Who, Where are the Sandy Hook wounded?

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Colorado Shooting VictimsAllie Young (l) and Stephanie Davies (r)

The AP photo above is of two young women — best friends — who were in that dark movie theater in Century 16, Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012. Stephanie Davies, 21, had saved 19-year-old Allie Young’s life by applying pressure to Young’s gushing neck wound and helping her to safety. (Source)
There are other photos and accounts of the Aurora wounded, including a follow-up by the Denver Post half a year later, of Caleb Medley, a 23-year-old aspiring comedian who suffered a gunshot wound to the head. Medley was discharged from the University of Colorado Hospital on Sept. 12 and moved to an extended care facility in Denver. On Jan. 23, 2013, Caleb left the rehabilitation center and returned home.
For that matter, three days after the shooting, the media made much of Dark Knight actor Christian Bale visiting the hospital where many of the wounded were being treated. One of the wounded, Carey Rottman, posted on Facebook this photo of himself with Bale at his bedside:

Have you seen any photos or interviews with those wounded in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre?

Why is that?
Not only have I not seen even one media interview or video of Sandy Hook wounded, I can’t even figure out exactly how many and who were wounded. Or how many and who are still hospitalized or had returned home.
According to Wikipedia, at approximately 10:00 a.m. on December 14, 2012, “Danbury Hospital scrambled extra medical personnel in expectation of having to treat numerous victims. Three wounded patients were evacuated to the hospital, where two children were later declared dead. The other was an unidentified adult.”
According to CBS New York, Dec. 14, 2013, “State Police Lt. Paul Vance said 18 children and six adults, including the school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, were pronounced dead at that scene. Two other children later died at the hospital. One other person was injured, Vance said. […] Authorities said there was one survivor, teacher Nancy Hammond, who they hope will be helpful to the investigation.”
CBS New York posted the photo below as that of Nancy Hammond (credit: personal photo):


But according to Wikipedia, it was a “Natalie Hammond, lead teacher in the [staff] meeting room,” who was wounded. Hammond had “pressed her body against the door to keep it closed. Lanza shot Hammond through the door, in her leg and arm. She was later treated at Danbury Hospital.”
Furthermore, “The police reported that a second adult was wounded in the attack, but that individual was not publicly identified.”
Newstimes.com also identifies the wounded teacher as Natalie Hammond: “Hammond was shot in the foot, leg and hand, but managed to crawl to safety behind a door. Lanza then went down the hall to two classrooms, where he killed 20 children and four teachers. Ten minutes later, Lanza fired a bullet into his own head.”
Hammond’s best friend of 22 years is Anika Sonski. Although Sonski had talked with Hammond after the shooting, she said she knows only the barest details of what occurred. “To protect Hammond’s privacy and that of her family,” Sonski will not talk about her wounded friend’s condition, prognosis or where she was being treated. Sonski said Hammond’s “family is in a self-imposed seclusion due to the barrage of media that has surrounded them.”
There you have it:

  • Three (or four) Sandy Hook wounded were taken to hospitals.
  • Two of the wounded were children, but they died. Names unknown.
  • One of the wounded survived — an adult school teacher named Nancy or Natalie Hammond. Age unknown; her whereabouts unknown. I can find no media interview with her.
  • According to one account, a second adult was wounded. Name, age, sex, occupation, whereabouts unknown.

The Sandy Hook wounded are important percipient witnesses to the shooting. Their testimonies can verify whether there was only one gunman or two or more; and whether Adam Lanza was the (or a) shooter.
But the media are not in the least interested in finding and speaking with the wounded, although it would be newsworthy and riveting.
By order of a Connecticut State Superior Court judge, law enforcement’s lips are sealed — for 90 days, until late March 2013. By that time, the already disinterested media will be even less likely to report on what the police know and finally can reveal.
And that may precisely be what government and the media are counting on.

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41 responses to “Who, Where are the Sandy Hook wounded?

