Who on “our side” stayed home yesterday?

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Despite both media and personal FOTM eye-witness reports of very long lines in many polling places yesterday, we are told that voter turnout in the 2012 presidential election was 13 million fewer than in 2008.

Mitt Romney won 3 million votes less than John McCain in 2008, while Obama lost 10 million votes of his own from 2008.

Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz asks “So where did those 3 million McCain voters go?”

They surely didn’t vote for Obama yesterday.

DuJan writes, “The only thing I can think of is this.” Either Ron Paul supporters sat the election out because of what happened in the Republican National Convention between Romney’s people and Paul’s delegates, and/or Evangelicals went through with their threat to sit home because Romney is a Mormon.

Certainly Ron Paul never gave Mitt Romney his endorsement. In fact, on election day yesterday, Paul’s website actively sought to discourage Paulists from voting by publishing his essay, “Ron Paul: No Difference Between Obama and Romney“.

As for the Evangelicals, did many stay home in spite of Christian evangelist Bill Graham’s full-page ad in the New York Times endorsing Romney?

DuJan is incredulous: “And these two groups thought allowing Obama to have a second term was worth sitting home. Is that what happened? I never thought that was a realistic possibility because I can’t imagine ever allowing the Left to not just maintain power but actually expand their reach…but that’s what happened last night.”

What I do know is that I haven’t seen “dan,” a Ron Paul supporter and longtime regular FOTM commenter, come on FOTM for many weeks now. His last comment was on October 9, 2012, nearly a month ago. And as late as yesterday morning, a commenter who calls himself Joe had voiced his misgivings about voting for Romney because of the latter’s Mormon “polytheism.”

UPDATE (Nov. 8, 2012):

What some commenters to this post wrote, as well as an essay by self-described Ron Paul follower, financial consultant Ron Holland of The Daily Bell, make clear that indeed Paul cultists should be partly held responsible for “our side” losing this election. Here’s what Holland wrote:

“…the GOP leadership antagonized the 10 percent of the Republican Party electorate who supported Ron Paul for President. Of course, the establishment is still deathly scared of the Ron Paul movement and their harsh treatment and the subsequent blowback on November 6 guarantees any discussion here will be verboten and seldom mentioned for obvious reasons. While some voted for Romney, a few – as the returns show – voted third-party and many like me just sat home on election day disgusted at the entire political charade. Romney lost because he needed a majority of this 10 percent to win yet those controlling his campaign simply threw this voting block away because it threatened powerful central banking, neocon and moneyed interests supporting the GOP.”

As if all that was at stake in this election is central banking. You Ron Paul cultists make me sick. By staying home on election day, you helped reelect the devil — the most pro-abortion president in the history of U.S.A.

Update (Nov. 9, 2012):

Evangelical Christians did not stay home on Nov. 6. They turned out for Mitt Romney in even larger numbers than they did in 2008 for John McCain. See my post, “Evangelicals and faithful Catholics came through for Romney.


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0 responses to “Who on “our side” stayed home yesterday?

  1. What a foolish thing to do…staying home because Romney is a Mormon! These RINOs who sat this one out better not complain when 0bama further destroys the nation. AT LEAST I GOT OUT AND VOTED! I’ve had enough of 0 and Joey “Big Birdbrain” Biden. Now it’s time to speak out and go after the Senate Seat again.

    • I said I was going to sit out this election but, I re-registered in my new home State of North Carolina as Non-Affiliated and voted for Romney…. The Lesser of Two Evils…. Obama Should Have Never Been on the Ballots in 2008 for President in the first place….
      Since Congress Refuses to Do Their Constitutional Duty, I Exersized Mine, to try to Remove Obama……
      Voter Fraud is part of Both Parties, and Banging on our Highchairs about the Democrats doing it will Never change things…… Only A Path to A Constitutional way of Electing Representatives and Those that are Elected to Realilizing They are the Subordinate to Us, Not We to Them… Then and Only Then will things start to change.
      Oops; Too Late…..

  2. Preachers around here….and my own uncle(a baptist minister in a big city)….were preaching from the pulpit to vote for Romney. Most Christians surely agree that voting for a good and decent man is better than voting for an evil man.

    We must remember that The LORD can do miraculous things through any man if it is in HIS plan.

