Who's the Stupid One, Glenn Beck?

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He thinks you're stupid

The MSM, always eager to be mouthpieces for Obama, have coined the derisive label “birthers” to dismiss and marginalize Americans who simply want to know the truth about this occupant of the White House who’s keeping so many of his personal documents concealed — from his kindergarten school records, to his college records, to his law client list, to his original long-form birth certificate. Reportedly this man has spent nearly $2 million on lawyers and legal fees to fight lawsuits asking for those documents.
According to a March 24, 2010, Harris Poll, “birthers” Obama truth-seekers number in the millions. The poll found that 25% of Americans believed Obama wasn’t born in the United States.
Speaking for myself, I have no idea where Obama was born — whether it’s Hawaii, or Kenya, or the Moon. What bothers me is the secrecy because to keep a secret requires concealment, deception, and lies. The secrecy especially is unseemly for a president who promised his administration would be the most transparent, ever.
So it’s baffling why members of the media who supposedly are on “our” side also mock our quest for the truth. Fox TV and radio personality Glenn Beck has every right not to join the ranks of the skeptical. What skeptical Americans do not appreciate, however, is that he threw in his lot with our political enemies who make fun of us.
On Jan. 4, 2010, Beck used the derisive ”birthers” to refer to Obama truth seekers. Even worse, Beck characterized the “birther thing” as “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” thereby implying that Obama truth seekers are stupid. Don’t believe me? Hear Beck for yourself. Pay special attention beginning at the 0:90 mark:

If Obama truth seekers are dumb, then the joke’s on Beck because those “dumb birthers” comprise a majority of his audience. Brian Fitzpatrick of World Net Daily noted on September 27, 2010 that a thread on Beck’s own website shows that those concerned about Obama’s eligibilty outnumber those who, like Beck, believe it’s a non-issue by a whopping 9 to 1.
Recently, a video has surfaced of an interview of Beck on Peter Boyle’s radio show of March 16, 2010, which shows that Beck’s dismissal of the Obama truth issue is really rooted in ignorance. Beginning at the 1:55 mark, Beck said this about what he calls “the birther issue”:

“I haven’t looked into it at all, except just kind of glanced at it.”

Throughout the interview, Boyle repeatedly asked Beck for his reason(s) for dismissing the eligibility issue. Beck’s response was limited to saying “I don’t think this is a winnable argument,” without explaining why.
Really? And how does he know that it’s not a “winnable argument” when he himself admits he knows little about the issue? Can anyone spell “A-R-R-O-G-A-N-T”?
I wouldn’t dismiss or make fun of something about which I know little, would you? That’s the essence of being closed-minded: “I’ve made up my mind! Don’t confuse me with facts!”
And Beck calls Obama truth seekers “dumb”?  LOL

H/t fellowship co-founder Steve.

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0 responses to “Who's the Stupid One, Glenn Beck?

  1. Dave from Atlanta

    Ok, well I listened to the entire interview, and whereas I disagree with Glenn Beck, I understood where he was coming from. Ultimately I think he is going to have to admit he was wrong, but I don’t think he displayed any particular attitude toward people whose focus is on the birth issue, other than a brief mention of a “conspiracy” context. He simply chooses not to go there because, as he says, there are so many other issues associated with this rogue presidency that do not require the facts to be authenticated. He seemed a little frustrated with Peter because he wanted to discuss other relevant topics. Peter did a great job of keeping Beck on task to address this particular issue.
    Beck has been crucified in the press on many occasions and as of late has enjoyed some improved credibility. I suspect that his choice not to focus on the birth issue was actually political. I believe he knew that it was going to be an issue that would be tagged with the “fringe” adjective, and he needed to steer clear of it just so that the msm would not have another reason to drag him through the mud. I don’t think he is arrogant, but it is possible that he has compromised his character for the sake of popularity.

    • Dave,
      Beck called “the birther thing” “the dumbest thing in the world” in this video. Pay attention beginning at the 0:90 mark:

      • Dave from Atlanta

        I am not sure how I missed this one. He is using ridicule against the birther movement. Contextually he is making a lot of leaps of “logic” that are not necessarily in line with the birther beliefs and is doing so without having investigated the facts. So it seems pretty clear that in terms of his response to this issue, he is responding to someone else’s marching orders. Certainly not the Glenn Beck I am used to hearing.
        So the president’s Marxist roots and socialistic behaviors are ok to talk about, but the eligibility question is taboo. Interesting. I guess Prince Alwaleed bin Talal wants Obama to remain in office for what he can contribute to Islamic relations, but doesn’t care if he maintains strong public support.

