Who is Mystery Babylon?

Mystery Babylon

Mystery Babylon

Thank you Maui Jim for putting this up. Coming from Walid Shoebat, this theory is becoming more compelling. Rarely do I say that I am convinced by a theory of prophecy. On this point, at this moment, I am convinced Saudi Arabia is Mystery Babylon. I welcome disagreement on this because these things are so hard to know. ~TD  


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  1. Trail Dust, have you been watching any of the Hal Lindsey stuff on his website? http://www.hallindsey.com/

  2. TOO SHALLOW for me to comment on.

    • Perhaps, josephbc1969. Bible prophecy is a very foggy road, and the more certain people are about a theory, the more I throw the brakes on. This idea by Walid Shoebat certainly fits the world we’re looking at today, but in fact might be off by a country mile.

  3. Yes, TD give him a go, that’s his thing the rapture of the church, prophecy and all that.

    • I will definitely check him out. I have friends who really like Hal Lindsey. Thanks.

    • Just bookmarked Hal Lindsey’s site. 😀

      • He wrote a book many years ago entitled “The Late Great Planet Earth ” along with ” The Liberation of Planet Earth ” and “Satan is Alive And Well On The Planet Earth “……All three are very good reads !
        1st one is the best , i.m.o. He is definitely of the opinion ( pre-tribulationists ) that the church ( the true believers , not a freaking building ) will NOT see the plagues that befall mankind .

        Ever wonder why after chapter 3 in ” The Book Of Revelations ” the word ” church ” is not seen until chapter 21 ? There must be a reason !!!

  4. Glenn Beck has done things on this also…

  5. Mystery Babylon is a Satanic, worldwide spiritual kingdom just like the Kingdom of Heaven is a Christian, worldwide, spiritual kingdom.

    • Tim, I always assumed that, too. But in placing its Biblical references into the world map and the nations of today, there is a case to be made for Mystery Babylon being Saudi Arabia. Of course, all we have is speculation, so I don’t bet the farm on any overly ornate end times theory. 😀


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