  1. more pieces here –
    new information that has been discovered regarding the State Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this insightful post! I have said previously in other comments, why the silence from the date of the alleged incident to the present time? Why have we heard nothing? It is the wounded we should hear from, the percipient witnesses? Nothing, nothing. And frankly, it also seems strange to me that in such an incident, more people were not wounded given Lanza’s alleged multiple shooting.

  3. Interesting…

  4. Great question!
    Not to change the subject but I’m, still looking for those 30 or so Benghazi survivors…Do we know where they are yet? Wouldn’t they be a wealth of information..Last I heard even the congressmen that were investigating couldn’t find em…Let us know if you hear from survivors of either case.
    Lotta holes…Hmmmm
    Well, thanks again for doing so much incredible detective work here Eowyn. Still the best reporting on SH bar none!

  5. It just gets curiouser and curiouser, indeed.

  6. It drives me crazy that the media covered this story night and day for a week,then dropped it like a hot potato. No follow up stories at all!! How long did we hear about Katrina? Months!!!!!

  7. Dr. Eowyn –
    It pleases me that it appears you are beginning to question the “accepted” politically correct story of the [supposed] Sandy Hook shooting massacre. May I encourage you to continue to question. I have, as I authored my 6th web article concerning the “event:”
    “It’s okay to question the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre and call it a hoax::”
    Now, granted, you may not go as far as suggesting that the event was [is] a hoax. But, that’s okay; as long as you keep an open mind and not be one of the millions who (only) believe what they see on Network TV, accepting the media story.
    I am bothered, though, that you would refer to Wikipedia and CBS news in your above article, as though those were untainted sources.
    Thank you for your article. You make your point!
    “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”
    [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel]

    • Gosh, how magnanimous of you to tell me that “it pleases me that it appears you are beginning to question the ‘accepted’ PC story of the Sandy Hook shooting massacre”!
      I’ve only been writing about the anomalies and questioning the official version since Dec. 21, 2012:

      • Dr. Eowyn –
        Thank you for pointing that out. My apologies. You do have a number of articles that do mention the anomalies and question the reported media account. Thank you for all of your efforts, as Americans need to pay attention to other than mainstream media news sources, such as this site.
        I was too quick to take you to task. All I could think of at the time of my comment here, was how this website, apparently took down (deleted) the re-blogged website article of mine which pointed out anomalies and questioned the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre. When that happened, I then deleted the Fellowship of the Minds website link from my home page blog list, that I just recently posted. My reasoning at the time was: “Why should I help promote web reading of Fellowship of the Minds if it is unwilling to acknowledge other sources of web news and commentary; surely they don’t think that they are the only other alternate news source ‘pebble on the beach?'”
        Here, following is that website article:
        Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre: Pictures with captions depict the hoax
        Furthermore, I’m wondering why the aforementioned informational article and link was removed? Should not like (inquiring) minds in the “new media” stick together to help counter balance the corrupt mainstream news media? Why wouldn’t Fellowship of the Minds want another website source to help substantiate its Sandy Hook questioning position? That “questioning position” was [is] another subject of one of my 6 mini commentary articles about the alleged Sandy Hook “affair.”
        Here, is that article for the benefit of everyone, who may feel that they are not normal to question, because they don’t care to be stereotyped as “conspiracy theorists.”
        “It’s okay to question the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre and call it a hoax:”
        Thank you for allowing me to comment on Fellowship of the Minds.
        Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

        • Dear Pastor Bickel:
          It grieves me that you took such umbrage at our pulling the re-blog. But we received email from longtime loyal readers who expressed some misgivings about claims made that may be a tad over-the-top. Until we could look into everyone of them, I thought it best to pull the re-blog.
          No disrespect was intended. Certainly it wasn’t because FOTM doesn’t want “competition.” Good grief. As you can see from the posts LTG and I have done on the Sandy Hook massacre, we are scrupulous in citing our sources (aka “competition”).
          As you put it so well, we need every ally we can find in this political and spiritual battle we’re in. I am immensely honored to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you!
          God Bless,

    • “Some town residents Thursday said they were not concerned that there is a choir of children who are not from Sandy Hook Elementary School representing the town and raising money.”
      So we have a choir, representing itself as students from Sandy Hook, touring the country and raking in money — but the kids in the choir are NOT from Sandy Hook Elementary School! Too funny.
      Thank you, Kathy, for bringing this gem to our attention!

