Who is the HIV-infected promiscuous "superstar" who's had Hollywood in a panic?

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It’s Charlie Sheen.
See “Charlie Sheen admits he has HIV; women lining up to sue
Hollywood anonymous
11 days ago, Radar Online broke the story of a rumor sweeping Hollywood that a highly promiscuous actor described as a “world famous superstar” is HIV-positive.
According to Radar Online’s Nov. 2, 2015 article, “Hollywood Superstar’s Desperate Battle With AIDS Revealed,” “multiple informed sources” confirmed that the actor has been diagnosed with HIV, but he is hiding it from the world, “terrified his fans will turn against him” although he had known about his HIV for at least two years and had “confided this medical bombshell to friends as far back as October 2014.”
Without treatment, the average survival time after an individual has been infected with HIV is 9 to 11 years. In the case of this actor, Radar Online says he has so far been successfully treated with an “AIDS Cocktail” of high-powered drugs to counteract the effects of the disease, including the medications Truvada and Isentress.
Today, the Daily Mail reports that a porn “star” who had “slept with” this actor claims he’s had sex with at least 50 porn actresses and transsexuals, and she fears an “epidemic” of HIV as a result of his promiscuity. He may face lawsuits from several women.
In other words, if it weren’t for the power of the gay mafia, this would be a major public health issue. Instead, the news outlets that have reported this are being excoriated for “fear-mongering” and “perpetuating the stigma surrounding HIV”.
So who is the man?
Here are some clues.
Radar Online describes him as:

  • a “famous actor,” a “superstar,” a “megastar”
  • “middle-aged”
  • highly promiscuous (“decades of debauchery,” “playboy lifestyle”)
  • indulges in “a dangerous lifestyle” of high-risk behaviors with few precautions against AIDS — those of “one-night stands,” sex with prostitutes, tattoos and injecting drugs.
  • He has spent an elaborate fortune to secure the silence of his sexual partners — and others — who later discovered his HIV status.
  • He had vowed to stop being promiscuous and tried settling down with his then-romantic interest. But that relationship did not last, and he’s returned to his old ways.
  • He is “tortured” by the thought that he will be remembered as having HIV instead of as “a great actor,” “his acting genius” forgotten.
  • Depressed by his HIV, he’s gone “into seclusion at his home — rarely going out in public” but still parties “night and day in a bid ‘to numb’ the pain.” Some sources said he has continued to be promiscuous. One source told Radar Online, “It could well be a public health hazard.”

Daily Mail describes him as:

  • Throwing “drug-fueled parties” with porn stars present.
  • The porn actress who spoke to Daily Mail claims he is bi-sexual because he “would pay girls to bring him transsexuals to have sex with”.

The Sun describes him as having “a long list of celebrity exes,” including “an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a glamour model”.
So who is he?
A website called RumorFix wouldn’t name names, but gave these initials of actors who are rumored: C.S., S.P., C.F., R.D.J., J.N., E.M., L.D., S.M., T.C., V.M.
My guess would be Charlie Sheen, except I don’t consider him to be a “megastar,” nor can I think of any of his exes who’s “an award-winning actress” or “a religious movie star”.

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0 responses to “Who is the HIV-infected promiscuous "superstar" who's had Hollywood in a panic?

  1. I heard Charlie Sheen too…

  2. This is so awful; when individuals turn away from the instructions that the Lord gave about keeping sex between men and women who are married to one another–and no other. When we do not adhere to this health law which was given to us to protect us and ensure long healthy lives, then we may reap the whirlwind of disease and misery. God did not zap his children with this curse out of hatred, it is simply a natural consequence of not adhering to divine laws which were given to us. My heart sorrows for all the unintentional victims which have been caught up in this maelstrom. It is better, even if it is not fashionable, to advise everyone you love–young or old to practice abstinence–unless you are married.

  3. Sorry I guess I wasn’t through. This is a great post, and most timely. I had noticed that Charlie Sheen doesn’t have the look of one who is well, not that this indicates that he is the one who is referred to in this article. There may be numerous people who are HIV, or STD carriers in the entertainment world.

  4. my $ on Leonardo

  5. A homosexual with AIDS will drain at least $618,000.00 from the Social Security Trust fund from its time of diagnosis to its time of expiration. Why are these creatures eligible for free health care? Why don’t they finance their diseases out of the Freddy Mercury / Elton John Foundation?

