Who is the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights?


This is my question after reading the jaw dropping line on Drudge: UN Condemns Israel for Not Sharing Iron Dome Tech…


The UN’s top human rights official again condemned Israel for its military actions to stop Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, accusing the Jewish state of “deliberately defying International Law… in a way that may constitute war crimes. Navi Pillay told reporters following yet another “emergency” meeting of the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council that Israel was not doing enough to protect civilians… …Israel’s refusal to share its Iron Dome ballistic missile defense shield with the “governing authority” of Gaza – i.e. Hamas…
Read the Breitbart article here at https://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/07/31/UN-Condemns-Israel-s-Latest-War-Crime-Not-Sharing-Iron-Dome-with-Hamas

 So who is this brilliant luminary, Navi Pillay?

Here’s the puff piece on the UN website describing their “High Commissioner for Human Rights.” To understand it, I’ve excerpted a couple of telling clues:

Navanethem Pillay

https://www.ohchr.org/en/aboutus/pages/highcommissioner.aspx The appointment of Navi Pillay as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was approved by the General Assembly on 28 July 2008…

What follows is carefully crafted puff. If you want to read it, just click on the link. 

…She co-founded Equality Now

an organization that is working to legalize abortion worldwide. Success in Nepal: The Decriminalization of Abortion

…She also holds a Master of Law and a Doctorate of Juridical Science from Harvard University

…hmmmmmm. Who else do we know who majored in Law at Harvard, hates Israel and loves abortion?

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is cut from the same cloth as our own Barack Hussein Obama. This fact will comfort some people, but chill others.  I don’t have the time to dig for more information, but we now know that she drinks from a polluted stream, like most Harvard alumni.  ~ TD

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Dr. Eowyn

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights co-founded Equality Now, an organization that is working to legalize abortion worldwide, i.e., the worldwide killing of human beings in their mothers’ wombs.
I don’t think even George Orwell anticipated this level of diabolical twisted use of the English language.


Amazing! Great post, TD! What a sick and twisted world we live in.


Only in a progressive’s mind should one country be forced to share its military technology with an enemy. The mental gymnastics required to think this way is mind boggling.


Does it matter? The UN is an impotent organization whose members are made up of about 80% of the countries who vote against U.S. Interests.
When countries like Libya were in charge of human rights what did they do.
How many Muslim countries are in the UN? The question should be, why do we continue to fund them, and why don’t we remove them offshore to Kenya.
Remember so called diplomats are basically spies or conduits there of.


Really? them not sharing some stupid little technology is whats considered a crime here? I shouldn’t expect anything actually indicative of making the whore of babylon/oholibah pay for her actual crimes though, especially since the U.N. also is fixing on making “sexual rights” for children, thus showing they both serve the same woeful and lowly boss, that is, the devil.
The complaint they “aren’t sharing” is about as childish as it gets… besides china already stole the plans for it, or so I heard. Although I don’t see why china would want said plans.


And yet, we give more money to the UN than anyone. What a waste of much need money. We need to withdraw from the UN and kick them out of the US.
Remember this is the organization that one time had a sex trade crime going on.
We almost lost our Treaty of the Sea rights to them also.


Saw this other tidbit on Pillay: “She found that the combination of decades of Israeli occupation, the use of force against Palestinians by Israel, the different forms of resistance used by Palestinians against such use of force and the patriarchy prevailing in Palestinian society expose women to a continuum of violence in all spheres of life.”


More “Level the playing field” mentality. The UN is a hopeless waste and should be abolished now!