  8. Kudos, Dr. Eowyn, for another intriguing post. I just finished reading thelittlebrother’s link, and feel even MORE confused. Something is terribly wrong on ALL fronts — the event (as spun by the media), the investigation, the victims, the shooter(s) … nothing adds up as it should.

  9. We have heard from no witnesses, not One. Every Single Person who survived was cowering behind a door, etc. (???) Right. I noticed this from day one. And not one person who was shot survived. How convenient.
    I don’t care who Adam was or what was or was not wrong with him. You’d have to be the all-time ice-cold hit man (inhuman AND incredibly skilled) to take out so many people and make sure every one of them was dead (and how would you know? people survive multiple gunshots, including to the head, every day; I work in medicine, I know).
    This REEKS.

  10. Something’s not adding up…

  11. In order to have wounded in the hospital , they must have been wounded to begin with . As far as the theater shooting goes having an “ACTOR ” at somebody’s bedside should make everybody go HMMMMMMMMMMMM. Just another fraud perpetrated upon the sheeple . ………………Tug on them heartstrings , make ’em cry and don’t let a good crisis go to waste !!!!!!!!!!

  12. This entire event seems rather ” movie like”. As I have gone through footage and images of this tragedy a couple things pop out at me. The school had 600 kids, 70 teachers and staff approx. , so with all these people gathering at fire house with relatives, responders, media, neighbors etc. ,there should be around 2000 people. What seems odd to me is that of 2000 people, Robbie Parker, Soto’s sister and the MacDonalds are prominent in footage and were also the ones doing interviews. It just looks like ” the stars” doing a photo shoot. Also, the active shooter drill, Lanza’s arrival and the doors locked all at 9:30. Seems too coincidental that Lanza would show up just as doors locked forcing him to shoot his way into school.

  13. The mainstream news media took particular pains to be sensitive to folks in shock and chaos at SH. Most folks were too traumatized to speak to reporters coherently. Since so much MisInformation was published initially, law enforcement and the courts stepped in to SEAL information published until the investigation is completed. Understand the Ages of these children and that our Government’s job is to Protect children, their privacy and promote well being and potential of every child and SH is a Testimony of the colossal Failure by our Government . Adam Lanza as well as other young shooters were Products of this System of Government and we do need to find out WHY as these shooting incidents and suicides of children and youth are becoming more prevalent.

    • The children. The children.
      Good grief. Nancy or Natalie Hammond is an adult. She is either the sole or one of 2 surviving ADULT Sandy Hook wounded. Don’t use “the children” to excuse the gagging of law enforcement about this massacre.

  14. Dr. E: I talked to a case worker in CT who strongly believes the case worked and Mobile Crisis team dropped the ball and the Dept. of Mental Health Services is under a gag order in Newtown. Lanza should have public acknoledged 3-6-12 months goals and objectives meetings with case and social workers, mgr, shrink, and all ‘collateral contacts’ i.e. mother-father-anyone who was on a list as a c.c.. This has to be OPENED by a Woodward or a Bernstein

  15. Case workers and managers have to see their clients 2x a week minimum, and they could have had Lanza to a shrink in 2 days. Bad behavior is addressed by a mobile unit w/in 5 hours accord to Dave the case mgr.