  6. Tough call….so many in Hollyweird are freaks. Sean Penn might be my guess.

  7. what about Kevin Costner

  8. I don’t want to ‘guess’ because that wouldn’t be fair, let alone Christian. However, I’m not sure why this would surprise anyone at all.
    ‘Holy wood’ is a cesspool of masonry; masonry is judaic; judaism is talmudism; talmudism is self-worship; self-worship is paganism.
    “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”—-Rabbi Isaac Wise.

    • “I don’t want to ‘guess’ because that wouldn’t be fair, let alone Christian.”
      Then you proceeded to slander all of Hollywood, including the Catholic Jim Caviezel, as masonic and Jew. That’s so “fair” and “Christian” of you! Too funny.

    • “stlonginus” You are very busy trolling this blog lately. Your intent seems to me to be malicious.

  9. Whomever he may be, he’d better get to a Catholic priest promptly. And people in everyday life had better wake up and be celibate. It CAN be done.

  10. Remember when Kevin Spacey was “robbed “in a NYC park where homos congregate? Could be he… been rumors for years.

  11. I am surprised it has not been in a panic for a long time. It matches world sleepwalking in the face of jihad.

  12. Sheen is a good guess, but I immediately thought Leonardo. Or, it could be someone completely not on the radar.
    It will not be a secret much longer.

  13. Kevin J Lankford

    My guess would be all of em.

  14. what a shame for anyone. if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.
    if we follow the bible, our chances of getting “fleas” is pretty low.
    there’s still time to repent and come to Jesus…for all of them.

  15. Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) is my guess because he is always referred to as an acting genius and major drug addict. Initially considered Charlie Sheen (CS) as the perp because CS has no boundaries for sex and drugs. However, CS is not remotely considered talented.

    • My gut says Sheen—Downey’s been clean for a while now. (Not that that is any guarantee).

      • Sheen is looking simply awful. He started looking dreadful about 2 years ago, which is the same time when the promiscuous “superstar” actor got his HIV diagnosis. This is a pic of him taken in Jan. 2015, age 50.
        Charlie Sheen in January 2015
        For the life of me, I don’t understand the attraction of debauchery.

        • He doesn’t look well and seems to have met the behavior factors.

        • It’s hard for me to believe this is the same person, but coming from Eo, I accept that this is the truth. The only role I’ve liked him in was ‘Repo Man’, an old sci-fi movie from 30+ years ago, which shows how ‘out of it’ I am!
          As Dr Weaver wrote, “The apparent does not exhaust the Real,” and I’ve been focussed on Christ too long for this to matter, so if that makes me hard-hearted, so be it.

        • he looks horrible!
          his ex wife, denise richards, considers herself to be a catholic even though she supports homosexual “marriage” and such,

        • I am no medical doctor, but Sheen, in this photo, has a full head of hair, color in his face and still has a frame that is not debilitated. This is the photo of a worried man, maybe an anxious man, and maybe a panicked and alarmed man. But it is not necessarily a photograph of a dying man. He certainly doesn’t look emaciated or skeletal here.
          As for a life of debauchery, it’s a tale as old as the hills: Hugh Hefner was not the first to make it glamorous; Casanova did all but publish a magazine two centuries ago. It’s a tale as old as temptation itself: the life of the flesh has a gangbuster quality to it that most men cannot resist, whereas the life of the spirit has a sublime quality that most people just don’t get.

    • Isn’t he married and just had his second kid a year ago? He also looks pretty healthy. He definitely led “the party” lifestyle, but it looks like he had changed his lifestyle some time ago.

  16. I feel like it may be Jack Nicholson. Charlie Sheen hasn’t seemed to care about his reputation for years. Jack used to be front and center at all the awards shows. Not now. He has a body of work he is proud of, but Charlie Sheen? Don’t think so.

    • Interesting educated guess. Jack Nicholson may be one of our three best living actors, and the broad variety of his work testifies to that.
      Jack Nicholson has, as you said, been more candid than most. And he, speaking as someone who was adopted, came out on the pro-life side. Yet he has admitted that he is an “atheist.” We must pray that Mr. Nicholson finds God, for as far as atheists go, he sure isn’t militant about it (as far as I know). (And I admit I’m a hypocrite: I pray that I find God. I am not so sure about my own honesty).

