Who's the Dumb Prez?

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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then 2 pictures must be worth 2,000 words!
Here’s the “Smartest Man in the World” speaking at a grade school:

Look at the paraphernalia that his aides had to bring into the classroom in order for Obama to speak to a few school kids:

  1. Two, not one, teleprompters!
  2. Big amplifier!
  3. A Secret Service dude to keep an eye out for any 8-year-old terrorist with Tea Party parents!  
  4. A podium with presidential seal!
  5. An oval rug, suggestive of the oval rug in the Oval Office of the White House!  

Here’s ALL this guy needed:

H/t beloved fellow May.

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0 responses to “Who's the Dumb Prez?

  1. Like it alot!

  2. The Traitor is nothing but an empty suit….
    Man, less than 2 years in and I already miss Bush…

  3. obama has a rock star mentality like most other black leaders across the world.. all he cares about his himself we would be living in shacks with dirt floors and tin roofs if he we had had leaders like obama 200 years ago.

  4. If you google the story, you will see that he was not talking to students in that picture. He was speaking to reporters in another classroom in the same school. When he spoke to the kids, he did not have all that nonsense with him. Having said that, I don’t know why he needed it for the reporters either, but I like to have the record straight. I can’t stand the man either, but if we pass on false, or misleading information, it makes us look bad. (The school was Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, VA if you want to google it.


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