Whites are now hyphenated Americans too!

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Are you a “white” American?

Have you been feeling left out, neglected, and dissed because all the Americans-of-color have fancy hyphenated group-names like African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Latino-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Arab-Americans, Muslim-Americans, and of course THE BEST AND MOSTEST hyphenated group of all, the NATIVE-Americans?

Well, the Democratic Party of Hyphenated Americans care about your feeeeeelings. So now whities also get a hyphen!!!!

The official 2012 Democratic Convention website is calling on all “European and Mediterranean Americans” to “come together”! Here’s the article:

European and Mediterranean Americans met in the Ethnic Council meeting at Charlotte Convention Center on Monday, September 3 to discuss the engagement and empowerment of grassroots communities in the political process.

The Ethnic Council is a coalition of leaders representing Democrats who have organized among diverse backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities and demographic or geographic origins. At the convention, they are coming together to support President Barack Obama’s re-nomination and discuss strategies for increasing grassroots participation.

The personal stories of the delegates reflected American diversity and shared heritage.  Members offered ideas about connecting with specific communities as they work to keep our country moving in the right direction.

Maryland State Senator Jim Rosapepe, an Italian-American, is excited to re-nominate President Obama. Senator Rosapepe said, “I think he stands for the values we grew up with: family, education, and community. When Italian-Americans came, we had to stand together. Italian-Americans got ahead by the way others got ahead, by standing together.”

Don’t you feel more American now that you also have a hyphen?

Phew! I’m so relieved now that the Democrats have put every American into neat little boxes in accordance with our race, ethnicity, and continent of origin — no matter how many generations it was since your ancestors had left that continent!

But wait. Weren’t we told back in 2008 that the half African-American, half European-American POS would be America’s first post-racial president?


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0 responses to “Whites are now hyphenated Americans too!

  1. Great article Doc! 😀

    We were once ONE big group off…AMERICANS….but now, thanks to this, we are MANY MANY individual groups. Yea! I feel better!

    • Hey Steve! I’ve missed you!

      I totally agree…they are dividing us…on purpose. I think we should all be Americans plain and simple.

      All I know is that if we are forced to have a label then they will have to call me a “Heinz 57-American”! I am a huge mix. 😀

    • Or, if Rosapepe means the Chicago Values way, it’d be organized crime… either way, here’s a schmuck, you’re right.

  2. Dems should have a new slogan – If it ain’t broke, fix it til it is. There was nothing wrong with being a plain ol’ American.

  3. They are emphasizing our differences with a purpose in mind. The last time I went to the doctor I was given a form to fill out that asked for my nationality (thanks to Obamacare’s new directives) and my choices, including Urdu, took up nearly half a page. What happened to “Out Of Many, One”???

  4. As long as they can find a way to divide us, they keep us from being united. The sad part is so many people are too stupid to realize that. Yes, I am politically uncorrect and said “stupid”. I don’t agree with hyphenating America, but, Personally, American should come first in the hyphen, American-African, American-Hispanic, etc. we should all be first and foremost Americans.

  5. I felt like signing up on their web site,and telling them to “BITE ME”


  7. Right when you thought things couldn’t get any more stupid.

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post! Wow, I now have a hyphen. There shouldn’t be any hyphens for any race or nationality. We are simply Americans. This is sickening and stupid!

  9. You know, they mightily resisted the urge to call it being Honky-American… the Pathers are pissed (you know how long it took them get King Samir Shabazz off of “Crackers”?).

  10. I’m a Serbian-American and an Orthodox Christian.

    The Demonrats DO NOT speak for me.

  11. Can we make up our own hyphenations? I’ll be a vertically challenged, gravitationally enhanced, follicularly deprived, French, Dutch, German, English-American.


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