Who is the one that is "out of touch"?

George Clooney to Appear at Mega-Dollar Obama Fundraisers in Geneva

Hollywood Reporter:  George Clooney has signed on for another special guest appearance as the Barack Obama re-election campaign takes its summer fundraising tour across the Atlantic in pursuit of Euro-cash.

The Obama campaign posted an invitation on its website Friday revealing that the presidential pal-in-chief will appear at a pair of Americans Abroad for Obama events Aug. 27 in Geneva, Switzerland. Clooney, who usually spends summers at his villa on Italy’s Lake Como, made a similar appearance across the Swiss border on behalf of then-candidate Obama during the run-up to the 2008 general election.

Charles Adams, co-president of the campaign’s European outreach effort, told the newspaper Tribune de Geneve that Clooney will address a crowd of about 150 at an evening reception, which will be followed by a more intimate — and expensive — dinner at which the star will be the guest of honor. Tickets for the latter event will go for $20,000 for singles and $30,000 for couples.
Meanwhile, the Continental branch of the Obama fundraising effort will kick off next week in Paris with an Independence Day reception at the Rosenbloom Collection on the chic Rue du Chevaleret. Organizers Forrest Alogna, Pamela Boulet, Zachary James Miller, Valerie Picard, Joe Smallhoover and Curtis Young will host an early-evening event whose ticket prices range from $250 to $1,500.
On July 12, Alogna, Miller and Picard will host a slightly more exclusive 6:15 p.m. reception at a Paris site yet to be announced. That event will feature former Secretary of the Navy and Rand Corp. heavy Richard Danzig as guest of honor. Tickets are set to range from $750 to $5,000.
So Romney had a past Swiss bank account that libs claimed put him out of touch with average Americans.  Yet our President panders with megastar Clooney for European cash and plans to spend the Fourth of July in Paris.  Out of touch indeed.

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Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Wide Open

I thought during the Clinton years, Congress passed a law (back when Congress actually did something) that said presidential candidates can’t accept money from foreigners.


Obama got money from foreigners last time around too. Remember the Palestinian youth manning the computer banks in so called Palestine?


The European fundraising efforts are exclusively with American living abroad, not foreigners….Rules are strict and Obama and DNC are diligent in all fundraising efforts abroad. So before you comment, get your facts straight! Why shouldn’t Americans living abroad have a say in who represents our country and defends our politics abroad…we are directly affected!

Dr. Eowyn

“Rules are strict”
Sure. The “rules” are so “strict” that Mickey Mouse donated $2,000 to the POS’s 2008 campaign: