Who’s Running The Show?

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Proof We Run Al-Qaeda:
Special Report

Thank you, Maui Jim, for sharing this link.

I am not endorsing this report, but allowing it airtime to stir questions. There are far too many things going on right now that may have catastrophic consequences. We need to ask questions. ~ TD

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0 responses to “Who’s Running The Show?

  1. Who’s running the show? Mrs. Obama!! Yup, Mr. Obama told her before he went golfing to take the reins and order the Congress to Stand Down and to tell his Cabinet to Dummie up and make sure Putin keeps the Nukes flying around this White Ass Nation tell he gets back to sign orders for the Mexican Voters! Am I close !!lol.

  2. Again, at this critical juncture, people are criticizing the daylights out of Alex Jones. I am not saying FOTM is, but what I am P.O.’d about is the number of people in the mainstream media and even on social media, crowing about how Jones is “controlled opposition” or a “Zionist shill,” etc., etc.
    We need as many independent and different news sources as we can get. Because when the corporations co-opt and take over the internet, and when Martial Law is declared, these independent news sources will simply… DISAPPEAR.
    We’re all under attack from the New World Order, the Obama Administration, corporate fascism, etc. And make no mistake about it: We are ALL subject to the Stockholm Syndrome. It “creeps in on little cat feet.” And I don’t appreciate being lectured like a five year old about Alex Jones, who, despite his flaws, is one of the best news sources out there. (Again, I’m not saying FOTM is treating anyone like children. What I am saying is that more Stockholm Syndrome is coming, and we have to be prepared.)

  3. Theres only one guy I know that is closer to the truth than J. I remember the “Base” well as we we’re out voted in 81 to challenge what is happening now. Commie Blaster.com is also a good reality check.

  4. Steve, I am not putting down J. That humor was just humor. J. is very close. “Trust me”.

  5. “The Base”, “Chechen rebels”, etc. all founded and funded by OSS/CIA early on, and trained from manuals printed by CIA assets. If one does enough digging one typically finds the U.S. and the whore of babylon (and it’s masters) to be behind a considerable amount of things. Two questions usually point to who is culpable, ask who you aren’t allowed to question, and ask who profits.

    Whose opinion on the matter aren’t we permitted to question without the derogitory slang of “conspiracy theorist”? The govstapo. Who profits? The U.S. spook agencies controlling “rebel” or “terrorist” groups get to pull them out of a hat anytime their bosses need to make a story to drive an agenda, which usually results in more funding for the spooks, and more lockdowns on the citizenry.


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