Who Are the Top 1%?

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“Those who don’t know the game or are assets and manipulators of  the game will want to ‘endorse’ people and organisations they say they support  in cleaning up America – but they will be the very people and groups that are  systematically destroying America.”David Icke, October 16, 2011
The movement that began as Occupy Wall Street in New York has spread to other cities across America as well as countries. In Italy, the Occupiers instigated a riot in Rome, torching cars and smashing windows, which required armed police to be brought in.

In the name of equity, the Occupiers say they are the 99% opposed to the top 1%, the filthy rich. So who are America’s Top 1%?
To begin, we need to define “income” vs. “wealth or net worth.”
Income is what people earn — from salaries, wages, dividends, interest, royalties, and rents from properties they own. U.C. Santa Cruz Sociology Professor William Domhoff claims that most of the income of “the rich” does not come from “working”: In 2008, only 19% of the income reported by the 13,480 individuals or families making over $10 million came from wages and salaries.
Wealth is the value of everything a person or family owns in marketable assets (such as real estate, stocks, and bonds, but not including cars and household items), minus any debts or liabilities (such as home mortgages, credit card debts and auto loans). In effect, wealth is assets minus debts, or W = A-D. That is why a better term for “wealth” is “net worth.”
High income (HI) may or may not mean great wealth because a high-income person or household may simply spend everything they make — and more, by going into debt. At the same time, an individual or household with moderate or even low income (MI/LI) may actually become wealthy by being frugal and investing their savings wisely.
Thus, HI ≠ W; whereas it is highly possible that MI/LI = W. Remember that when you decide to condemn “the wealthy.”
Wikipedia says the current per capita (per person) median income in the United States is roughly $32,000 (for those employed full-time between the ages of 25 and 64, it’s $39,000). By “median” income is meant that the figure $32,000 divides the American population into two equal halves — half (50%) of Americans make more than $32,000, and the other half make less than $32,000.
The U.S. Census Bureau offers income data by household and individual. 42% of U.S. households have two income earners; thus making households’ income levels higher than personal income levels. According to a 2008 article on the investment website My Budget 360, the median U.S. household income was $46,326. Dual earner households had a higher median income at $67,348.
Currently marketing corporations and investment houses classify those with household incomes exceeding $75,000 as “mass affluent,” while sociologist Leonard Beeghley identifies all those with a net worth of $1 million or more as “rich.” The upper class is most commonly defined as the top 1% with household incomes commonly exceeding $250,000 annually.

Income in America (source: Wikipedia)

In a recent Census report there are 110 million households in the United States. Here’s the distribution of U.S. households’ income in 2006:

  • Top third (34.73%) of households had annual gross income of $65,000 or more.
  • Top quarter (25.60%) of households had annual gross income of $80,000 or more.
  • Top quintile (20%) of households had annual gross income of $91,202 or more.
  • Top 15% (17.80%) of households had annual gross income of $100,000 or more.
  • Top 10% of households had annual gross income of $118,200 or more.
  • Top 5% of households (3/4s of whom had 2 income earners) had annual gross income of $166,200 or more.
  • Top 3% (2.67%) had annual gross income of $200,000 or more.
  • Top 1.5% had annual gross income of $250,000 or more.
  • Top 0.1% (0.12% or 146,000 households) had annual gross income of $1,600,000 or more.

The 2008 article on My Budget 360 further breaks down that Top 0.1%. At its apex are:

  • The top 0.01% (11,000 households) with annual incomes of $5.5 million or more.
  • The top 400 highest tax payers in America had annual incomes of $87 million or more.

Notice how the incomes gradually go up from the Top Third’s $65,000 to the Top 1.5%’s $250,000, but between the Top 1.5%’s $250,000 and the Top 0.1%’s $1.6 million) is a huge gap of $1.35 million!
While households in the top 1.5% of households had incomes exceeding $250,000, 443% above the national median, their incomes were still 2200% lower than those of the top 0.01% of households. One can therefore conclude that almost any household, even those with incomes of $250,000 annually are poor when compared to the top 0.1%, who in turn are poor compared to the top 0.000267%, the top 400 taxpaying households.
According to the Federal Reserve Board, here’s the distribution of U.S. households’ networths in 2001:

  • 6.9% of U.S. households had a negative networth of <$0 (i.e., those who not only have zero assets but are in debt).
  • 5.4% of households had a networth of $0-$999.
  • 2.4% of households had a networth of $1,000-$2,499.
  • 3.5% of households had a networth of $2,500-$4,999.
  • 4.7% of households had a networth of $5,000-$9,999.
  • 8.1% of households had a networth of $10,000-$24,999.
  • 9.2% of households had a networth of $25,000-$49,999.
  • 12.8% of households had a networth of $50,000-$99,999.
  • 19.2% of households had a networth of $100,000-$249,999.
  • 13% of households had a networth of $250,000-$499,999.
  • 7.8% of households had a networth of $500,000-$999,999.
  • 7% of households had a networth of $1 million or more.

Alas, the Federal Reserve Board did not break that top 7% down, so we don’t know what’s the networth of the Top 1% of U.S. households, other than that the Top 1% own 32.7% of Americans’ total networth in 2001. In contrast, 50% of U.S. households own just 2.8% of Americans’ total networth.
Here are some interesting tidbits about the above distribution of U.S. households’ networths:

  • 58% of households with negative networth were young, i.e., under 35 years old (which makes sense because many college students are poor).
  • Those with negative networth are more likely to have a less-than-high-school education.
  • Among those with negative networth, the percentage who are unemployed (but not retired) is more than twice they are in the larger population.
  • Households with negative networth are concentrated in the South and in the West.
  • 10.1% of households with networth of $1 million or more are Boomers (aged 46-55).
  • 28.2% of the Top 1% households in networth are Boomers.

The Top 1%

Leonard Beeghley called the top 0.9% the “Super Rich”, whom he described as “Multi-millionaires whose incomes commonly exceed $350,000; includes celebrities and powerful executives/politicians.” The OWS Movement say they are against the Top 1%. Here are some members of the Top 1% who are or should be targets:
Barack Obama: (supports OWS)

  •  Annual POTUS salary (not total income): $400,000
  • Net worth in 2010: $10.5 million

The 25 richest members of Congress (in Roll Call’s 2009 annual survey that gives only their estimated net worth. Under federal law, members of Congress must disclose their personal investments and liabilities, but only in broad categories, thereby shielding the exact value of any asset or debt):

  1. Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass): $188.37 million
  2. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Ca): $160.05 million
  3. Rep. Jane Harman (D-Ca): $152.62 million
  4. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va): $81.50 million
  5. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas): $73.75 million
  6. Sen. Mark Warner (D- W.Va): $70.19 million
  7. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo): $56.49 million
  8. Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla): 55.47 million
  9. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ): $49.70 million
  10. Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Ca): $46.07 million
  11. Sen. Alan Grayson (D-Fla): $31.41 million
  12. Rep. Harry Teague (D-NM): $25.52 million
  13. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca): $21.74 million (supports OWS)
  14. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NY): $19.90 million
  15. Sen. James Riche (R-Idaho) : $19.69 million
  16. Rep. Gary Miller (R-Ca): $19.37 million
  17. Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-Tx): $18.41 million
  18. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn): $18.21 million
  19. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo): $15.73 million
  20. Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY): $14.90 million
  21. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine): $12.52 million
  22. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn): $12.12 million
  23. Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont): $10.90 million
  24. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz): $10.52 million
  25. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa): $10.45 million

Non-elected political figures:

The Media:

Celebrities who’ve spoken out in support of Occupy Wall Street:

  • Yoko Ono: $500 million
  • Russell Simmons: $325 million
  • Sean Penn: $150 million
  • Rosie O’Donnell: $100 million
  • Roseanne Barr: $80 million
  • Deepak Chopra: $80 million
  • Kanye West: $70 million
  • Alec Baldwin: $65 million
  • Russell Brand (networth: 15 million; combined networth with wife, singer Katy Perry: $63 million)
  • Susan Sarandon: $50 million
  • Tim Robbins: $50 million
  • Michael Moore: $50 million
  • Danny Glover: $15 million
  • Talib Kweli: $14 million
  • Mark Ruffalo: $10 million

Here are the networths of some of the Super-Rich, the Top 0.01% (from Forbes’ richest 400 in America list):

  1. Steve Jobs: $8.3 Billion
  2. Carl Icahn (leveraged buyouts): $12 Billion
  3. Sergey Brin (Google): $15.9 Billion
  4. Charles Koch (manufacturing, energy): $19 Billion
  5. Michael Bloomberg (NY mayor): $20 Billion
  6. George Soros: $22 Billion
  7. Jim Walton (of Wal-Mart): $23.4 Billion
  8. Lawrence Ellison (of Oracle): $27 Billion
  9. Warren Buffet: $50 Billion
  10. Bill Gates (Microsoft): $57 Billion

The Occupy protesters reportedly are armed with iPhones and laptops and are active in social media — the very gadgets and communications technology invented by Jobs, Brin, Ellison, and Gates. Reportedly, Soros is funding the Occupy movement.
Will irony ever end?
By the way, raging socialist and President-for-life of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has an estimated networth of $1 Billion (!) — the same as Prince Albert II of Monaco. Another raging socialist, Fidel Castro of Cuba, has an estimated networth of $900 million.
Adios for now. See you at the Revolution!

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0 responses to “Who Are the Top 1%?

  1. Very nice itemization of the ‘who is in what’ percentile Eowyn! This hypocritical bag of apples aka OWS are all rotten to the core.
    I was contemplating an afternoon snack of apple slices…
    hmm, suddenly I’m eyeing a granola bar instead…Ha there’s some more irony…LOL

  2. Soros, Buffet, Chavez… Socialism is good business, apparently!

  3. there are so many people involved and supportive of the OWS movement and there as many reasons why people are showing up and participating. to shred the entire movement based on one slogan is pretty shallow.
    the bottom line is; 99% of the population doesn’t have the luxury of personal financial consultants, lobbyists and tax advisers the +1mil crowd has. the tax code is over-complicated, the income tax rate discriminates based on lifestyle, and the politicians only support policies and programs that keep their own power inflated at great expense to tax payers.
    in terms of Chavez…pfft, talk to Soros, Buffet and Google – maybe they’ll buy out his little country. (j/k)

    • Is not “99%” a, if not the, slogan of the OWS Movement?
      And how exactly did I “shred the entire movement”? Please point to where in my post I did that. I let the stats, figures, and facts speak for themselves.
      But then you don’t find any wrong for an avowed anti-capitalist “socialist” as Hugo Chavez, who strangely managed to pile up an estimated net worth of ONE BILLION U.S. DOLLARS. That speaks volumes about your judgment and your priorities.
      Say “hi” for me to all those “socialists” in Zucotti Park! (Your IP address says you’re in New York, near Central Park) 😀

    • Then why does the OWS movement use the 99% slogan?
      99% of the population do have access to financial consultants…friends, family, free advice before you join a firm, from your 401(k) firm, web access, etc. If you really want your money to work for you, you’ll do your homework yourself as to the best investments. There is such a little thing as self-education and preservation. I’m not part of the $1M crowd and get financial advice at no cost.
      The tax code is over complicated thanks to the government. If it does discriminate based on lifestyle, take it up with the government that writes the codes. Granted, they do in in cohoots w/lobbyists and others. But ultimately it is the government that writes the laws. Start with those responsible for the issue.

      • The government is Wallstreet. Government is the bankers and corporations who own them. They finance their campaigns. So, not sure what you mean by start with the government.
        OWS is a march on the government. The bankers and wall street money manipulators are the hidden goverment.
        Get It??

        • “OWS is a march on the government.”
          S-u-r-e it is. That’s why Obama, Pelosi and Gore support OWS.
          Get it??

        • Wow, looks like that government education really paid off for you…
          And who accepts the money from bankers and corporations? Start with the politicians that can legally accept their money due to rules written by the politicians.
          What politician has benefitted the most from Wall Street donations? Hint: He’s in the White House. Yeah, that’s why OWS is protesting at DC, you know, where the government is physically located. Get it?