        • “Contextually he is making a lot of leaps of “logic”….”
          Good observation, Dave. I noticed that too, not to mention this important piece of logic that seems to elude Beck, et al:
          Whether BHO is constitutionally qualified to be president is the HEART of everything. If he isn’t, then EVERYTHING he’s done, does, and will do is unlawful — a universal category that necessarily includes all the policy issues (Obamacare, war, taxes…) which Beck and others say they’re against. Eligibility is the stake through the vampire’s “heart.”
          The logic is so simple and compelling that I’m baffled why it eludes others.
          As for your hypothesis that the Masters at FOX want Obama criticized and harassed, but not removed. Most fascinating. So it’s all a cynical ploy for viewers/listeners and ratings: Keep the masses agitated and enraged, but keep the circus act because that keeps the masses agitated, which means more viewers/listeners and more ratings!

  2. Whatever Becks reasoning is/was for not checking into the birth issue, he is wrong. I, for one, quit watching him because of this.
    For me, if you negate on thing that is possible, and poke fun at and/or disregard Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS in the first place, how do I know what else you might be negating or lying about? (I have serious trust issues when it comes to people).
    As soon as the subject came up about Obama being born in Kenya, I contacted a friend of mine…a Kenyan…who lives in Kenya. He is a Christian preacher and head of a small orphanage and church. For his own protection, I will not say what village or city he is in…except in private. I will say however, that he is approximately 192 miles from the village of Obama’s grandmother. There are many Many Kenyans that say that Obama was indeed born there.
    I emailed Glen Beck when this subject first arose. My friend, was willing to do the traveling to come up with the needed proof as long as someone would have helped him with the needed funds for the travel. This was BEFORE some (American)? claimed he went to Kenya and got Obama’s birth Certificate there. (I think it was deemed a fake)?
    My friend, being a Kenyan and living there, would have had the resources and a better chance than ANYONE acquiring the truth. But now, there is so much suspicion about it and the information is now guarded like it wasn’t before.

  3. Thank you, Eowyn and Steve, for bringing this matter to light! I agree that the real issue is Obama’s clear actions to hide and keep secret his birth records and his academic records, as well as other relevant records requested. Why would you spent millions on attorneys to hide these documents unless you do have something to hide! Why, why and why!!!!

  4. Okay….but let us not throw Beck out with the bathwater. He’s doing a pretty good job with other stuff.

  5. Glad you brought this up and in the past Beck HAS referred to “birthers” as stupid. I used to listen to and watch him like clockwork. I really put stock into what he had to say. I no longer listen to him. On Jan 11, 2010, he said, (to paraphrase) that when he married his wife Tonya that he was worried that she thought he was going to turn out to be a “loser”, like ‘become a garbage man or something like that.’ That was it for me! How arrogant! This is a man who was a drunk, and drug addict and was homeless due to his own ignorance and weak willed ambition. Now that he has fame and fortune he is better than others. I got news for Beck– one’s career path does not a good man make. (I’m getting mad writing about this). I wrote him several times on this issue with no response. In addition to his constant assanine remarks, if you listen very carefully you will hear his sexist remarks about women. The man admits that he watches the “Mexican” channel because the women are hot. Gee, what a faithful husband, huh? He mentioned this during the hooplah over the Mexican sportscaster who went into the men’s locker room who by the way Beck also thinks is hot. Also, there was another time that he and his cronies continually threw the words “slut” and “whore” around referring to a 17 year old girl. Albeit he may have been trying to be comical at first but those words were repeated so many times, over and over that it lost any humor and became offensive. Beck is not all he is cracked up to be. Not to mention the constant subliminal indoctrination into Mormonism he spouts. I left the LDS church and believe me, he is a robot. He regurgitates what they tell him and I catch all the phrases. Even his new and latest pledge is right out of Mormonism. He drives me nuts. Anyway, I digress. I guess all I have left now is Rush Limbaugh. That’s fine with me. At least he is not a hypocrite to my knowledge.

