Who says being a mother is easy?

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Human moms have it good compared to opossums!
By my count, this poor little opossum has at least 10 babies clinging to her.

Joan once saw a similar sight on her porch: a little mommy opossum carrying a load of babies. She looked so tired! 🙂

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0 responses to “Who says being a mother is easy?

  1. Ohhhh, so adorable!!!

  2. Thank you Dr.Eowyn for this adorable post! Yes, I saw such a mommy possum as well with all of her children. I was stunned because I have never ever seen such an animal with so many babies, and I had never seen a possum before either! It was then that I started to put food out for the mommie and her little family, and I have been doing that ever since. I have possums that come to my deck and eat food out of the baskets that I have outside. I never get tired of watching them eat!

  3. LOL – Down here in Georgia, that would make a lot of possum stew. 😉

  4. We need to take notes….she actually PROVIDES for her OWN! She doesn’t expect anyone else to… 😀 !

  5. She wasn’t very happy with the came man.

  6. Poor oppossum… 10at a time… wow…


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