Who is this man, Obama?

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The vetting of Obama which the media deliberately neglected to do in 2008 is being done by the alternative media.
Andrew Breitbart left us videos of Obama’s past, the first of which was released two days ago, showing Obama extolling a virulent black racist Derrick Bell as a “great man.”
Now, Dr. Dinesh D’Souza makes a case for Barack Obama being the son of his (purported) father, Barack Obama Sr. — that is, an angry anti-colonialist man who hates America and the West.
The clue is the very title of Obama’s autobiography, Dreams From My Father. It’s not a book about the dreams of his father, but a book about how his dreams are from, that is the same as, his father’s.
And Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a socialist, West-hating, anti-colonialist Kenyan.
Obama is not an “ordinary” Democrat who wants to redistribute income and wealth in America. Obama is an out-of-the-ordinary Democrat who hates the West and Western civilization, and means to realign — debase — America’s place in the world.


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0 responses to “Who is this man, Obama?

  1. D’Souza does not know what he is talking about and is no authority on Barack’s father. I read his book and it’s full of c**p. A much better book on Obama senior is The Other Barack by Sally H. Jacobs.

  2. walthe310-hmm,you know what disgusts me? you are old enough to know better. Straighten up.

  3. He is with the ‘right’ camp as his words define him. Leave him to the racists uh I mean democrat traitors. They have all been dumbed down.

  4. Good job E….since the SRM won’t do their job, we must expose Skippy for what he is.

  5. only three words are needed, obama must go ,

  6. https://blackobama.beep.com
    President Obama does not go to church, neither his family. Although he says he is a true Christian and he prays in every morning and every evening.
    He never stated that to which Confession he belongs, however he attended in numerous confession’s church.
    His father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Musulman, born in Kenya, Africa, so along the rules of the Islam Obama Jr. is a Musulman too.
    Obama says he has a Christian faith, but the religions doesn’t play serious role in his life.
    He always mentioned this state during the election campaign.
    Formally he is a member of the United Church of Christ Confession, but he never attends to worship and doesn’t participate in the church life


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