    I am afraid the nation picked the bumpiest path instead of The LORD’S easy path intended for us. Just like the Israelites wandering around in the desert for 40 years…we will still get to where The LORD intended but not without the consequences of choices made. We are in HIS hands!

  3. Doc-

    I am praying for you and love you!

    Your Sister in CHRIST

    • Thank you, dear Miranda. I sure can use and am very grateful for your prayers.

      I love you, my dear sister in Christ! I hope the “little one” is doing well inside Mommy. 😀

      • He is doing fabulous! He just kicks up a storm. I am HUGE with this one! (oh-well) 😀 I feel truly Blessed!

        To be honest though I am scared for my children’s future…

    • liar—mormons are not part of christendom and thats why he lost–republicans such as myself sat out–i don’t believe a word about your uncle

      • I am mystified about your comment that Mormons are not part of Christendom??? The name under which their church is incorporated is . . . “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.” That seems very odd, if indeed they do not follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Perhaps you need to look into things at greater debth, before you cast someone off as being the “devil’s spawn.” It just goes to show . . . when we have an ignorant electorate, be they democrats or republicans–we get stuck with someone like Obama! Shame! Shame! Shame on you!

  4. i stayed home myself yesterday. Just like back in 2008 i didn’t get that feeling of history being made, nor did i feel the need like so many of my naive brothers and sisters to make sure Obama gets 4 more years

    • It strikes me as sad that one would do this! I for one consider it a privilege to vote! Other citizens in other countries literally die to cast votes!!!

  5. let’s let the dust settle some, I think there is alot of information yet to come. Allen West is demanding a re-count, I wished Romney would not of conceded yet with all the reports of voter fraud. Actually, the election should have never went forward in the first place with obama in there. Everyone in D.C. is still going around that great big elephant in the room, like nothing here to see. We cannot lose sight of the Constitution,like they want us to. Something or many somethings, is not right. I don’t think any politician can fix this mess.

  6. I agree with Ron Paul, there is really no difference between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, I really understand why black people stay at the bottom in America and most of the world. BLACK PEOPLE ARE EASIER TO FOOL OR THAN A KID BELIEVING IN SANTA CLAUS!! HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR VIEW!

  7. please. you are not correct.
    this was about NOT voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

    Romney voted for NDAA, was full-tilt Agenda 21, the original author of obamacare & was only prolife as it suited his agenda.
    the mormons believe that Jesus & satan are BROTHERS!!! are you comfortable w/that?

    “what happened in the Republican National Convention ” exposed Romney as being just as corrupt as Soetoro.

    “The LORD’S easy path intended for us.”
    No, our master said “take up your cross & follow me.”

    Our Lord is bigger than our politics.
    God is in control of ALL things.
    Some of us said ‘no more’, & threw ourselves at God’s feet & voted His will, commandments & ‘TRUE PROLIFE’!!

    P.S. the photo of Dr. Paul is sheer spin.

    • You just confirmed Kevin DuJan’s speculation. In the 4 years to come, as things get worse and worse in America, I hope you’ll stay self-satisfied with having kept your precious “purity” on Nov. 6, 2012.

      P.S. Your ENTIRE comment is sheer spin.

    • “P.S. the photo of Dr. Paul is sheer spin.” Well then, why don’t you sit and spin, traitor! You are a bigoted sell out!

    • Little Brother-
      I totally agree…Our LORD is far bigger than our politics and that The LORD is in control of ALL things.

      When I said “The LORD’S easy path for us” I was referring to our entire nation…not unlike the Israelites. (I also did not mean just this election but many times in our history.) The LORD knows everything before it even happens. He knew exactly what we needed as a nation to turn us (our nation) back to him. There were Godly men and women among the others just like there are today (Moses, Joshua, Caleb for example). And I agree 100% we are called to take up our cross and follow HIM always through the good times and through the bad.

      The LORD used the 40 yrs in the desert to “polish” HIS own followers as well, was my point. Even Moses…a man who spoke to The LORD….had issues with anger till the very end. The LORD knew which path we would choose…it is all in HIS timing. Like the Israelites though if they had chosen to not turn from HIM they would have reached the Promised Land much sooner. The LORD knew before it even happened that they would turn from HIM.