    • Sorry this movement smells of rats, not patchouli, sunshine and lollipops! Most are so myopic that they fail to recognize the established iron clad duality of a left-right pseudo-paradigm backing up this charade. This holds only two possible outcomes:
      A. The “manufactured protest” does the trick and causes a ripple effect of well meaning, yet naive citizens to take to the streets far and wide to stand against this debauchery! Which grants an already powerful state to ratchet up it’s Police State oven temp. to broil… welcome to the future of Tyranny.
      B. The “manufactured protest” does the trick and causes… nothing because the bystander effect takes hold of the populous and legitimizes the need to do absolutely nothing but bleat. And, the Police State resumes it’s scheduled methodical plan of consistently but slowly turning up the heat, as we the largest, frog in pot, in the history of the world, begins to sweat…
      In either case the ruling financial oligarchy of the world have made their plans to have the party of a lifetime, and we’re what’s for dinner. In terms of Chavez, Gaddafi, and Jong Ill, funny how none of them have a central bank/ FED reserve, not that I pardon them for their ways… just find thick cut irony in the purported “axis of evil” being those not under Rothschild corrupt controls.
      Grand reporting of the facts as they are Dr. E! All you can do is lead the sheeple to their red pill, but you can’t make them eat it.

  4. I’d love to see a breakdown of the charitable contributions of the conservatives vs. the liberals from the above.
    I might have to look that up when I have the time.
    I’m pretty sure of what I would find, though.

  5. Wow, Eowyn, you knocked yoseff out on this one. 🙂

  6. Dr. Eowyn, this piece is remarkable and what tedious work and research you had to perform to provide us with this information. It is understandable why you are a professor of distinction. As you set out above, the facts speak for themselves and the comments of Dave, DCG, GrouchyFogie, InValuTheWord and Anonymous reflect my thoughts as well. This movement is narcissistic, presuming that they can claim to speak for me, since I am among the alleged 99%. They don’t speak for me and I am confident to say that there most probably are millions like me who resent being included in this alleged 99%.
    This movement and their violence and destruction are like the Reign of Terror in 1793 during the French Revolution. According to the Catholic Encyclopaedia, http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/13009a.htm, “In Paris, the Revolutionary Tribunal, carrying out the proposals of the public accuser, Foquier-Tinville, inaugurated the Reign of Terror. . .The crazed Convention decreed a rising en masse. . .At the same time the Convention passed the Law of Suspects (17 Sept., 1793), which authorized the imprisonment of almost anyone and as a consequence of which 30,000 were imprisoned. . .” I call these people in this undefined, unspecified, jealous, envious, entitled movement, “The Reign of Terrorists.” They maintain a sense of entitlement for distribution of everyone’s wealth, which rises from jealousy, envy, sloth and greed, at least the four deadly sins. They violate the Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness against one’s neighbor, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.” They are sickening, they are mad, they are reactionary, they are dangerous and those that support this movement I also include in this description. They are hateful with great chips on their shoulders and they do not speak for me! We rise up against them and their violent destruction, their narcissism and their sinfulness!

  7. Thank you, IvaluTheWord! We rise up against them as they do not speak for us! I am sick of this sense of presumption! Who the hell do they think they are! Hypocrites!

    • Joandarc, correct me if I’m wrong here, if I remember correctly those who started and guided the French revolution where themselves sent to the guillotine once the masses came to realize the banking cartel had engineered the revolution as a ploy to make money on the suffering of the masses.
      Many people do not realize that the super rich “game the masses”. A royal example is the fact that both Bin Laden and Bush families are in fact billionaires. If you believe for one moment one billionaire would dare to kill another billionaire…. well you’ve been watching too many 007 movies.
      People who are that rich can reach out from the grave and snuff out someone who’s just as rich. As the character in the movie UNLIMITED, states (there’s no problems, in this world that 48 million can’t take care of).
      I doubt seriously if Bin Laden is really dead.
      Look at the number of millionaires in congress. Why do you think nothing ever gets done to reform congress? I’m one of those 99% and realize we need to bar the rich from running for or acquiring any political office, as it constitutes and inherent conflict of interest. To many of you give a casual glance at what is really going on around you. The reality is that you and your should give a more critical look at the underlying cause of why the world is what it is.

      • I have espoused the cure for our ills for years, yet no one listens. Do away with elections, congress will become like jury duty, you get a letter in the mail, have a background check, psyche testing, then report for duty. Your current job is guaranteed to you at the end of your two or six year term. You live not in a fancy Georgetown house, but in a barracks. Get caught in an act of corruption, it’s the same as treason, death penalty (hanging). Elections are nothing but High School popularity contests that only the rich will ever win.

  8. 😀
    And in Al Gore, the 2 netherworlds of DC and Hollywood merge — a former Vice President of the USA who got an Academy Award for his docufiction “An Inconvenient Truth.”

  9. Hmmmmmm……….
    The problem with lists like this is, that they use official data. Which means they ain’t right.
    Perhaps we should be focusing on the 0.00000000125%.
    These billionaires are just pathetic wannabees, groveling for the Trillionaires that are not reported in the FED data because they don’t disclose their private records.

    • Anthony,
      If there’s no public records, how do you propose we find out the data?

      • I understand the implications, Dr. Eowyn, I was not trying to criticize your work, just pointing out an important limitation.

        • Anthony,
          Actually, I do have a networth for one Rockefeller in my post – Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va): $81.50 million. He’s the 4th richest member of Congress.
          As for the Rothschilds, here’s a quote from my post “The Satanic Rothschild“:

          Frederick Morton, in his 1962 book, The Rothschilds, gave an estimate of the Rothschild wealth at over $6 billion in 1850. The blogger who calls himself Markus Angelicus (the Angel Mark, most certainly a pseudonymous nom de plume) estimates that taking $6 billion (and assuming no erosion of the wealth base) and compounding that figure at various returns on investment (a conservative range of 4% to 8%) would suggest the following net worth of the Rothschild family enterprise, as of 1997:
          $1.9 trillion (@4%)
          $7.8 trillion (@5%)
          $31.5 trillion (@6%)
          $125,189.1 trillion (@7%)
          $491,409 trillion (@8%)

          • Yes, I’m aware these conjectures. They seem most plausible. That’s why I’m into the interest free currency business. It’s a shame conjectures are not list material, but it is these numbers that should be worrying us most of all.
            I see you like Henry, he’s one the most astute observers out there.
            Thanks Dr. Eowyn (is that a Druid name?)

  10. Isnt it strange we have a big gap in the list “The Rothschilds and Rockefellers”?

  11. One of the worst features of politics at present is the lack of dialogue between progressives on the left and libertarian conservatives on the right. The central ground is absent of any figures of integrity apart from Paul and Kucinich. Do not believe the mainstream media re OWS. There are progressive friends of mine in Occupy Seattle who are getting the crap kicked out of them for standing up for freedom. People like Soros and MoveOn are attempting to co-opt the protests in the same way the Tea Party was co-opted by Fox and Beck. Many progressives loathe Obama and his pro-War, pro-Torture, anti-Freedom, pro-Wall St bankster administration.

