this because of some exposure to whats, coming
truly they cannot be this self absorbed but then thats a relative state

6 years ago

Simple answer: to avoid being on the receiving end for their own treasonous acts.

Abby Sapp
6 years ago

My take on this bill is to cover their own arses, even at the expense of having to argue that Edward Snowden should receive a tougher sentence (if they ever get him back here to try him for treason). Their own treasonous acts are waaaaaaay more dangerous than Snowden. As a matter of fact, if Snowden had not responded to the information he had, with his impeccable removal from this dangerous society, we would not know what we do now and I consider him a “hero”! With the information coming out on the internet in the last few days, if… Read more »

6 years ago

There are 12 co-sponsors now on this bill, for a total of 13 including the initial sponsor, Donna Edwards… add to the list of traitorous malfeasances, along with their party and district, and the date they signed onto the bill: Betty McCollum, D-MN-St Paul, 1/15/2014 (please note, she is adjacent to Keith Ellison’s district of Minneapolis) Gwen Moore, D-WI-Milwaukee, 1/15/2014 Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC, 1/28/2014 Chellie Pingree, D-ME-North Haven, 1/15/2014 Carol Shea-Porter, D-NH-Rochester, 1/28/2014 The bill was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations, on 1/27/2014, so it’s not dead yet. Our best hope on this… Read more »

3 years ago

Treason is treason. The death penalty is appropriate. Me thinks I smell a stinky politician wiggling their way out of a tight situation.