Who is more insane?

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muzzle flash
A woman who believes in the Second Amendment, has had proper firearm and self-defense training, and practices at the gun range OR a criminal that fails in “conflict resolution”?


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0 responses to “Who is more insane?

  1. Hey, David “Brazin” Hazen,
    When you finally have your wish and the feral and state gubermints take away private ownership of guns, just remember what you said — “Anyone who buys a gun is mentally ill.” ‘Cause in the Great Utopia of Your Police State, the only ones with guns will be government, military, and law enforcement, and they’ll all be mentally ill. Everyone of them. Your definition!

  2. I wish the camera would have panned the ” crowd “. Sounded like a whopping 10 morons there .
    Having a hard time right now figuring out who the bigger numb-nut is/are ….This throw-back to the 60’s or the fools on Jimmy Fallon’s ” Confusing question of the day “…………..COIN-FLIP anyone ?

  3. And, if we end up having to defend ourselves, people like David Hazen will be the first to be eliminated by the government………reminds me of certain movies when the naive walk out the door of their home and say, “I come to you in peace,” then get themselves gunned down.

    • Conflict resolution? “Use your words”– like the F-bomb? “Conflict resolution” in the cases to which he wants to extend it usually means being able to hit your target instead.

  4. “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” –Sigmund Freud


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