  12. By the way, raging socialist and President-for-life of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has an estimated networth of $1 Billion (!) — the same as Prince Albert II of Monaco. Another raging socialist, Fidel Castro of Cuba, has an estimated networth of $900 million.
    The article was interesting and informatibe BUT when you wrote the above statement you might as well of added “Winnie the Pooh” and “Mary Poppins”. Fidel & Hugo haven’t got “a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of”.

    • Mr. Blair:
      I have my source embedded for the networths of Chavez and Castro (and for all my facts & figures in this post). What’s yours? If you question C & C’s networths, take it up with Celebrity Networth.
      Oh, since you insist on being addressed as “Mr. Blair,” you really should call me by my earned professional title: “Dr. Eowyn”

  13. I agree with Joan up there…I am one of the 99% but OWS does not speak for me. Nobody speaks for me; so I have to speak for myself. Economic policies over the past fifty years have steadily eroded our manufacturing base, losing skilled labor and leaving us work in fast food instead. This didn’t happen overnight but has been gathering steam since 1970 at least. Nerds with math degrees made up financial instruments so complex no one could assess what they would do even under normal circumstances and now no one knows where the money went except the computer programs that traded them.
    We have destroyed ourselves through greed and hubris and we’re going to take a lot of innocents with us this time. I can only pray that the carnage is stopped by a Higher Power.

  14. Do you really think that these figures are even accurate? These may be the assets they have chosen to declare. The rest, in access of 95% is in blind trusts.
    But the people mentioned here are just the PEONS of the REAL OWNERS. The real owners are those whose assets were in the Billions a hundred years ago, and whose wealth is no longer public knowledge, the Schiff, Rothschild, Warburg, Oppenheimer, Lazar, Kuhn, Loeb, Schroeder families, the various royalties, and the Vatican. They own entire nations, and all their resources and minerals, such as Russia, China, etc. The former Soviet Union was owned by those who financed the Revolution (Jacob Schiff), and it was held in seven trusts. They US corporation is held by mostly Chinese assets, but who own China? Those who financed Mao.

    • It’s fascinating how you at once claim that the wealth of “the REAL OWNERS” is not public knowledge, but somehow you know.
      And your sources are?

      • Good point but insincere. I did not claim to know those that are not on public record. However from revelations of insiders and from extensive research by investigators we know of their existence. And from these we can conclude that there must be thousands of other entities even though they are not public knowledge. Most are contractual entities (common law trusts) not listed in public records and multiple stacked trusts the families use to anonymously control entire industries.

        • Insincere? So you read my mind and heart?
          I asked you a perfectly reasonable question: How do you know? and What are your sources? Especially in view of the dictum that Extraordinary claims require Extraordinary evidence.
          Instead of answering my question, you turn ugly and attack me. Your mom must be so proud of you.
          When I write, I provide embedded links to all my sources. That is called being responsible.

        • Sage,
          The middle class “rich” are the people who precisely should not be demonized. Study after study have found that “the millionaire next door” got that way because of hard work and frugality. They live modestly, drive old cars, and make sound investments. When “useful idiots” like the OWS protesters scream “Tax the rich!,” it’s the middle class rich who will be screwed. As you’ve pointed out in comments before, no tax scheme will ever touch the real upper-class filthy rich (the Top 0.01%, 0.001%, and 0.0001%) because of their retinue of tax accountants, creative tax shelters, and the enormous political power they wield.

  15. You are the most stupid group of people on the whole web.

    • Well, with a name like ‘hybridrogue1’, one knows not to expect much. Kind of hard to breathe when there is minuscule air up the ‘ol trapdoor when your head is up there, eh? Probably impedes your judgment…you better get that checked!

    • Hi, Hybrid! I see you got yourself a new IP address and snuck back here, bitter and enraged and deranged as ever. A look at your gravatar is a glimpse into hell.
      Rest assured, your new IP address will also be banned!
      Cheers! 😀

    • Looks like Soros gave you the night off.
      LOL – I guess your lips were just too sore and needed a rest, eh?

  16. always fascinating to see where one stands,even if they keep
    moving the goalposts and changing the rules of the game.
    Greed ,envy and avarice …. sigh. I’m inclined to agree with the
    hobbits…dear me , it’s time to prepare for Tenzies ! 🙂

  17. I can not understand where did the information about Chavez or Castro came from, unless the person has some secret way to access to their accounts. Even in so called “Free Societies ” must be difficult to access the information due to all the tax evasion heavens. Pleaaase be more serious

    • Andres,
      Hello? Did you not see/click the link to Celebrities Networth that’s embedded in the names “Hugo Chavez” and “Fidel Castro” in my post? That’s my source. Feel free to ask Celebrities Networth how and from where they got their data. Do let us know when you get an answer — that is, if you’re a serious person.

  18. Sorry most of these are NOT the 1%, especially f you are not one of the following families..
    Rothschild ( at last est in 2006 worth $600+ TRILLION! )
    Van Duyn

    • Scarecrow,
      Sorry, you are mathematically challenged.
      You are unclear on the concept of Top 1%. The people you listed may belong to the Top 0.001%, but 0.001% is part of the Top 1%. Not to mention the names I listed in this post (excepting Chavez and Castro) are Americans, whereas some of your names are non-Americans.


  20. Corporate and Wall Street taxes should go up significantly if unemployment goes up. The taxes should be strictly used to create jobs focused on critical 21st century infrastructure and energy development. All products used for infrastructure development must be American made. Tax loopholes and big oil tax breaks should be completely eliminated. Also use a 25 % China tariff to finance the infrastructure jobs program.

