Who’s the President: Hillary or POS?

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0 responses to “Who’s the President: Hillary or POS?

  1. That is a good one!

  2. At least Carter was better than this.

  3. It is really Valarie Jarrett who is the acting president, and she is obamas ex secretary. She or her parents come from Iran and she makes most of the decisions and decides what he whould say on the teleprompter. Hillary is taking the Fall for the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi when it is really obama, who contacted Al Queda, through Muslim Brotherhood and a few other groups. Al Queda was to kidnap Stevens and Obama was going to stage an October Surprise and rescue him, right before the election, which would sweep him into office. Except the thugs who kidnapped him, got carried away, and killed him. So Hillary is taking the Fall, although I dont think she knew about the plan in advance, and obama isnt saying anything, being the coward he is and has ALWAYS been. She want to be nominated by the Democratic Party as the next nominee in 2016. I hope he gets found out because this is treason, but just one , among numerous things obama has done, which he should be impeached for. Hilarry is afraid to say anything because of the muslims. Well WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY IS THE USA, if we are intimitated by the MUSLIMS!!! WE need to impeach Obama and anull every bill he has EVER SIGNED but I doubt the republicans or democrats in charge, have the guts or morals to do what is right!!

    • @MARLIO Can you post links for proof?…Love to see proof that what you are saying is true.

      • @Hardnox I post on many sites under different names..I am careful what I say,I like good evidence before I repeat any stories..I hope this is true

  4. I am very suspicious of what happened that night. The big shot from Tunisia was visiting the Ambassador…why? The Ambassador walked him out to the gate when he left, and the attack started minutes after that. Odd timing. They placed calls for help but none was sent. In the middle of a vicious attack? Why? Something is very rotten.


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