White president of California State University: All light-skinned people are racist

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America’s colleges and universities are full of leftwing ideologues, not just among the faculty, but also at the very top. An example is the president of a California State University, Jane Close Conoley.
The State of California has three public higher education systems:

  1. The University of California (UC) system, with 10 campuses, a combined student body of 234,464 students, 18,896 faculty members, 189,116 staff members, and over 1.6 million living alumni. Examples: U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Santa Cruz, U.C.L.A., etc.
  2. The California State University system (Cal State or CSU), the largest 4-year public university system in the United States, composed of 23 campuses and 8 off-campus centers enrolling 437,000 students with 44,000 faculty members and staff. Examples: CSU East Bay, CSU Chico, CSU Sacramento, CSU Long Beach.
  3. California Community College system.

Jane Close Conoley is the president of Cal State University, Long Beach (CSULB) — the second largest campus of the CSU system and one of the largest universities in the state of California by enrollment, its student body numbering 36,279 for the Fall 2012 semester.

CSULB President Jane Close Conoley in 2013

CSULB President Jane Close Conoley in 2013

In a Dec. 5, 2014 op-ed for Cal State University Long Beach titled, “Privilege at the Beach,” Conoley states that all “light-skinned” and rich people have “unearned privilege” and are accorded with “automatic trust, deference, and security.” In contrast, those with “darker skin” or are from “other cultures” don’t have that “unearned privilege” and so are treated with “micro to macro aggressions, distrust, and low expectations for behavior.”  
Her op-ed begins with her utopian vision of CSULB becoming “a zone of kindness and respect…where we automatically accord one another expectations for the best and allow each person to earn additional privilege by purposeful work, persistence, and accomplishment. A place where privilege is unaffected by skin color, national origin, who we love, religion, or disability, veteran, or social status.”
Woefully, the reality of CSULB is far from her utopian vision. Referring (but not explicitly stating) to the grand jury decisions concerning the shooting deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Conoley writes:

Recent events remind me that this is not always the case in our society.
Light skin color and high-income levels may attract significant unearned privilege. This privilege can manifest itself in numerous ways that afford automatic trust, deference, and security. Those who are less affluent with darker skin or from other cultures can be targets of micro to macro aggressions, distrust, and low expectations for behavior.
Those with privilege are often unaware of this discrepancy, as people treat them with respect—as all individuals should be treated. When they enter department stores they are greeted with smiles and offers of help. When they ask questions or request additional service, they are answered cordially. On approach, they are seen as benign.
Those without such privilege are thrown, merely by circumstances mainly out of their control, into the opposite context. They may be followed when entering a high-end department store or have their purchasing attempts viewed with suspicion. Others may view their presence or approach with suspicion and fear.
While those who have privilege can see authority figures as benevolent and trustworthy, those without such privilege may experience these same individuals as threatening and abusive. These opposite perceptions can manifest in dramatically different behaviors. For example, when an officer of the law approaches me, I expect to be treated politely and so react to the approach calmly and perhaps with curiosity. My calm curiosity may be completely unimaginable to those without privilege.
The insidious effects of low and high expectations concern me greatly. The research in behavioral psychology is pretty clear that we rise to higher expectations or become compliant and resigned to low expectations. Further, our expectations greatly affect how we make meaning out of situations. That is, if you think I’ll be cooperative and respectful, I am inspired to be just that. On the other hand, if you expect me to be defiant or scornful, I might adopt that attitude, or worse, have anything I do be perceived as such.

In other words, the president of one of the largest universities in the state of California believes that EVERY light-skinned (translation: White) American has it good, whereas EVERY dark-skinned (translation: Black) American is treated with prejudice, bigotry, and RAAAAAAACISM.
But from whom? Who’s “targeting” dark-skinned Americans with “micro to macro aggressions, distrust, and low expectations for behavior”?
Those “light-skinned” Americans with their “unearned privileges,” of course.
In other words, Jane Close Conoley, the president of one of the largest universities in the state of California, thinks white people are inherently racist.
Which of course raises several questions:

  1. Since Jane Close Conoley is a “light-skin,” surely her presidency of Cal State Long Beach is an “unearned privilege.” Therefore, she should resign and have one of those unprivileged “dark-skin” Americans take her place.
  2. If “light-skin” people are inherently racist, how did Jane Close Conoley manage to escape that evil predisposition?
  3. Lastly, and this is a question that has puzzled me for quite some time about high-earning liberal/progressive/leftwing women (the city where I live is full of them) like Jane Close Conoley who, as president of Cal State Long Beach, has the “unearned privilege” of an annual 6-figure salary:

“How is it that you, earning SIX figures a year on top of your other benefits like a free mansion, dress like a frump, with your BLACK BRA visible under your cheap-looking wrinkled white cotton top, and hair that looks like you cut it yourself? Surely you can afford to go to a hair salon and to shop for clothes in Nordstrom. I’ve found clothes better looking than your wrinkled tunic and cheap-looking scarf from Savers and Goodwill stores.”

To quote Warner Todd Huston of Liberty News:

This is the sort of childish, illogical, politically skewed (and politically motivated) garbage our tax dollars are paying for in the nation’s colleges. It is further proof that if conservatives don’t take back our system of education, we will continue to lose the culture war.

H/t Campus ReformCalifornia Political Review
See also “Obama says cops kill blacks because ‘they look different’

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0 responses to “White president of California State University: All light-skinned people are racist

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn, for unmasking yet another one of the moonbats that are ruining our colleges.

    • moonbats
      Ha Ha Ha Ha! I’m stealing it 😀

    • *Hangs head in shame*
      Things seem to have really gone downhill in the 10 years since I earned my degree in Political Science w/minor in Constitutional Law at CSULB. When I attended, the President was not some left wing commie moonbat who actually publicly reprimanded three professors who organized a protest to silence David Horowitz, who we the Campus Republicans had invited as a speaker. Mind you… one of those professors was the head of the “African-American Studies Department” as well as a convicted “torturer and kidnapper”. Thankfully the Political Science department head, Dr. Leiter, was a true Conservative/Libertarian who on two occasions came to my defense when Commie Professors punished me for my political ideology on term paper grades, and had them corrected. Dr. Leiter was in his late 70’s at the time and must be retired now, and judging by this story… he and the President were more than likely replaced by more commie a-holes in order to silence any future conservative thought. It’s truly a shame.
      Btw… Dr, Eowyn. About 5 years ago I did a little research into the political contributions of a couple Professors as well as the head of Orange Coast Community College William Vega Jr. (where I attended prior to CSULB) who I know personally and found something interesting. It seems 4 of the 5 “educators” I looked into had donated the maximum allowed by law to the DNC, which isn’t surprising except for the fact that these same people were listed as ALSO donating the maximum through their office address at the University they worked at. Last I checked, that is highly illegal.
      I never got the chance to fully document everything as I had intended, but even then I doubt anyone would do anything about it considering the current regime in power.
      The whole thing was spurred by me looking into the son of the president of OCCC, William Vega III who I’ve known since I was 5 years old because he had gone to Chicago to work for the Obama Campaign and his Uncle was supposedly someone important at the DNC, and after returning we had lunch one day and he never spoke with me again. Very strange considering I’ve known him very well for 30 years. Goes to show how intolerant liberals really are i guess.
      I wish I had the time to rekindle that investigation because it’s clear that these bastards will game the system no matter the cost because as they say, the ends justify the means. I’m not sure how widespread this tactic of double donating is, but considering it was clearly used by people closely tied to the DNC… my suspicion is that it must be widespread. So if you or anyone on this blog are looking for a nice scandalous lead to pursue against these corrupt Professors, have at ’em!

  2. Universities have become bootcamps for communists.

  3. Light-skinned? What the hell does that supposed to mean? Does she have chart to which she compares skin colors and passes judgements?
    Is the day coming when DHS will line everyone up and sort us into groups based on this chart?

    • This has been going on for 50 years unfortunately and no one has ever shut these demons down. I attended university after getting out of the military in 1971 and that same openly communistic psychobabble was being spewed loudly all over campus with hardly a peep of opposition. Actually those of us who were vets made our voices heard which was met with “go back to Vietnam and kill babies and women” We were violently opposed by the majority student body and definitely by the professors and admin staff. I had a number of professors who openly extolled the virtues of Atheism and Communism vs the pure evil of Capitalism and Christianity
      There was a large group of radical negroes on campus who were black panthers and regularly traveled in groups assaulting white and Asian students yelling about exterminating the white devils. School administration did nothing to discipline these savages
      The 60s was definitely a pivotal time where Satan began running roughshod on the former USA

  4. And here we see yet another upshot of the co-opting of Catholic institutions by the progressive-socialist left. That is, this woman had her education at an Ursuline Catholic college in New York that is known for this sort leftist / victim-driven pap. What – one wonders – would Ann Barnhardt make of this?