  21. In case your wondering I have a net worth of 35,000$ Whoo Hoo.

  22. This was eye opening…thanks for sharing
    I think for the protesters, the slogan “the 1 percent” makes it catchy.
    Somehow it brings up images of rich bankers or tycoons who are exploiting the people.
    just like when the media uses the word “terrorist”…it is really such a vague definition. But today, anytime you hear the word terrorist, we falsely think of muslim men with long beards living in extreme and harsh locations.
    The celebrities and others that you mentioned do make money, due to their perceived talents and entertainment value. while the banking industry or the folks who got the bailout in 2008, they made their money through deception and thievery.
    Thanks for sharing the information though

  23. Martin Armstrong states this history on his website –
    “Historically, there are at least seven other instances of a viral like CONTAGION that swept beyond the borders for dramatic political change.
    1) The first was 509-508BC when Rome overthrew its Tarquin kin giving birth to the Roman Republic that spread within one year giving birth to Democracy in Athens.
    2) The next was the first Civil War where the people cheered Julius Caesar and the corrupt oligarchy that controlled the senate as we have today, fled, and were defeated ushering in ultimately the Imperial Age where representative government was seen as too corrupt.
    3) 3rd Century collapse of the Roman monetary system that produced a monetary reform and a shift in religion from paganism to Christianity.
    4) The dawn of capitalism and the end of feudalism following the that brought back wages and set in motion the collapse of feudalism.
    5) Then there was the Protestant Reformation that was effectively a rebellion over the corrupt political process of appointing popes, cardinals, bishops, and priests by kings so they could control the religion. The Protestant Reformation was a CONTAGION that swept Europe.
    6) The collapse of Monarchy-Age of Enlightenment that gave birth once again to Republican forms of government starting with the American Revolution followed by the French Revolution.
    7) This was followed by the wave of Communism/Socialism that took the world by storm beginning with the Russian Revolution 1917 and took the entire world in just two cycles of 8.6 years (17.2) culminating in 1934 with the rise of FDR, Hitler, and Mao.
    8) Then there was the start of this collapse that began in 1989 with the fall of China and the Berlin Wall finally on November 9, 1989 (1989.8575). Again, 17.2 years from that target brought us to the 2007.05 just a few weeks from the precise high in real estate 2007.15.
    We are in this Seventh stage a dramatic political change. The Global Financial System is collapsing thanks to the corruption that began with market manipulators bent upon creating the perfect trade.”
    He believes there is another shadow group controlling the traders and brokers plus all governments. Mr. Armstrong predicted this long ago. He can be found online.
    These people are playing with fire.

  24. Hybrid, you have indicted yourself by your gravatar – it says it all in addition to the name that you have chosen. Commenters, get a grip – Dr. Eowyn has provided you with all of her sources. Accordingly, please check them yourselves and quit wasting her valuable time wherein she has to respond to your tiresome queries. It is noteworthy that those individuals who attempt to attack Dr. Eowyn provide no sources or documentary evidence for their contentions. Yet, we have learned on FOTM that this is par for the course. But, this is how the Left operates-if you disagree with them, they get vicious and violent, just like, as I said previously, the terrorists in the Reign of Terror, aka OWS. I am also glad, Hadenough, that you agree that these violent and irrationale individuals don’t speak for you either! I’ve had enough too!

  25. Thank you GrouchyFogie! You are also a blessing to FOTM and I am confident that you are the opposite of being grouchy and are a real fine and delightful person! I always enjoy reading your comments as they have merit and thought. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and talent! I get so irritated, as you do, with such stupidity and no one is going to attack Dr. Eowyn and get away with it! I am like a boulder unflinching and loyal to the end to the Truth and to my dear sister, and everyone else in this battle of Helms Deep!

  26. See Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins & The World Order[https://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=139060;title=APFN] The False left right paradigm is so last millineum……!

  27. It would appear they swoop in and buy up a movement, and dont actual start it, and once in destroy its orignal intent.
    eg: the hippies.

  28. Educate yourselves!

    Where are the owners of the Federal Reserve Cabal? why are they missing off of this list? Surely, there are no others that are so rich or richer in this country or any other that they? Due to this obvious lapse, I am not impressed with this article!

    • Since you are not impressed with this post, but you clearly are very impressed with yourself, why don’t you give us links to “the owners of the Federal Reserve Cabal” — their names, their networths?
      Instead, all you do is to bitch and complain.

  29. The message is End the Fed and End the IRS. That will equalize the playing field without being unfair…. Fairtax.org…..That way everybody pays their fair share of taxes and the rate is lower as well as equal…

  30. Another one right under our noses;
    ” Just another leg-up for the big money men? You’re kidding”
    October 20, 2011
    Read more: https://www.theage.com.au/business/just-another-legup-for-the-big-money-men-youre-kidding-20111019-1m82q.html#ixzz1bIDxHfns

  31. This “Who Are the Top 1%?” write up in no more that slightly entertaining.
    It is addresses people an not addressing the mega corporations like pharmaceuticals, chemical, military, oil etc that get in the way of efficient natural non-polluting energy, of sharing cures for diseases and cancers etc??
    We need to replace money with care for the individual, free basic living needs, food, genuine health care and education.
    How can this be done? Put geniuses in Governance and not elected greedy mediocrity.

    • If we replace money with all these free benes, just who will provide them? I certainly don’t work for free. I’ve got a mortgage to pay, electric bill, insurance, etc. You propose that those “basic living needs” be provided for free as well? Man, where did you study econ?
      I thought we already had a genious in the WH? After all, Skippy is the “smartest prez eva” according to libs…

    • DF:
      I’ve welcomed you before to FOTM. Now I welcome you as a fellow warrior.
      I’m proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you — and IVTW, another new warrior princess — at the battlement, against Orc commenters. To Helms Deep! 😀

    • Dear sage,
      It’s not low IQ. It’s called “True Believer.” Eric Hoffer wrote a book on it decades ago. My ultra-left friend, Stephanie, said it best when she, in a fit of frustration at my out-debating her on a political news item, declared:
      “I’ve made up my mind! Don’t confuse me with facts!!!!”

    • Alf,
      So my post is “no more that [sic] slightly entertaining”?
      How patronizingly superior of you, a sense of superiority that is downright baffling, given that you write at a semi-literate level. By any chance, are you this Alf?

  32. Oh and;
    1. banks should be as they were originally owned by the people and not privatised
    2. Government representatives need to be truthful, transparent and held accountable

  33. Obama supporting OWS? That’s hillarious. The guy works FOR wallstreet. He filled his cabinet with wallstreet stooges. The idea he supports OWS is just laughable. You need to stop paying attention to what comes out his mouth. That’s just PR.

