Who’s writing the script for TV news across America?

NBC News anchor Brian Williams’ admission that, for 12 years (!) he repeatedly had “misremembered” lied about being aboard a helicopter that was shot down by an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) in Iraq in 2003, reminded me of a post I’d written more than 3 years ago. Below is a revised version.

Is someone(s) dictating to journalists what they say and write?

Late-night TV show host Conan O’Brien inadvertently gave the game away in this fascinating video snippet from a show he did which was uploaded by his “Team Coco” to YouTube on November 3, 2011.

Pay special attention beginning at around the 1:15 mark of the video below:

In the video snippet above, O’Brien announced that he would officiate at the “gay wedding” of two male staffers, and that the wedding would take place on his show in New York. Then O’Brien cuts to TV anchormen and women across America — all 18 of them — announcing that news. Every single one of them said exactly the same thing:

“Conan O’Brien may be about to push the envelope on late night television….”

The chances that 18 anchorpersons would use exactly the same language, especially the same phrase “push the envelope,” defy the odds of statistical probability, which means it didn’t occur by random happenstance. That, in turn, means the 18 anchorpersons were reading from a prepared news script.

The implications are frightening….

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1 year ago

Look over the membership list of the Council of Foreign Relations and note how many of importance in MSM are there. Years ago, Michael Powell, son of General Powell, had a position on the FCC, and cartel ownership of the media was approved. Shortly after and for a brief time, all MSM tv evening news broadcasts were identical and presented at the same time. Change from ABC to CBS to NBC, same story presented same way by different anchors. Tv Ship of State to go nowhere no way without approval from global fleet admiral.

Jim Campbell
1 year ago

Wow California finally did something right. This guy is such a fool, can’t believe he’s still employed. It’s great to see how independent the new is. HA