Whites Only Laundromat

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4 days ago, I did a post on a startling scene in an Atlanta strip mall, wherein the mall’s black on-site manager, Darrien Long, was subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse by two adult black women and their black out-of-control kids. When one of the women escalated the abuse from verbal to physical by shoving Long, he deployed a taser on the woman. (See “Embattled Atlanta strip mall manager tasers out-of-control black mom,” Feb. 2, 2013.)
I confessed my bewilderment about the incident — why the black kids hurled racial (and gay) slurs at the black manager, and why after the incident, the black manager was threatened by black patrons of the mall.
A black reader, Favstarr01, wrote a nasty comment accusing me of racism!
BTW, “Favstarr01,” if you’re wondering why you don’t see that offensive comment of yours (or any of your previous comments), that’s because they’ve been deleted. You are banned from FOTM, a privately-owned blog that is under no obligation to publish your (or anyone’s) comments. Nothing in the Constitution says we must subject ourselves to your (or anyone’s) verbal abuse.
Here’s a hilarious video that uses humor to show how, under the Left’s Tyranny of Political Correctness, any and everything we say and do can and do become “racist.”

We might as well surrender ’cause the choo-choo train of Political Correctness is always at least one step ahead of ya!
But then, PC is designed to be that way.
It’s called mind-f*ck or, in polite company, tyranny.

Racism is the favorite weapon of the Left. Simply scream “racism!” and all other views immediately become invalid.

H/t FOTM’s Miss May

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0 responses to “Whites Only Laundromat

  1. That video is a SCREAM!!!!!!! (Of course, in a good way … xD)

  2. Dr. Eowyn, it’s about time people have the guts to show videos & make comments about such despicable behavior in what is supposed to be a civilized society.
    This is but one example of the boldness of those who have no self restraint out in public.
    Perhaps if enough of this barbaric behavior is shown when it is caught on video, it might create some element of shame –although I think not–.
    The group of cockroaches in that video are beneath animal behavior,–“it is what it is” & if someone gets their panties in a wad because it’s shown, and if there are comments about it,—- cry me a river!
    And if it always tends to involve those of a certain ethnic background, whose fault is that ??
    If they can’t show decency & respect, and teach their kids respect, they don’t need to be out in public !
    If that sounds racist, well to darn bad ! This is a land of laws, not some third world country hellhole like so many are trying to leave !

    • Thank you, Lily!
      We have reached the low point in American politics when it’s “racist” to say, show, or report anything remotely negative about blacks. That’s why media reports about black riot or looting or assault or “flash mob,” scrupulously avoid identifying the perpetrators as black or the current PC term “African American.” Instead, they are merely called “youth.”
      By the way, flying into a rage at the slightest hint of criticism is one of the attributes of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  3. Don’t you just love good humor ? The only reason that it is funny is because it is the truth . That cartoon is funny also .

  4. When my white shirts came out pink my wife was upset, she said, you have to keep the whites and colored separated. Maybe it was a good thing we were home alone when she yelled at me about that.

  5. Remember, unthinking agreement with left/libtards is “diversity,” but reasoned disagreement is “racism”… then we get to George Zimmerman being a “white hispanic” (despite being partially black) for shooting “cute li’l Trayvon Martin” who happened to be taller, bigger and beating him to a pulp and also black and using something with THC in it.

  6. and you forgot to mention that Trayvon was a punk

    • Oh, and he was a no-account punk-ass wannabe hoodlum who thought wearing a wife-beater on his webcam made him a hard man (that and watching too much MMA made him think he could the the knock-out game on some dude packin’ a gun).

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post. The video is hysterical and I love the ad. This is all about non-sequiturs, or, conclusions made without any kind of logic. Amazing!

  8. Of course those of you who are applauding this video and Dr. Eowyns masterful depiction of the truth of racism are not black. None of you understand the societal denigration of the American black. You are all ridiculously ignorant and stupifyingly uninformed of what its like to be black in this country. We blacks just got sick of your white nonsense and decided that sicne u all think we are trash anyway we might as well get a few good shots in. I stand in slack-jawed incredulity at the supidity of this site.