  16. In an attempt to answer the simple question: Why are the class sizes for the first graders not matching media reports? I found myself once again going down the rabbit hole…
    According to this sandy school site [as of Nov. 2012]: https://www.newtown.k12.ct.us/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=yrE601iIboU=&tabid=3295&mid=39347 [The report was uploaded 12/4/2012]
    According to the records there are five classes of 1st graders (four of nineteen + one of eighteen) another library article also makes
    note of class sizes:
    “Just this year two out of the three preschool classrooms moved to SHS thus upping the school’s enrollment. SHS has always been the largest elementary school in the district although its enrollment numbers are starting to drop along with the other elementary schools. There are 25 classrooms in the school: 2 Preschool, 2 Kindergarten, [b]5 First Grade[/b], 5 Second Grade, 6 Third Grade and 5 Fourth Grade.” https://erinedelia.weebly.com/library-media-center-site-visit.html
    So I then tracked down all of the teachers from the student-handbook plus the apparent current teacher list:
    Vicki Soto, Lauren Rousseau, Amanda D’amato, Vicki(Victoria) Kazlauskas , Kaitlin Roig, Lynn Monahahn and Rachel D’Avino*{Roxanne Melaragno went on to Middle Gate Elementary School in
    Newtown [https://www.connecticutmag.com/Connecticut-Magazine/March-2012/40-Under-40/index.php?cparticle=5&siarticle=4] and Carol Wexlar now teaches second grade.}
    Amanda has very little info. on the web but there is this (**Ms. LaBanca, who lives next-door, said Daniel was in the first-grade class of teacher Amanda D’Amato, who could not be reached for comment.,) but she is here: https://pinterest.com/damato79/ lots of familiar faces on her pin page followers.
    Very little on Vicky as well, but I did run across a really good interview with Pam Midlik, an educational assistant, in her class which also provided an interesting mention of the ***Dad who was there to make ginger-bread houses:
    https://castroller.com/podcasts/Wbur/3173705 (audo)
    https://www.myspace.com/172048097/photos (Pam)
    Teacher records:
    Vicky Kazlauskas 7/1/2007 to 6/30/2015
    Lynn Monahan 7/9/2009 to 7/8/2014
    Kaitlin Roig 10/12/2009 to 10/11/2017
    Vicki Soto 2/21/2011 to 8/31/2013
    Amanda D’amato (records not found)
    Lauren, 30, started working at Sandy Hook Elementary School as a substitute teacher just six weeks ago. Read more:
    *Rachel D’Avino, 29, was a behavioral therapist who had just started working at Sandy Hook Elementary, according to her obituary published in the Waterbury Republican American.
    “Daniel Barden was an active first-grader, a budding athlete who was a member of the swim team and loved to play soccer. He was a “sweet boy,” said Karen LaBanca, whose 8-year-old daughter, Maggie, was friends with 7-year-old Daniel. The two children took the school bus together every day, she said. Ms. LaBanca, who lives next-door, said Daniel was in the first-grade class of teacher Amanda D’Amato, who could not be reached for comment.”
    And another statement regarding D’Amato’s class: “Becky’s son(Chase Kowalski-7) was in Amanda D’Amato’s class and a state trooper told her that the parents for [b]that teacher’s class [/b]should wait in a special room in the rear of the firehouse….(further down article) [i]Especially the ones who were unidentifiable[/i]? Read more: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/bereft-sandy-hook-mom-son-vision-article-1.1224903#ixzz2LzIYohR2
    The above articles are a real puzzler because such details give the distinct impression these two kids were shot in D’Amato’s class? So why report differently a day later?
    Lost in the confusion is the salient fact that the number of kids in the (Two) classes do not match the actual school records. Typical examples:
    “Kaitlin Roig (left), 24, endured a similarly horrifying ordeal. She had been teaching 15 children when the classroom windows shattered.” (4 kids missing from 19?)
    “A friend posted on her Tumblr account a tribute to Soto: “”I talked to Vicki Tuesday and she told me that she loved her 16 angels and never wanted to let them go.”” (7 survived in class, six were shot and six escaped for 19) but she says only 16?
    The numerous ref.’s to 14 coats on the rack for Lauren Rousseau’s class. (So four missing from 18?)
    I have yet to find a single proof positive ref. to any more students other than already listed or pictured, but the school class photo’s are not as definitive as they appear. The Noah Pozner class shot seems to be from the previous year… the second class photo with Soto where she looks much younger, than in many photo’s she appears in on her sisters photo page… [some examples here:
    …but of course that makes no sense at all… there must be a few pieces of the puzzle missing…
    Were there 19 kids in Vicky Kazlauskas and Lynn Monahan’s class?
    So possibly eleven kids went missing where? And what about the dispatch record of finding victims(18) in the kitchen closet? (Lost the link for that one…)
    *** And the dad who was in the hallway(per Pam Midlik,radio interview)
    “So — the very close neighbor of Lanza, Christopher M. Manfredonia, who is an athletic director in a town south of Newtown area, has a father, Frederick A. who is a convicted felon for
    embezzlement. This same Christopher M. is found wandering the woods of Sandy Hook Elementary School at the very time of the massacre. He has a child there, a 6 year old daughter, [b] he claimed he smelled sulfur and saw smoke from the shootings;[/b] he had to have been in close range both physically and temporally to see/smell gun smoke yet he was found in the woods after police did a search.” https://wolfblitzzer0.blogspot.com/2012/12/sandy-hooknewtownchris-manfredonia.html
    If he was in the school and was walking to the cafeteria why did he not try to protect his own child? Why did he run away from her class? There has to be some better answers to these simple questions, but if nobody asks, then nobody will ever have to answer them and justice will not prevail.
    How very odd indeed the authorities themselves are ignoring the consequences of their own fabrications.