  17. What? DCG made the comment that so many in Hollywood are ‘freaks’ but no reprimand for DCG? Hm.

    • stlonginus:
      The difference between you and DCG is this:
      DCG isn’t holier than thou. Nor did her comment contradict herself. But you were holier than thou, and your comment contradicted yourself by castigating those who make guesses as to the actor’s identity as being unfair and unChristian, while you slander all of Hollywood.
      Your latest comment and the email you sent FOTM protesting being called a troll show that you are woefully lacking in self-knowledge and unable to take as you give (scold) others.

    • that’s because so many in hollyweird are “freaks”…I don’t think they would be offended.

  18. from Sony leaked emails:
    I think I will win the 90/10 bet on the over under on this …it’s hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year.

    • Wow. Thank you for the link, loveme.
      The link is to an email sent by Steve Mosko, Chairman of Sony. He was referring to Charlie Sheen. By “40 eps a year,” Mosko was referring to 40 episodes of Two and a Half Men a year.

    • Comparing that pic from one year ago to Doc E’s pic above-Sheen does NOT look very good. Yeah, he’s tan but how much makeup is he wearing?
      FWIW, I have it on very good authority that if you do not “swing both ways” in Hollywood you’ll soon be looking for employment elsewhere.
      May God cause that vile city to fall into the ocean soon-along with San Francisco!

  19. clint eastwood

  20. Billy Bob Thornton, I bet

  21. My guess is jude law or matthew mcconaughey. Both super douchey and sleezeballs

  22. Who ever the so called A lister actor is rather than worry about reputation or law suits, start thinking about how many years your going to spend in prison, thats where murderer’s and attempted murderers go. Those people you have infected have now got a death sentence. You gave those people the virus knowingly and you are still doing it. Do the decent thing and own up and those who know who he is and won’t say you are equally as bad.

    • Excellent point, v huges! I saw the story when Radar Online first published its article but refrained from posting it on FOTM because it was in the nature of a rumor. It was only after the Daily Mail article — on Hollywood’s and esp. the porn industry’s fear of an epidemic from this actor’s activities — that I decided to post about it, because this is now a public health issue.

  23. Dr. Eowyn:
    “Slander” is oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about ANOTHER which untruth will harm the reputation of THE PERSON defamed.
    “Libel” is a method of defamation expressed by print, writing, pictures, signs, effigies, or any communication embodied in physical form that is injurious to A PERSON’S reputation, exposes a person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or injures a person in his/her business or profession.
    I didn’t commit either of the actionable offenses defined above. I did not mention any one, particular individual, nor did I write an ‘untruth’. I made a statement of fact. And I included a quote from rabbi Isaac Wise (originally Weiss).
    From the Jewish Virtual Library:
    “Isaac Mayer Wise was America’s outstanding Jew and leading rabbi during the 19th Century. His major achievements were the establishment of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in 1873, the Hebrew Union College in 1875, and the Central Conference of American Rabbis in 1889.”
    From Patch North Hollywood Taluca Lake:
    Three excerpts from the Patch link:
    “The North Hollywood Lodge has a deep connection to Hollywood’s golden age. Former heads of some of the nearby movie studios were members, as were some famous actors, most notably Audie Murphy……”
    “No celebrities were spotted at the recent dinner, but Mardirousi said that a very large number of its current members work in the entertainment industry as writers, producers, musicians and other behind-the-scenes personnel.”
    “A lot of studio heads and studio employees lived in this area and joined lodges where they lived, and we just happened to be in their neighborhood,” said Mardirousi.”
    How all of the above indicts me as ‘holier than thou’ is peculiar, given that others here were actually naming individuals they think MIGHT be HIV positive.

    • stlonginus,
      Must I really have to explain things again? Or is your narcissism such that you can never be found to be at all at fault?
      You were holier than thou because you scolded people as “unChristian” for guessing who the actor is (as if you don’t yourself speculate) — not wishing him ill, not cursing him. You then proceeded to label ALL of Hollywood as Masonic Jews — not most, not some, but everyone, which means every actor, every director, every producer, every worker behind the scenes. That of course is patently untrue and absurd because not every Hollywood person is a Jew or a Free Mason.
      DCG’s comment was qualified: she didn’t say EVERYONE in Hollywood is a freak.
      Where in the Bible is there an injunction that one must not guess or speculate about the identity of a debauched individual who may be instrumental in creating a public health crisis, an epidemic?