  34. I am a disabled veteran with psych and physical ailments from my military accomplishments between 1990-1993 I was on 7 psych medications and chose to stop taking them over a year ago. I have a service dog (MARLEY) she helps with my anxiety levels but without me using “Black-market” marijuana its harder for me to control, without marijuana the ARTHRITIS in my back would be more painful. I have a young friend of mine who is diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) he too benefits from the effects. I say to you the readers KNOW-THE-FACTS…..If it’s legalized it too would stimulate the economy by shutting down unneeded prisons and government spending on prison guards , low-level law officials and programs like” NARK” and “DARE” that eat at local community budgets. These are local programs formed by the government under the “war on Drugs” with money bribes to your local politicians. why do you think we all want to know now “WHERE DID THE MONEY GO ?” The budgets are done every year the money is hidden in programs!!!Have we forgotten we gave IRAQ “GRANTS” to rebuild not LOANS ? How about the tsunami $$ to Japan to rebuild or to Indonesia to rebuild OR HAITI after their earthquake to rebuild ? I have an IDEA use US tax dollars to help the USA……….The sad part is we the people didn’t vote for that congress did for us. when we have a crisis we don’t have the money . Not to mention the new STATE “regulation” on pain medication means I now have to drive to my doctors once a month instead of once-every 3. The raise they are considering for SSDI is a joke compared the the gas$ increases over the past 3yrs. WE keep writing laws that keep LOW-income, LOW-income. wall-street has the gas market cornered their job is to make their investors money, it’s congress that’s spending our money and draining the purse not WALL street. Try sleeping at night knowing the country i was injured protecting is the same country I’m now fighting to legalize an” alleviation” from my symptoms. (P.T.S.D. and ARTHRITIS)

    • All good questions, many of which we’ve asked here on the Fellowship. So, here’s my question to you:
      Why don’t you and the OWS crowd go protest IN FRONT OF CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE? What do the small businesses in/near Zucotti Park that are shut down or losing business because of OWS have to do with medical marijuana, or the loans to Iraq not paid back or even acknowledged as loans, or the aid $ to Haiti?????

    • Get rid of the exemption for churches, tax revenues will soar. What kind of a “church” is it anyway that trades it’s integrity for government favors?

      • You just want to take spaghetti dinners away from the elderly at Wednesday night church suppers.

      • …”trades it’s integrity for government favors”… are you serious? What kind of blanket statement nonsense is that? To imply that their “integrity” is jeopardized because of tax exemptions is ludicrous. Why don’t you make it your goal to hold our govt. officials accountable for exactly ‘what’ it is ‘they’ do with taxpayers money, because from where I sit, their accountability issues are in SERIOUSLY deep doo and it is ‘they’ who are lacking in ‘their’ integrity issues! There are many other options besides churches, and why you specifically target them is shallow at best. You can start there, and when you make verifiable head-way, get back to me!

        • Go to your preacher/pastor,priest/reverend/vicar, and ask him to start preaching about how evil our government is, and see how fast they pull the churches tax exempt status. Please explain what benefit to the nation churches provide that justifies their exempt status.

          • As a libertarian, I agree that government is evil to the core, and the larger it becomes, the more evil it becomes.
            LOL – But I have 6000 years of recorded history to back that up.
            But just what, pray tell, does government have to do with churches in the first place?
            And as for the “benefits” of the church, I would say keeping the population of Hell to a minimum is a good thing.
            Wouldn’t you?

          • victor58,
            My post is about “Who are the top 1%”; it’s not an Open Thread. But you don’t respect the etiquette of the net, and instead hi-jacked my post to advocate removing tax-exempt status from churches. Go start/write your own blog instead of hi-jacking mine. I’ve been patient with you, but you persist in your obsessive single-minded hi-jacking. Henceforth your comments will be moderated, which means they won’t be published unless you are on topic.

  35. i dont care what the irony is, big whoop, the ows and the rest of the occupy might use devices created by these people, but its still greed however you dress it up and were the ones that have to suffer their defrauding of the world economy so they can live a high life of riches and do whatever they like! were still the ones who have to bail out the banks that have robbed us of our little lifes luxaries, so who is this writer to say its irony?! when are the banks ever going to pay us back? when are we going to have the assurance that this wont happen again? when is our government going to give us the huge tax breaks we deserve for theirs and the banks mistakes and theft?!

  36. Latest faux-socialist celebrity to lend his support to OWS:
    Russell Brand (networth: 15 million; combined networth with wife, singer Katy Perry: $63 million)

  37. I certainly agree with Dr. Eowyn. The OWS should be in front of white house and congress! They are the ones who need to listen closely of the chants.

  38. I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make here.
    If there are rich people that support OWS, shouldn’t that be lauded? President Obama has stated previously that “I’m rich, I should pay more” several times. Jon Stewart and several of the liberal, progressive people on your list have also stated the same things. It looks like you’ve made a strong case against the rich people that can’t see past their own greed and DON’T support OWS, rather than the rich, liberal people that do and understand that they should pay their fair share.
    People are angry at the government at their lack of oversight of the banks, yes, but isn’t it the duty of the government to respond to the needs of their people? Are you thinking that Congress is incapable of watching OWS happen on their television screens? Congress is already completely aware of the issue, hence the bill that they tried to pass and was blocked by the conservatives (all of whom you neglected to highlight for some reason). Why do you think democratic members, the majority of whom were able to look past their personal wealthy and honestly say “I deserve to pay more” are deserving of scorn here? That doesn’t make sense
    The government acted negligently, definitely, and I think there should be much more regulation of the banks, and some has been instituted but it’s not enough. Again, this is because conservatives have blocked these bills.
    The banks made money off of the suffering of the not-rich, the not-wealthy. They profited and profited off of practices that should have been illegal, but at the very least there’s no way they didn’t know that what they were doing was wrong.
    People attempt to dismiss this movement because of the technology they use but in this day and age you don’t have to be extremely wealthy to own those things. You don’t have to be a millionaire and I don’t like people insinuating that just because I went to college I have an easy life. My dad is a small farmer, my mother is a cleaning woman. I held down 4 jobs in college to make ends meet, I have lower college loan debt than most people but that only means I’ll eventually get out from under it a little sooner. I got a job right out of college but I am always hovering on the edge because our company could easily go out of business because of the turbulent economy. I live in a small studio apartment and my student loans taken a large chunk of my money each month, so do taxes. I have a phone and a laptop because I carefully saved for them. My credit card raised my APR to 30% even though I was a long time customer and had never ever missed a payment.
    So again, I don’t understand this post, are you suggesting that we shouldn’t hold the banks responsible for their reprehensible behavior? Are you suggesting that the democrats should be railed against for trying to pass a law that they themselves should be taxed more? Why did you highlight the democrats in this post? Why not the republicans who voted against having their own taxes raised? Are you suggesting that those in Congress are unaware of the matter and require protesters in front of them at all times?
    Also, more to the point, why have you ignored the fact that there are OWS protesters in DC? OWS people are, in fact in Washington DC, protesting around government building.

