White Reporter Race-Baits Black TEA Partier

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According to Wikipedia, a meaning of the word “race-baiting” is:

The use of any language or actions perceived to be for the purpose of exploiting weaknesses in persons who can be identified as members of certain groups, or to reinforce a group’s perceived victimhood…. Many people who practice race baiting often believe in racism, or have an interest in making the group believe that racism is what motivates the actions of others.

A white reporter of NBC, a television network with all-white news anchors, did just that yesterday. Reporter Kelly O’Donnell asks a black man at a TEA Party tax protest, “There aren’t a lot of African-Americans at these events. Have you ever felt… uncomfortable?”
Now, why would O’Donnell ask such a question? Seems to me this white woman is the one who’s racist. All she sees in the man, whose name is Darryl Postell, is his skin color instead of his humanity.
Postell’s answer is perfect: “No, no, these are my people. Americans!”
Mr. Postell, we on FellowshipOfMinds send you our warm wishes and love.

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8 responses to “White Reporter Race-Baits Black TEA Partier

  1. And the best part this video is going viral and showing up on multiple and well known websites.
    For those Americans that are still asleep to the racist tactics of the MSM this video should be a sound wake up call.

  2. I have NEVER been able to tolerate Kelley O’Donnell. She is a stuck-up, patronizing member of MSM. Whenever I see her on TV, my Bitch-meter goes off!

    • Think about it this way DW they failed yesterday and they failed miserably. Right now I bet O’Donnell is throwing a tantrum of epic proportions because everything her and others in the media like her are doing is failing in leaps and bounds.

  3. LOL..Doc’s wife..same here

  4. Yeah Steve we can tell and you got no arguments from us (I thought I can get angry) it’s going to be rough for a long time coming and the does not look like they will be seeing the light anytime soon.
    Yeah it’s going to get bad and dare I say it down right ugly and there is nothing wrong with admitting the truth to that fact.
    God forbid if something happens to one of our cities Obama AND the MSM will be done for.

  5. Steve,
    No need to apologize. You articulated what many of us feel. That’s what Fellowship is for, among other functions — a place to vent so that we don’t lose it and do something stupid!

    • Eowyn is right Steve because we have no money to bail you out with if you do something rash but I can bake you a cake with file in it if you do happen to go over the edge 😉
      Just let me know what flavor ‘kay?

  6. That’s one thing I learned about Dems and Libs Steve is that nothing is dead unless they themselves want it to die. They will hide it, mold it, reshape it, transform it, but they will NEVER let any policy die that is to their advantage.


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