  6. I began listening to Glenn Beck last March, so I well remember the whole birther issue. I didn’t know much about it, but I’ve learned because I heard about it from him. He also decided to leave it alone, months ago, because he has other priorities. He also admits on a regular basis that he says stuff he shouldn’t. He isn’t perfect. I don’t agree with everything the man says. I don’t agree with everything anyone says. What I choose to take of value from Beck was his admonition to stop lying, especially to yourself. I’m also doing my homework. I hear or read something on the news, and I check it out. I don’t let anyone shovel information down my throat anymore. I’m studying history. I finally have a clear idea of what honor is. Am I always honorable? No. It’s been a difficult lesson to learn this late in life. I make mistakes, but I am trying. I’m endeavoring to focus on Faith, Hope, and Charity and choosing God’s side. If people allow the birth certificate to become the main issue, instead of things like the fact that the President of the United States is openly endorsing communism, ie, the One Nation March that is supported by the Communist Party USA and other socialist organizations, then the liberals have done exactly what they set out to do, created strife and bickering between the conservatives. Those who are able and inclined to pursue the birth certificate, do it! Find that puzzle piece that will bring it all down. That Glenn chooses not to pursue that line and considers it silly is his right. His opinion doesn’t violate the constitution. He’s entitled to his opinion. He’s also a talk show host. He’s an entertainer. A lot of the stuff he says isn’t about politics at all even if it seems like it is. I listen to his show because he keeps me informed about what’s in the news and then he makes me laugh about it. Then I decide what to give my attention and what to let go. Me. I decide to accept or reject whatever comes my way. I’m saddened by this, but I’ve learned a lot and will keep learning.

    • Of course Beck has “the right” to not pursue the Obama eligibility issue. He even has “the right” — as in the Constitutional right to free speech — to make fun of those who do believe the issue is important. But then so too do I have the right to criticize him for mocking “birthers.” Nor am I and many many others who pursue this issue simple-minded one-issue fanatics. I do address OTHER issues on this blog.
      What Beck and others do not understand is what Rev. David Manning does — Obama’s constitutional eligibility is the gravamen. If he’s not constitutionally eligible to be president, then EVERYTHING he’s done and does and will do are illegitimate and illegal — including all those policy issues Beck and you and I care about.
      Get Obama on the eligibility issue, then EVERYTHING about this administration fall down like a house of cards. That’s why eligibility is the gravamen.

  7. Dave from Atlanta

    Judy, Good commentary. I see a lot of ideological purity on this site and I cannot blame those who express that at all. At the same time, I hate to see us demonize someone who is on our side but differs from the rest of us on this one point. It’s easy to pile on, especially when the subject of the conversation has hit such a hot button as this one. I occasionally have to remind myself that I need to remain open to intelligent conversation and not be ruled strictly by my passions. 🙂

  8. Just knowing that we are on the right side of this issue is enough for me. Sooner or later the truth will come out and there will be a lot of these commentators with egg on their faces and the chorus of “I told you so” will make them deaf as well.

  9. And he calls us stupid alllll the way to the bank!

  10. Glen Beck is afraid that he’ll lose his job if he goes after what could bring O’bummer down. He knows what it’s like to be a penniless “loser” (his words), and he will do as he is told by the poeple who allow him to stay in his position at FAUX News. Placate the right by letting them feel like he’s on their side — in the mean time, sell a lot of books and make a lot of money — but don’t have the courage to get to the heart of the truth that people like Col. Lakin and Reverend Manning have. Glenn Beck is the Controlled Opposition and he is fooling a lot of people who hang on his every word. He is like the US Congress — a big sellout.

  11. An unrelated item… How do you pronounce Eowyn? I’d feel sooo much more secure if I knew! ; ) Happy Day!

  12. Glenn Beck is owned,from an x Beck fan. He is a traitor to all Americans,along with O’reilly and Megyn Kelly on the eligibility issue. These people are all in a position to make a huge impact and they turned their backs,and chose to try and cover-up this issue. Hoping all the sheep would follow,because they said so. Can’t wait for the end game, they have done themselves no favor and are perpetrating a huge injustice.

    • Dave from Atlanta

      There was a day a few weeks ago when a gentleman (I do not remember his name) was being interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News. The man was saying that Obama should be impeached. To my absolute shock, Megyn Kelly tore him a new one and left him crippled and bleeding. She ridiculed him, she argued against his points of interest, and repeatedly cut him off while he was trying to make his case.
      So I see a pattern emerging here, based on Megyn Kelly’s reaction to the idea that Obama had committed impeachable offenses, and Glen Beck’s ridicule of birthers: Any argument that would in any way directly threaten Obama’s stay in office is taboo. The Fox management seems to have drawn the line in the sand: Expose his politics, attack his character, reveal his corruption, but do not threaten his term in office or question his eligibility. Sounds like high level politics and a focus on ratings rather than really being concerned about this country.
      I keep thinking that we really lack a conservative voice in the media in terms of a major news network.

  13. I can sleep soundly now. Thanks Steve!

  14. You guys have given me even more food for thought. I would be horribly disappointed to find that Fox doesn’t want BO’s term disturbed. But more and more I think I am seeing the writng on the wall. It doesn’t matter because the power IS in the people. By the way, I cannot stand O’Rilley one iota. But since he is Becks’s buddy, maybe more is going on than meets the eye. Thanks guys.


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