Whites in Obama's America Feel More Discriminated Than Blacks

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White Obama

In 2008, Obama was touted as the “post-racial” presidential candidate whose candidacy, at once, was symbolic of a new post-racial tolerant America as well as the promise that, as President, he would further heal this country’s historical racial divide.

Like the rest of Obama’s “Hope & Change” rhetoric, that too turned out to be a chimera.
According to an article in the UK’s The Telegraph, May 25, 2011, a new study by professors at Harvard Business School and Tufts university finds that white Americans now feel more discriminated against than blacks.

The study polled roughly 200 white people and 200 black people drawn at random from a national census and asked them to rate racist attitudes against blacks and whites in each decade from 1950 to 2000.
Both groups felt racism against black people was substantial in the 1950s and both groups agreed the situation had markedly improved.
However, white respondents to the survey indicated that racism is now on the rise against white people. 11% of respondents even gave anti-white racism a maximum rating of 10 points.
Little wonder, given the reflexive demonization of Obama’s critics as racists, not to mention the refusal of Obama’s Justice Department to prosecute the New Black Panthers (NBP) for voter intimidation. In 2008, NBP showed up in Philadelphia voting places dressed in black paramilitary uniforms and carrying billy clubs.

Historians in the future, after the hypnotic fog has lifted, will conclude that Obama’s presidency actually set back racial relations in America — by decades.
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0 responses to “Whites in Obama's America Feel More Discriminated Than Blacks

  1. We need a good ole fashioned race war. I’ll join the blacks fighting people like you Eowyn.

    • Well, helloooo, demonic troll. I see you’ve invented yet another alias — your 8th. (Previous aliases of “John Bingham” are Lets Kill Birthers, Birthers are Traitors, Why Lie, Truth Hurts, Want Truth?, James Spader, Jasper). How do I know it’s you? ‘Cause you’re using the same IP address ( Sterling, VA) as the 3rd one “Jasper” recently used.
      Thank you for demonstrating to our readers the kind of evil people you Leftists are! And to show my appreciation…
      evil liberal John Bingham
      Allelujah! Praise be to Jesus, our Lord and God! +++

    • It’s people like you that keep the race war going. So much for loving your fellow mankind…sigh

      • Just like King Shamir “I Hate White People” Shabazz of the Black Panthers (and his fans at DoJ)…

    • Bingham, better bring something really big to take me on Bubba.

    • catscanner150

      You, like most liberals mistake Christians as pacifists and therefore an easy target for defeat, but if you look back through history some of the most powerful warriors were professed believers in Christ. Before you start thinking you can come on this site and make threats against any of us, you’d better know that most if not all of us are armed and proficient in firearms and in my case a veteran. If you want a war we will give you one, albeit a short one with heavy casualties on your side.

  2. Hey, I know this is true…..
    My husband is an incredible drummer and time after time he has lost jazz or funk gigs to decidedly less talented drummers by virtue of the fact that they had a larger quantity of melanin than he does……
    Also I have had agents ask me if I know any “multicultural” illustrators because an editor has a children’s book manuscript with a “multicultural” storyline and it would be more pc to hire a more “diverse” artist……as if a paler shaded artist couldn’t paint nappy headed children.
    It’s all beyond stupid!

  3. Mad Angel is on FB

    I can vouch for this “phenomena” …a couple of years ago I traveled across the US, from Alaska to Michigan…. by bus and train after I reached Seattle….let me insert here that I spent my teen and early adult life in southern California in the 70’s…and what I experienced was something out of the 50’s….in reverse

  4. I have noticed a gradual increase in an attitude change in blacks I have known for quite some time. Some acquaintenances, and some whom I had considered friends, have changed. I have begun to feel that perhaps I misread their intentions, and that I was deluded all these years. I don’t consider myself bigoted, and have always had the thought that as I was treating others with respecft and real friendship that I was getting it in return. Now that’s not to say that all whom I know are changing. But there’s this nagging feeling there that some barely conceal their hostiity. My feeling is this, get it out in the open, talk to me, don’t act as if it’s all business as usual between us. I thought I knew you. The attitude among Hispanics here in San Antonio is just barely hidden. They can barely contain themselves as we are constantly reminded in the press and media that Hispanics are overtaking the rest of the population. There’s definitely a lot of undertone, but it’s gradual but that makes it more deadly. I can only count on my HIspanic family members to be open with me. So no, this is not paranoia. This is a psychological change that is occurring. If anyone wants to discuss this, please feel free to respond. Linda

    • Remember the economic downturn is Whitey’s fault and they owe because of that! (ro something along those lines when it comes to “rage” or whatever the excuse is)

  5. This was a very interesting post! I read another post the other day on the Forbes blog, which emphasizes some of the same points brought out in this article. The name of it is “Deconstructing President Obama’s Strange Stance on Israel.” If you haven’t read it, in my opinion, it would be worthwhile to take the time to read it. But this post was very good.

  6. and you didnt know from 1965 that this war was coming?mob attacks by blacks on whites and the light bulb might be turning on?people,the jewish owned media and the democratic hustlers have been at this for 47 years.DUH!wisconsin in november whites will be able to fight back.keep your powder dry and your guns close to you.and for the selfhating white liberals who say people should surrender their life to black racism,i say you first!


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