Who’s without a soul? Hillary or Putin?

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On Jan. 6, 2008, speaking to an adoring audience in Hampton, then Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton dismissively said this about Russian president Vladimir Putin:

“Most leaders are not going to make decisions based on their personal relationships. You know, this is the president [referring to George W. Bush] that looked into the soul of Putin [and liked what he saw]. I could have told him this was a KGB agent and by definition he doesn’t have a soul. [Audience titters] It’s a waste of time, right?” [Audience titters]

Putin answers:

“At least the state figure should have a head,” that is, a secretary of state should have better sense.

Obama picks noseObama picks his nose

Five years ago, if I said the President of Russia would comport himself in a classier fashion than an American president, would you have believed me?

I wouldn’t!

As for Hillary saying “Most leaders are not going to make decisions based on their personal relationships,” she must not mean her husband Bill. [Snark]

From Britannica Concise Encyclopedia‘s entry on Hillary Rodham Clinton:

When her husband became president (1993), she wielded power and influence almost unprecedented for a first lady.

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  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post and especially, the video! Amazing!

  3. Hillary is lacking a soul, per ‘Unlimited Access‘ by Aldrich.

  4. I personally think Hillary is a more frightening figure than Obama.


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