Who's Your Valentine?

Reuters/Ipsos did a poll and found that more than 1 of every 5 Americans (27%) would rather spend Valentine’s Day with a pet instead of their spouse or partner.
Worldwide, it’s 21%, with people of Turkey being the least romantic, at 49%, followed by India (41%), Japan (30%), China (29%), and Australia (25%). True to their reputation, the French are the most romantic, with only 10% saying they prefer their pet to spending the day with a human honey.
The survey of 24,000 people in 23 countries found that age and income were more of a determining factor than nationality when it came to romance, with younger, less affluent people more likely to choose their pet as their Valentine’s Day companion. Men and women were evenly split over the question.
Here’s our own anonymous poll. Be honest! LOL


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10 years ago

LOL – I voted for my dog Oliver.
I would rather spend time with him than most humans I know, as he doesn’t fuss, eats whatever I feed him, and is always glad to see me.

10 years ago

My Camaro…what? At least I know where my money is going 😉

10 years ago

My cats…they don’t complain about what I feed them and I’m under no pressure to find that perfect stupid gift. They go outside and catch a mouse/bird and are purrfectly content!
OTOH…I do enjoy a good lobster dinner and diamonds 🙂