    • Adriana,
      My point in doing the meticulous research and writing of this post is really quite simple:
      The OWS protesters keep saying they’re “the 99%” who are against the “top 1%.” So I decided to find out just who the “top 1%” are. Why does this bother you?

    • I see you’ve received the DNC memo stating, “conservatives blocked the bill”. First of all, to state “conservatives” blocked this is misleading – in DC you are either a Rino or a Democrat. We’d gladly like to have conservatives in DC. Let’s see, majority of the Senate opposed the bill. And what party has the majority of the Senate? The whole bill was a joke to begin with – no true job creation (remember how that Stimulus package worked so well?) and just a political ploy for Skippy et al to blame republicans.
      These rich liberals want to pay more taxes? There is NOTHING stopping them from writing a big fat check to the government RIGHT NOW. Cough it up if you truly believe it’s going to help. It’s not. Not all the money from every rich US citizen will dig us out of debt. It’s about the spending.

      • By that token, why don’t rich conservatives do the same thing? Why is your beef specifically with liberals who have tried to get laws passed so that they will all be required to pay more? Further, many millionaires give money to charities, but I’m not satisfied with depending on people’s personal morals to make them give back to the community, are you?

        • Why should rich conservatives cough up more money just because a rich liberal claims he needs to pay more taxes? If you have a personal belief you need to pay more taxes, that’s your opinion. If a lib wants to get a law passed to pay more taxes, go for it. In the meantime, if you are so determined to pay more taxes, cough up the check freely to the IRS. Why doesn’t the government spend less?
          I’m quite comfortable with trusting that people do good and give money to charity. You should see the amount of money our church raises for projects all around the world (at one fundraiser, we raised over a quarter million dollars in one week for charitywater)! And I’m quite comfortable in the knowledge that cons tend to donate money more to charities than libs do.

  39. Solutions: 1) No more elections, ever. 2) End all tax exemptions for churches. 3) Close the border, no “guest workers”, we don’t have enough jobs for Americans, let Mexico fix it’s own mess. 4) Close all overseas bases, tremendous savings right there. 5) Foreign aid only to allies. 6) Total withdrawal from the UN, then give them 24 hours to leave the country, destroy the building and make it a commercial zone. 7) Dismantle the CIA. 8) Legalize marijuana, freeing up jail space for real criminals and boosting tax revenue. (9) Abolish the IRS, DEA, BATF and DOE.

  40. Thanks Steve and Eowyn, and other FOTM members… 😀 The days are short and we have lots of work to do! 😉

  41. This article is pure crap. Obviously the person who wrote it doesn’t understand how things truly work or is intentionally skewing numbers. Some of the greatest concentration of wealth is kept under trust funds and will not be revealed under individual names. Many of them are family trusts that have been building wealth for generations. Those are the people not mentioned and the one’s controlling the most.

    • Please point to the specifics you identify as “crap” anon. You think Eowyn doesn’t understand how things truly work? Ah sir/mam, get ready for an earful tomorrow from the author of this blog post.! So you are an expert on how things truly work? Please provide references for your absolute knowledge.
      Exactly what kind of trust funds are you speaking of? CDs, stocks, bonds, real estate, combination, etc.? There are many different types that are eventually revealed by name, especially when reporting gains/loss to the IRS.

    • And I’m guessing the bulk of them have the all important “D” after their name.
      That means that, in your eyes, anything goes.
      Right, comrade?
      And even if you did manage to confiscate 100% of the holdings of the so-called wealthy, you would only have enough to run the US government for about five months.
      Then what, you government-educated genius?

      • There you go Dave, trying to insert logic when it’s all about “tax the rich” feelings…numbers are a difficult thing for libs to comprehend. Just take all the rich peoples’ monies and all our problems solved!

    • anon,
      So you think my post is “pure crap”? Then why don’t you come up with EVIDENCE to show that the facts, figures, statistics, and names I’ve given — together with embedded source references — are, as you so eloquently put it, “crap”? Until you do, I won’t even waste another second on you because you are just an Internet Orc who does not contribute anything productive, but hides behind his anonymity to spout hatred and venom. What a miserable person you must be. Your neighbors over there in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, must just love having you as their neighbor.

  42. I am not anti-God, I just want churches to pay their share and not be beholden to the government. Let’s take a look at the “leaders” of churches in this country: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, Kenneth Copeland, Jim Jones, Farakhan, etc., I could go on all night. Do we really need Chrystal Cathedrals, built at taxpayer expense? Do we need preachers who are afraid of losing their exempt status if they don’t toe the government line and continue to falsely cite Romans 13? To me, organized religion is just another layer of government control, period. Take a look at Utah, I went there for artillery school,you MUST buy something to eat if you order alcohol. Wonder where that idiotic law came from? Couldn’t be the Mormons, could it? Oh, and the strippers had to wear pasties. Here in Arizona ’til recently, you couldn’t buy alcohol before 10 am on a Sunday. No, it couldn’t have been because of blue nosed religio fanatics, could it? Long as religion stays out of making laws, I have no problem with them. When they start making laws based on their religious beliefs, we have a problem, all of us.

  43. Well, well ,well, the so called democratic governments use the same techniques of diversions like third world totalitarian governments. The 1% is not plainly the wealth figures; it is the political corrupted monopoly relationship between money and politics where the equal chances of life and healthy competition are deprived, and the ruling class and their cronies hiding behind that by either cheating manipulation that if not worked hence brutality. This is the issue internationally, not only American.

  44. The owner of the money is not who holds it in his possession, but who controls it even if he doesn’t possess them, according to that principle, even if the above data is right they are pointless (of course I don’t trust them, in major they are manipulation).

  45. Just little example of millions of subtle hidden monopoly:
    The freelance American inventor, needs for tens of thousands of dollars, to register some little invention; that mostly doesn’t have. The only chance he has is to cripple on his stomach for some corporate or rich to succeed, he is imprisoned in the system.
    Monopoly of the main stream media, what chances the public have to choose the right representative for them?
    Etc etc etc. and millions of etceteras
    These are the issues that took us to the current global hardship, not who possesses what, the issue is who is deprived of freedom and who in monopoly controls who and hence what.
    Nice attempt of diversion, try harder than this.