  17. Some more fact checking helped to clarify a few important points on that mornings activities…
    Lynn is Carolyn aka Mrs. Monohan, who is the only teacher of the 1st grade to continue her newsletters to the present. From Dec. 7th:
    “Thank you! Don’t forget – everything is due this coming Monday, Dec. 10th. This will allow enough time for me to make individual kits for the children. Construction is set for Friday morning December 14th at 9:45 in our classroom and should last for about an hour and a half. ” [She was the ginger-bread teacher… ]
    She is the only one listing class size:
    We have 16 children in our class: 8 boys and 8 girls.
    Miss Kazlauskas adds this to her FAQ’s page: The official school day begins at 9:05am with the morning announcements and pledge. She never up-dated her FAQ page for the 2012-13 school year, just says: 2012-2013 Coming Soon! But she kept up her newsletters until Nov. 30th 2012 and no mention of making the g-houses.
    Mrs. D’Amato no FAQ’s page and only one Sept. newsletter.
    Miss Roig no FAQ’s page and her newsletters stopped May 21st 2012.
    MIss Roig 15 students by media accounts only.
    Miss Kazlauskas no student count.
    Miss Soto 16 students by posted friend, but 19 by media accounts.
    No info period on Miss Rousseau, and a problem: Who she was actually substituting for? By media accounts 16 (15 victims+ one survivor, but 2 rushed to hospital so 14 in classroom.)
    Carolynn Monohan by her account 15 students.
    Mrs D’Amato no media or school record available.
    By teacher accounts 46 kids, leaving 19 each for remaining classes, but the official records say 94 possibly leaving 10 kids un-accounted for by school records. Because of this confusion, is this why, on the first day an entire class of kindergartens was reported as missing? Or were they padding the enrollment records?
    A detective arriving on the scene just had to take a look at the morning roll-call to know which students were there that morning. This would also include the teacher as well. There was never a good reason for not knowing from the first minutes the facts in regards to who the victims were and whose class so WHY did this simple matter become a mystery riddle?
    There are only four teachers listed, so why was there six teachers for only four classes? Why is there a discrepancy between the Newtown official class sizes, library reports and teacher class records? Why did they need a substitute teacher? Why did they scrub Miss Soto’s web page? She was listed as an intern the year before in the student handbook for the 2010-2011 school year. There were six teachers for that school year as listed. Why was the current student handbook removed as well?
    If two students died in D’Amatos class and this was mis-reported on purpose by officials… why was this decision made? How can the other kids in her class not know a gunman killed their fellow classmates? Is this why she refuses to speak on the record? What are they really hiding? Did 18 kids die in a kitchen closet or not?
    If somebody has better answers… by all means post them.
    Maybe somebody killed those kids with an over-dose of Red-Devil kool-aide in the cafeteria and somebody else shot them up until they were no longer identifiable. Maybe Lanza left his calling card on the 10th… no matter how you may want to spin the story the facts do not add up.