  5. Ok, this I have to respond to. Years ago, thirty-five plus years, I rented an apartment in a four-plex. One of the units was rented by a college student from Nigeria (who was very very black, in fact a lot darker than most Blacks). One of the units was rented by a single white woman who had a Black boyfriend, who practically lived there. The other unit was rented by a young white couple. If what this woman says is true, why did the Nigerian and Black dude, go head to head on a regular basis. They could not stand each other. The Nigerian thought all American Blacks were lazy, spoiled rotten, and all they had to do was say ‘give me’ and they got what they wanted. This American Black man — who lived with the white girl — was an administrator at one of the local colleges. In other words, he was no slouch, had a good job, dressed in suits to go to work, etc. This was the first time I ran into this racist attitude between Blacks. Over the years I would run into it quite often. I would say that Ms. Conoley does not have a clue what happens on her own campus. Of course that would be nothing new re admniistrators in academia. They always see things through rose colored glasses.

  6. Dr Eowyn, this was an extremely excellent and thoughtful blog. As you have pointed out, it is ludicrous that someone who holds such a position of trust would go around looking ill kept and slovenly. I would agree, she should give up her position as President of the college and let a person of color have the job–after all, she didn’t really “earn the job.” Furthermore, if her appearance is any indication of how she performs in the job–she is grossly overpaid!

  7. Project much does she?

  8. More insanity out of California…..shocker!!!

    • And…Northerngirl… why…in CA, of ALL PLACES ….w/one of the most mixed & diverse cultures (mixed families/races/religions)..of anywhere USA …can ANYONE today “get away with” blaming anything on racism or some degree of light or dark color (according to what scale)? It’s like “shooting in the dark.” As a CA teacher, I get accused regularly of “being racist” by kids who run around the room (poking other student’s eyes out, breaking public property, disrupting the delivery of education to others ….yatta yatta…) when I demand that they return to their seats & refocus on the educational task at hand (How many times do you think I’ve heard “I’m only in trouble b/c I’m Black!?”—does this sound like the “baby version” of Ferguson, MO? This is where it ALL STARTS, folks) . I’ve been accused of “grade-racism” by parents of students who’ve never turned in a peice of work to be graded…NOT EVEN passed a test forward, finished, to be collected & graded…LIKE I”D NEVER NOTICE! …and so on. Mostly African-American kids and parents, but every once in a while, an Asian. I am Caucasian. I can’t help THAT any more than anyone else of any other race can “help” their birth color. But, for sure, for 90% of the students of color…if their families have been in this country for more than a few generations, I have an idea about their historical background. NOT SO…for me. They can look at me and see only “white” but not my history. My standard answer to them is…”Can you tell by looking at me who sits around my dinner table each night or during holidays–what race…or races?” When they can tell me THAT, then I’ll sit down & talk about their feelings that they are being discriminated against by me due to race. The fact is…there are bi-racial families in my extended family…as there are in many families these days. Additionally, my family—PA Quakers or Mennonites many…have had a history of promoting civil rights for all, even in difficult times in our history and my familiy history is chock-full of some pretty sad stories of loss b/c some chose to stand up for what was right for someone ELSE, even if it meant losing their lives or family. I might know more of the history of my students of color than they know of mine…or of the thousands of descendants of Union Army veterans, for instance who sacrificed time, treasure, lives to “do what was humanly right.” And these day, in CA, I keep trying to teach my students that they can’t take the “easy cop-out” and blame people for racism upon receiving judgment for their actions or inactions. In fact, I keep warning them that someone not so pacifist as I might one day “take them out” at the bus stop if they continue to so loosely use the “racism accusation” as a cover-up for their own ill-manners, inaccountability, and short-comings.

      • Hey, I can sympathize, my state is also batshit crazy. Our claim to fame in Minnesota is Al Franken aka Stuart Smalley and Jesse Ventura. Why do you think Minnesota is also called Land Of The Loon. Your reply was very interesting and informative. You have my sympathies for trying to teach those that are almost unteachable by their own choice. It has to be extremely frustrating not to mention dangerous for you.