      HE loves us so much that we still have the gift of choice.

      And when I said “The LORD can do Miraclous things through any man if it is in HIS plans” I was simply saying that The LORD can harden or unharden even Obama’s heart when HE so chooses. Just like when HE warned Moses that HE would harden the pharaoh’s own heart so every one could witness HIS miracles.

      • I also meant HE could work through Romney as well…and if it had been up to me I would have prefer HIM work through Romney but it was not up to me.

        I did what I felt The LORD led me to do and that was vote for Romney.

        • Although I was a Ron Paul supporter, I voted for Romney too.

          Because I followed the primary process state by state, I watched the state and county Republican party officials in the Romney camp deliberately undermined/intimidated supporters and delegates of other candidates.

          This is NOT the way to grow a political party!

          In Washingtoun State, Republican party officials locked out caucus goers, shut down caucuses and had non-Romney supporters arrested.

          Aside from another 4 more years of Obama, yesterday the progressive Democrat won the Governorship, Gay marriage and recreational marijuana use was made legal. If the Republican Party had played fair, would the outcome be the same?

    • Can you please tell me what religion the pos religion is? And didn’t the pos change his views to reach for votes?! Take off your rose color glasses!!! And the sites you listed support such a tilted view of Mormonism I won’t even waste my valuable time. You can spin any religion jerk!! Go spew elsewhere!!

    • Well! Well! Well! Now that you say it . . . since we are all brothers and sisters (children of the same Eternal Father.) Why would you get your panties in a bunch at the thought that Jesus Christ and Lucifer are also sons of the same Eternal Father?? I think you need to spend some time really “thinking” about life. Hells Bells! We’re also related to Judus (of the 20 pieces of silver fame.) I for one would like to “divorce” some of my more unsavory brothers and sisters!

  8. Or……..the vote was rigged. No conspiracy theorist here…….but we all seem to be struggling with this issue in one way or another…just say’in.

  9. Well . . . Hadn’t we better stipulate what precisely is meant by “evangelical” or by “christian” for that matter? Jesus said that his followers “ARE” -not “should be” or “could be” – but “ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH” (Mt. 5:13)
    “Salt,” as was well known by 1st century folk, is a preservative. So if you have an average of 25-to-75 percent ratio of salt to meat, shouldn’t this be sufficient for the latter’s sustenance and preservation? Either “the salt has lost it’s savor” in a really big way, or there’s some anomalous white stuff hanging around the meat house merely masking itself as salt! . . . As all the young people put. . . “jus’ sayin”

  10. Posted a comment about 30 minutes ago. What happened?

  11. I just posted this over at NB:

    Assuming the mysterious Spanish owners of the voting machines didn’t up and erase or change a large chunk of republican votes (and I’m not saying they didn’t), then the only other possibility is that more conservatives stayed home with Mitt RINOmney on the ballot than even with McRINO on the ticket in ’08.

    Which suggests to me there are a lot of stoopid conservatives out there who just do not get what the reelection of this Kenyan fraud is going to mean for what used to be known as America.


  12. didn’t Allen West have some of his votes disappear?
    Maybe I don’t see a full picture of the country from where I sit, but I was so encouraged that Romney would win, after seeing all the people that turned out to hear him speak. What really happened yesterday? Were the swing states voting machines manipulated? We know the dems cheat every election,(because they accuse us of cheating) but it is usually nickel and dime stuff, did they figure out how to steal a presidential election?
    West is asking the courts to seize the voting machines and records, maybe he will find out what happened. What kind of people elected Allen Grayson again?

    Something just smells rotten in Denmark…

  13. I too am stymied! When FOX was projecting Ohio they showed a clip of sheeples still counting votes! However, they didn’t appear to be counting and they were predominantly black! When I saw this my heart sank!

  14. We told you so. The base got sick and tired of the pattern of RINOs being shoved down their throat and finally gave up.

    Will the RINO pushers learn anything? Nah.

    As evil and stupid as the dems are, they at least know enough not to alienate your base. Most swing voters simply don’t pay attention, but the base does… they notice when they’re being slapped in the face over and over by a leadership that refuses to fix the open primary problem.

    • Well, aren’t you just precious, TOLDYA. Because you were peeved that you hadn’t been treated “properly,” you just helped reelect Satan. You must be so proud.