  18. With all the info. on the table, so to speak, it is now a logical deduction that Miss Rousseau was substituting for Mrs. D’Amato. Just how long Rousseau had been subbing for D’Amato is not clear and thanks to a total absence of class information from that day or before, people are left to guessing for answers.
    The class pictures are another problem. I call this the stub problem. The initial narrative had the shooting in the kindergarten classes. The class pictures are of the kids from that year not this one. The class photo for Soto does not have 19 kids and the D’Amato class picture has the same problem with an extra twist… all of the children are victims except the girl in the middle…. however this is a photo from the year before… the rest of the classmates are simply not here. Between the two photo’s the number of missing kids is ten.
    When the narrative abruptly changed the original story was stranded right along with the photographic elements which these two pictures represent. Just as the Red Devils news flash became stranded when the actions did not occur (on the tenth?) these class pictures became stranded as well…. so they were passed along to the public as the last best group shots and never mind the incongruities especially for the Parker girl Emily.
    The proof that this is indeed some kind of foul hoax is right there, but thanks to the usual counter-Intel. actions swirling around the media, the finer points are lost in a deluge of false, ambiguities blotting out the ones far more important. WHY did this attack HAPPEN at all?
    There are some interesting contextual meanings with “red devil” as associated with Adam Lanza. A slang term for for the drug Seconal- a barbiturate and cough syrup pills. There is a old movie called “red devils” which is about enemies coming together for mutual survival. Adam playing his “joke” on his one friend a Red title Devil…. his own nickname…. maybe his mom called him her little red devil due to his red hair and antics…. the comic book “Red Devil (Edward Alan “Eddie” Bloomberg), formerly known as Kid Devil, was a superhero in the DC Comics universe” all of these are examples of what might have meant something to Adam, or suggest connections to him.
    Did his father or mother have a Bloomberg terminal?
    Secret Libor Transcripts Expose Trader Rate-Manipulation
    Dec 13, 2012 – The scandal demonstrates the failure of London’s two-decade experiment with light-touch … the Libor figures as “divorced from reality,” saying in a Bloomberg Television interview that firms … Services Authority, which published the e- mail following its investigation of the bank’s role. ….. Bloomberg Terminal. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-13/rigged-libor-with-police-nearby-shows-flaw-of-light-touch.html
    I never would have found this story if I had not been looking for some kind of tie-in to the red devil news page that actually made some sense. Now ask the question of what was really going on behind the scenes and why computers had to be smashed up, a woman is murdered violently in her own bed and a 110 pound male went into a school and committed an atrocity so evil it cannot be properly investigated.
    This is a “Red Devil” case indeed!

  19. The 2nd wounded adult is Deborah Pisani. Her name became possible to deduce when her son, Justin Craparo, signed a public letter to Governor Malloy as “Justin Craparo, son of wounded teacher.” Deborah Pisani appears as a kindergarten educational assistant in a 2010-2011 Sandy Hook School handbook.

  20. So we have Deborah Pisani (who was shot in the foot) and treated at the Bridgeport Hospital, and we’ve got the vice principal Natalie Hammond (who was shot in the leg, arm and foot (and subsequently treated at the Danbury Hospital). Those are the two injured adults?

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