        • Thanks Northerngirl—my reply was not so much for just you…but for everyone who might not understand that CA is the land of “fruit and nuts”….but, that the “racism” charge (by the president of a huge state university in our state….the topic of this post—–) is a REALLY REALLY stupid one in this state of all states. There is probably not a family (that’s been here more than a decade or two) within our borders that does not include a multi-cultural profile. Why this WHITE woman feels she can run out & join the Ferguson thugs without recourse from people who are NOT in a coma in her state is beyond ME!
          Also…I don’t know why Minnesotans ended up with Al Franken, Stuart Smalley, and Jesse Ventura….has anyone come up with an explanation yet?? I think of Minnesotans as being no-nonsense-reality-based Center–to-right politically. The Al Franken thing is a big black cancerous wart on the face of America that we are all hoping will “drop off” of spontaneous healing (otherwise called, an “election”).

          • The unions are big in pushing the Democratic agenda in Northern Minnesota and parts of the Twin Cities are Democratic hotbeds too. Very sad and talking to these people does no good, you truly can’t fix stupid. I find a lot of these people that are voting Democratic have no idea what’s going on in the world politically at all. One guy told my husband the other day that he watched a video of Michael Brown with his hands up getting shot; now you know that video only exists in this man’s mind. Like I said stupid and delusional. 😳 Oh, and BTW, I didn’t take your comment as argumentative at all. I know the feeling of being unable to believe the craziness going on in one’s own state. 🙂

      • Leave the Government schools now they have won SURRENDER!! Join the non government school movement

  9. Hmm, I wonder how much money this stinking communist puke contributes to Planned Murderhood?

  10. Is there a reason we afford people like Ms. Connoley credibility by caring what she says,outside of the fact she’s expecting the students of her College to accept and believe her views? Funny that the people who ARE the problem so often think they’re the CURE for the problem.

    • “Is there a reason we afford people like Ms. Connoley credibility by caring what she says”
      I’m not giving her “credibility.” This post gives what she wrote “publicity,” and the reasons are:
      1. To inform conservatives and others, or would you rather keep your head in the sand?
      2. Because she is the president of the 2nd largest college campus in California.
      If you don’t get why it’s important to publicize what Connoley wrote and is, then I give up.

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  12. Multicultural Brain damage…

  13. The California University system is littered with lunatics. The head of the Law Department, at one of the State of California universities, claims that the word “people” in the Constitution means the National Guard!

  14. How about promoting their engineering program or their computer science curriculum all I can say is is you know what you’re supporting when you send your kids here not education but indoctrination so sorry California to think of all the great learning tools at one ‘s disposal and this clown is talking this baloney what a de educated baboon

  15. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    We need campus reform.
    We have these white/black professors WHO continue to talk about white people being racist. Are these instructors born in America or citizens are or the bulk of these people foreigners?
    The problem really is that white people have sat back on their laurels and are afraid of ccnfronting the blacks and having a discussion ABOUT their accusations – thinking it will go away. This has gone on as long as I have been on this earth. This country has tried everything possible to appease the black people and it will not work until they, the blacks, help share the burden of the load. Just look at the country and the cities and it will tell you – the blacks continue rockin’ with the Democrats and expect a fair shake – they will never get a fair shake as long as they take the fishing line and continue to be hooked by the Dem’s Plantation which is welfare.
    Been hearing this same line all of my life – that the white people are racists while the whole time it has been the KKK DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  16. something never rang true with obama

    As a former teacher, with much of my time in CA and Seattle, boy, do I sympathize! If it’s any consolation, we’re in a small town in the heartland now, and it’s completely different. Used to punish kids for calling teachers “racist,” but that was in the 90s, with an admin that would let you do detention. It’s changed radically since then in most places. If people had any idea how racist most blacks are….and I say that as a huge fan of Ben Carson, Alan West, Lloyd Marcus, Kevin Jackson…But unless you’ve worked with that population, you have no idea what they really think of whites.
    That’s why the whole NFL thing…it wasn’t about unity, you dorks. It was about getting white players to agree that whites are racist against blacks! Heard some excuse-maker on a so-called “libertarian” show (Gary Nolan) today saying we need to listen, understand, and try to make things better. How do you think we got in this subservient position where college presidents call us names supposedly doing to to others exactly what she’s doing to US in her op-ed?


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