  24. I dont know who it is untill the actor does the decent thing and admits it, but who ever it is please do the right thing and own up your victims deserves better and you need to tell future victims if you intend to carry on your disgusting actions. It’s very unfortunate celebrities seem to have a position of trust it’s obvious by now you can’t trust anyone.

  25. At last charlie sheen is the infector of all he surveys. Police do your job and arrest this object of society.

  26. HIV is just a chronic medical condition ,but the stigma is werce than the condition mainly because of egnorance . the Way the hiv test is design…..DRUGS and SEX one or three or more STD a year 2many partner. Please read the incert. Of the hiv test. Or watch HOUSE OF NUMBERS. Documentary .its all politics & Big Pham .

    • “Just a chronic medical condition”?
      You make HIV, the precursor to AIDS, sound like a seasonal allergy to pollen, also “a chronic medical condition”. The stigma attached to HIV/AIDS is well-deserved because HIV infection is:
      1) Serious business: It means the body’s entire immune system is now compromised, which means T-cells — the body’s natural immune-fighters — no longer work as they are designed by our Creator.
      2) A transmitted disease, usually via sexual intercourse. If the U.S. were a sane rational country, people with a transmissible disease would be monitored and knowingly transmitting such diseases would be a crime.
      There are 3 stages of HIV infection. Here’s the CDC’s description of stage one, Acute HIV Infection Stage:
      Within 2-4 weeks after HIV infection, many, but not all, people develop flu-like symptoms, often described as “the worst flu ever.” Symptoms can include fever, swollen glands, sore throat, rash, muscle and joint aches and pains, and headache. This is called “acute retroviral syndrome” (ARS) or “primary HIV infection,” and it’s the body’s natural response to the HIV infection. During this early period of infection, large amounts of virus are being produced in your body. The virus uses CD4 count to replicate and destroys them in the process. Because of this, your CD4 cells can fall rapidly. Eventually your immune response will begin to bring the level of virus in your body back down to a level called a viral set point, which is a relatively stable level of virus in your body. At this point, your CD4 count begins to increase, but it may not return to pre-infection levels. It may be particularly beneficial to your health to begin ART during this stage. During the acute HIV infection stage, you are at high risk of transmitting HIV to your sexual or drug using partners because the levels of HIV in your blood stream are very high. For this reason, it is very important to take steps to reduce your risk of transmission.
      Here are the physical changes to the body of the HIV-infected:
      1. Body Fat Changes: Some medications taken to control HIV cause changes in the way your body produces, uses, and stores fat. These changes are called lipodystrophy. This condition causes you to gain or lose fat in particular parts of your body.
      You can get extra fat in the following places: abdomen, neck, breasts (both men and women), face. In addition, you can also develop small deposits of fat, called lipomas, elsewhere on your body. Other changes can occur when the fat under your skin (called subcutaneous fat) is lost. This can occur in your face, arms, legs, buttocks. It is important to note that these changes in the way your body handles fat can also coincide with changes in cholesterol, an increase in triglycerides, increases in blood sugar, and lowered sensitivity to insulin, which may lead to diabetes.
      2. Wasting Syndrome: The involuntary loss of more than 10% of your body weight, in addition to more than 30 days of either diarrhea or weakness and fever. Wasting refers to a loss of muscle mass, although part of the weight loss may also be due to loss of fat. HIV-associated wasting syndrome is considered an AIDS-defining condition. While this is often a sign of late stage disease, wasting syndrome can be treated by proper diet, medications to stimulate appetite, medications to control diarrhea, hormonal therapy to build muscle.

  27. Dr Eowyn well said you have hit the nail on the head H I V should not be taken likely god help and protect us from do gooders !!!!!!!!!

  28. Does anyone have any ideas who the well known british household name hunk is who is on prime time tv who as been diagnosed with H I V this is according to the daily star newspaper

  29. Oh yes I know now thanks anyway !!!!


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