    • Good grief. And you, “Johnny Q,” actually call yourself a pastor. Pastor of what church, I dread to ask:

    • JohnnyQ:
      Your mission in life is to hate and blame the white man for every problem you have. We get it, and we could care less at this point.
      For 40 yrs white people have tried to make amends for the past. Know what? We’re done. You and your skinny ass messiah in Washington have set race relations back 25 yrs.
      People are fed up. I’ve been on the blog 4 yrs and have seen the mood of the people change. Trust me they are fed up. You will wake up one day and say oh crap I think we went too far. Good luck with that.
      I heard about this thing called slavery, have you? Terrible thing.
      Did anyone ever tell you the part of the story where…
      Black tribe A captures Black tribe B and sells them to Arabs, or Spanish and in fact first slaves arrived here in the 1500’s at Spanish colonies. Why Don’t you teach your children this? No really. Your instilling hatred in them from the get go.
      Way to go slick, great way to love your children Teach them to hate. That will take them far in life. Oh while we’re on it, Shaniqa, Taniqa, Whatever, I’m thinking maybe cultural, but not going to help when it’s time to find a job in the corporate world. Yep guess that would be racist too.
      The lovely women and children in the mall video. You want to own them? You want them representing you as a black man. (oops, sorry that would be African-American)

      These people I know who happen to be black would be appalled at that behavior. As I would of White trailer trash like that. For you to defend that tells me you are such a loser.
      Really, see by blaming and hating whitey you never have to succeed . If you fail, oh well whitey’s fault.
      Know what irks me. If a Black person gets an education , gets a good job, does well. They are an Uncle Tom. You are stuck on stupid, and I’m afraid it’s terminal.
      Let’s sum this up shall we: I never owned a slave, my parents never did, so truthfully not my prob..
      Steve Oh and on your way out BITE ME

      • Right on Steve . As to your Uncle Tom remark . Whenever a black man / woman grows a brain and ” LEAVES THE DEMOCRAP PLANTATION ” , that is their only reply . Just like Black children in the ” hood ” who strive for an education having to put up with the verbal jabs of be accused of ” acting White ” .

    • Here’s some more stupidity for you Johnny Q . Would the civil rights act and the voting rights act have passed without republican support ?
      Who came up with the regulations for Lyndon Johnson’s ” GREAT SOCIETY ” welfare programs that have destroyed the black nuclear family by placing economic limits for the household ? Which drove the fathers out of the house or they couldn’t get their $$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……Here’s a clue ,,,,,,,it was the party of Robert Byrd ( K.K.K.Grand Dragon ) , Al Gore Sr. , Strom Thurmond , and that clown from Ark. Fulbright . They all have 3 things in common . They were Southern Dems. , they did not vote for either act , and they weren’t too fond of your people .
      But thanks to our wonderful gov’t indoctrination centers those FACTS are not taught .
      B.T.W. , I like the way you spelled ” supidity ” and ” sicne ” . I stand in slack – jawed amazement at your ability to either convey a thought or simple spelling .

      • japoa, 40 yrs of rewriting history and now it’s carved in stone. Dems did it all. God forbid they had the facts like you or I have. Give them just enough to keep them on the plantation and vote.
        I would almost feel bad for them, well the kids I do cause they don’t stand a chance. But as you say some kid betters himself , get’s out and he’s an Uncle Tom. That’s only half the story. Have any idea how long that kid had to take abuse cause he went to school while the next generation of the State’s gray-bar motel will be earning their parole.

        • They do NOT want anybody to have the facts because we will be a thorn in their side , an albatross around their neck , or just a plain old pain in the ass .

  9. And “anonymous” of course you wouldn’t have the courage to put any kind of a name to your nonsensical post about Trayvon Martin. You want us to eat a crap sandwich while youre telling us its really steak…what a lying troll u are…and a braying jack ass as well…

    • Of course you spew crap instead of debating the facts. You don’t know a thing about Anon & how this person defends your freedoms. That includes your freedom to still be a victim. Sucks to be stuck on color.

      • That’s their fall-back position when all-else fails . Use the race card !!!

      • DCG, I was going to smush him here also. Just taking a break. Now I realize You have it handled.
        We have it handled.
        America has finally got it handled.
        Johnny -B-Stupid
        I don’t hate you because your a Black Man. nope
        I hate you because your a Black Man who Is terminally Stupid
        See the diff..

        • The only problem in Johnny Q’s frame of logic is that you used the term black and hate in the same sentence . Therefore , you are a ……..pick the current p.c. term ( b.t w. , I don’t give a rats ass ….Johnny !!!)

    • Now, Johnny Q, I’m just saying left/liberal types play the race card to their advantage far too often while calling everyone who disagrees with them racist… you’re the one serving up chicken sh*t, telling everyone it’s chicken salad and accusing them of not being able to tell the difference becuase they’re too dumb to know better. Please. (Was born at night, not last night.)

  10. That was the funniest vid ever. I am going to Uncle Tom’s for my whites only.
    That would be after I clean the coffee spew off my monitor.
    Hey what ever happened to our little spew guy?


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