    • Hey, Ashraf,
      Why did you choose to come onto my post — in which I tried to answer the question “Who are the top 1%”, using facts, figures, and names — and then attack me? What “diversion” have I done? I’m not part of the Top 1% nor am I their mouthpiece, are you? Don’t you have anything better to do?

  46. And yes, we are 99% slaves, the same historical case and struggle.Global revolution.

  47. In light of OWS, a couple of quotes I found to be pertinent;
    “Few people have any next, they live from hand to mouth without a plan, and are always at the end of their line.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Bastiat famously said that “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.” And for this situation, he maintained, “there is only one remedy: time. People have to learn, through hard experience, the enormous disadvantage there is in plundering one another.”
    If one understands that Socialism is not a “share the wealth” program but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super rich men promoting Socialism
    becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately Socialism, is not a movement of the down-trodden
    masses but of the economic elite. – Gary Allen
    Substitutes for effective and peaceful persuasion, the use of force and the threat of force, are tools of fear. They are instruments of slavery and dictatorship. Any side that is advocating for the initiation of violence or force as a means toward ends is wrong. Two wrongs never make a right.

  48. In reply to;
    Adriana Ferguson (@missveryvery) | October 20, 2011 at 12:24 pm | Reply By that token, why don’t rich conservatives do the same thing? Why is your beef specifically with liberals who have tried to get laws passed so that they will all be required to pay more? Further, many millionaires give money to charities, but I’m not satisfied with depending on people’s personal morals to make them give back to the community, are you?

    “… make them give back …”???
    Are you assuming they stole it, that they must be forced to give back?
    Are you advocating the initiation of force here?
    If so, where are your morals?

  49. Greed is no match when it comes to envy. Both are evil. But neither can be legislated away.

  50. Sir, exactly, good point, though I don’t agree that much about greed is no match when it comes to envy, because both are incentive to conquer what is not your right? In that I see them very match, however, your input of greed and envy in comparison is real inspirational.
    A matter of fact, greed lead to Marxism (you used to say communism) where a few whether you call them superrich in America or communist party in Russia, are controlling the entire lives of the wider society, meanwhile envy leads rather to savage capitalism as perceived by majority today where possessing the material is a matter of showing and pride than happiness regardless of ethical approaches. Both are wrong indeed.
    When we talk about the two sides of the fence of 1% and 99%, how much the wealth in either side, it is rather envy, how much control either side gripping, we are talking about greed that exceeds any enthusiasm for money.
    Is the situation here, envy or greed? Or perhaps, is it something worse than both altogether? I don’t like both or the third possibility whatsoever.
    Sorry, Dr. Eowyn, the adrenalin of the revolution, sometimes demands its own some degree of roughness, thank you for your patience, decency and consideration, my apology.

  51. Dear GF,
    Bless your beautiful heart. There’s a reason why the description of my gravatar says, sorta tongue-in-cheek, “Hobby: troll hunting”. I don’t take their slings and arrows personally, because I recognize the well of malice from whence come those ad hominem attacks.
    I’ve been blogging now for 3 years. I do this not for personal gain or recognition (“Eowyn” is a nom de plume), not for praise, but because I am called to the battle. Our beloved America is in mortal peril. If we don’t turn this around in the next year or two, I fear we’ll reach the point of no return, if we’re not already there. That’s why I do this, because I love this country, I love the Founding Fathers and the dream they had so many years ago.
    You cannot pay me a bigger compliment than the “angel” appellation. I am, of course, no angel, but I so love and admire the good Angels, led by the Braveheart of Angels, St. Michael. So I will accept your high compliment in their name.
    I am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you, GF! Upwards and onwards. To battle!

  52. It appears that a lot of the people who are protesting the 1% should really be protesting the .1%. It only takes an income of $350,000 to be in the ‘top’. I have seen protesters saying they are protesting people making millions/billions every year.
    People can easily take charge of their financial future, especially if your in the very bottom. There are tons of programs to assist people with lower incomes with higher education.

  53. You are full of it as much as you are full of yourself and your pseudo-intellect. And from the comments I’ve seen so far, your constituents only love America for what they can squeeze out of its population.
    You are sick, twisted and slightly demented if you think this tripe you write has any intrinsic value, except maybe to continue perpetuating the lie of capitalism, neo-liberalism, neo-conservatism and rule by the oligarchy.

    • Typical commie, pull an Alinsky instead of debating any facts of the blog post.
      Don’t like capitalism? Then why is your arse still in CA? Why not head to Cuba or China? I’m sure you’d enjoy that lifestyle much more than the one you have in sunny CA…

    • Wow, Savage (you’re certainly no “Doc”),
      How long did it take you to squeeze out those 3 sentences, containing only ad hominem insults but not an iota of counter-evidence or even a counter-argument? An hour? A day? Do you move your lips, too, when you speak?

  54. All the list of the super rich is a lie the real rich people are behind the scene using the obvious super rich(for the public to hate) so that they can continue making their TRILLIONS. I,m talking about the ROTHSCHILD family. The richest of all creations. DAMN!!!!! I’m jealous of them not the like like Bill Gate and Warren Buffet. I wish I was the riches black guy from Ghana with all those TRILLIONS.

  55. It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Economic Student

    You used Wikipedia as a source. You lost all credibility immediately. Sorry. Couldn’t be assed to read the rest.

    • Too bad you couldn’t point your mouse on the other links available – US Census Bureau, My Budget 360, Federal Reserve Board, etc. – to educate yourself. While I don’t prefer wikipedia, they can offer useful information. In fact, many colleges and schools allows it to be used in citing homework.
      If you had taken the time to read the whole article and associated links, or other blog posts here, you will find that we provide much more facts/links than any of the SRM.

    • Assed? For someone who claims such intellectual superiority, you are sadly deficient in your command of the English language. I take it as a badge of honor that you “couldn’t be assed” to reading the rest. Unlike you, FOTM readers are classy folks.

  57. second year physics student

    I actually learned more reading through the replies rather than from the article itself. At the very least, you have made me reconsider how important and intellectually exhausting social sciences can actually be, and also to make sure I can cite every claim I ever make from now on. ^^

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