Who's Really to Blame for School Shooting?

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Grief of a Sandy Hook parent

Grief of a Sandy Hook parent

Dr. Henry Makow has an excellent article on his blog this morning. He draws our attention to some curious facts about the terrible massacre of school children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday:

  • The first police officers to arrive in the school found gunman Adam Lanza dead. Was Lanza killed by the two fleeing men?
  • Police also report finding a shotgun. How did one man, Adam Lanza, manage to carry a rifle, a shotgun, two pistols, and all sorts of ammo, and kill so many people?

Then Dr. Makow asks these questions that cry out to be answered:

  • Adam Lanza is said to be autistic and mentally disturbed. Why didn’t the cry go out to know what medication Adam was taking?
  • Turns out  Adam was the product of a broken family. His parents divorced in 2009.  His father moved away and remarried. His older brother hadn’t seen him for two years. Why not a chorus of demands for support for marriage and family?
  • Turns out, a friend described Adam as a “Goth.”  Goths are Satanists who possibly would revel in massacres. Why not a chorus of demands for a ban on Goth behavior?
  • How about a media ban on over-reporting massacres, because of the copycat effect?  The US doesn’t accurately report military deaths in action. From 1991 – 2009, there was a ban on photographing flag draped coffins. Why? Because reports of military setbacks and photos of coffins are bad for morale. School massacres are also bad for morale. The national morale. But we don’t ban reports of school massacres.

Read Dr. Makow’s entire article HERE.

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0 responses to “Who's Really to Blame for School Shooting?

  1. The guy who actually did it.

  2. You make a lot of sense. It will never catch on with the government or the media.

  3. Seems too coincidental to be having these shootings when Hillary and Obama are signing UN treaties for gun control. Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayers a communist revolutionary once said that in order to gain control of the US it would be necessary to kill 25 million or so people.

  4. EXCUSE Me?! I’m sorry. being Goth, I wasn’t aware that we were supposed to be satanist.
    Perhaps the person who wrote this should do a LOT more research before blaming a whole subculture.
    Goth is not a satanic, or even violent subculture. It started around the mid 70’s, early 80’s with bands like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and The Banshees, and The Cure. NOTHING to do with shooting up things, eh? Sorry to ruin your expectations of us oh-so-cold-blooded Goths. Yes some of us like the Macabre. But that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. We have a certain sense of aesthetics that we prefer. We dress in dark clothes That doesn’t mean anything. Well, it does mean we like to look pretty while listening to good music.
    Also, just clearing this up real quick, Marilyn Manson is NOT Goth, and has nothing to do with Goth. No heavy metal band is related to the subculture either.
    This was a terrible event. Lets leave subcultures out of this and be mature individuals. eh? Sounds great. Also, Adam Lanza was NOT a Goth.


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