      • ***I*** didn’t do anything. Inhale. I’m telling you why people stayed home. If you want to repeat history, please ignore or misrepresent what I’m telling you.

        You don’t have to lose a large percentage of your base to kill your election chances.

        • I stand by what I wrote to you. You Ron Paul people are cultists. It’s your guy or America can go to hell. Just remember that whatever happens to America affects you too. Bothell, Washington, will be no refuge from the coming storm.

    • Yep, hard to alienate your base when you give them free stuff.

  15. Here’s what I don’t understand. Early in the election, Republican poll watchers (court appointed) were thrown out of DOZENS of precincts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, both battleground states. They were not re-admitted until someone went to court, found a judge, and got a court order to let them back in. That took time. Plenty of time. Enough time to stuff ballot boxes. What perplexes me is, the same thing happened in ’08; so WHY DID THESE POLL WATCHERS EVER LEAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE?? If it had been me, it would have been over my dead body…seriously. I would have had my camera phone out filming the whole thing, right up to the point where they shot me or beat me to death, because it’s that important. Instead, they just LEFT. Didn’t they get fair warning this would happen? Are they that STUPID? Or are they part of a bigger picture? It makes no sense at all.

  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. If we lost the election because three million Republicans stayed home and didn’t vote, in part due to religious differences and in part to being for Ron Paul or for other reasons, laziness, or whatever, I have absolutely no respect for you whatsoever-you people who stayed home who should have voted for Gov. Romney. You let the Democrats win, the party that eliminated God from their platform, electing a narcissist king who is a rabid abortion supporter, partial birth abortions included and who voted against the Born Alive Protection Act, notwithstanding all of his other evil practices. Shame on you those of you who stayed home! As for Ron Paul, he demonstrated clearly that he does not love his country, because if he did, he would have endorsed Romney in any event so that this country would not be destroyed.

    However, if we lost because of voting machine fraud or other types of fraud, then I am not surprised given the evil practices of the Democratic party and this narcissistic king. There is another thing that has been bothering me ever since she said it: Hillary Clinton guaranteed that Obama was going to win and I saw her say it and I watched her face. It was as though she knew something that we didn’t know. After Romney lost, I again thought of what she said, further verifying the possibility that cheating and fraudulent behavior was planned.

  17. I read that there were 325,000 ballots that remain to be counted as of today in Ohio! I read it at Cincinnati.com – which is a local newspaper I follow (the Enquirer)…..

    • I live in Clermont county in Ohio and there was a lot of enthusiasm for Romney & Ryan! They had victory centers here and my husband campaigned tor them!!! I know there are several counties that are coal country and they apparent went for them! When we early voted here we voted on a paper ballot which was then sealed then handed in!! I thought “How archaic.” Where do go from here and what can we do as citizens? Still praying. ….

  18. I am freaking out because I have never been one to go for conspiracy stuff but every bone in my body tells me that something is desperately wrong with the vote count. I can’t get it out of my mind. No matter how many Ron Paul supports or Gary Johnson voters there were, there is NO WAY Romney got fewer votes than McCain. Another never before seen fact: no other president has ever won a second term with FEWER votes than he received the first election. And Obama wasn’t down a few million, he was down by TEN. This smells to high heaven. Please tell me I’m out of my mind so that I can go back to living in an America I recognize.

    • You are not crazy. And your America may never look the same, unfortunately. When socialized medicine kicks in and massive taxes come, we will not be the same. Too many moochers that now outnumber us.

  19. I remember hearing that many Evangelicals voted for Clinton’s second term. Looks similar now.

    Extremely disappointed,


  20. Staying home is not an option. If you don’t vote, you don’t count. Period.

    For the first 20 years of my adult life, I voted for Libertarians. People told me I was throwing my vote away, but I couldn’t get myself to vote for neocons. Then in 2010 something wonderful happened: the emergence of the Tea Party movement. Finally, true libertarian constitutional conservatives had a voice in the Republican party.

    Although the GOP is still full of America-hating liberals (please die in a car fire, Mr. Boehner) we patriots are closer to having true representation. Let’s focus on exterminating the communists from *both* parties: from the democrats by voting for republicans, and from the republicans by voting in our primaries and making our voices heard.


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