“White people did not exist on planet earth until 1681” – Jacqueline Battalora

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Walter E. Williams: ‘Average parent has no idea of indoctrination going on in classrooms’

author-image WALTER WILLIAMS


What would you think if your 8-year-old came home and told you that “white privilege is something that white people have, meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things and they can get a job more easily”? You would have heard that at the recent 15th annual White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, attended by 2,500 public-school teachers, administrators and students from across the nation.

The average parent has no idea of the devious indoctrination going on in classrooms in many public schools. What follows are some of the lessons of the conference.

In one of the workshops, “Examining White Privilege and Building Foundations for Social Justice Thinking in the Elementary Classroom,” educators Rosemary Colt and Diana Reeves told how teachers can “insert social justice, anti-racist information” into their lessons that “even little kids” can understand.

Kim Radersma, a former high-school English teacher, hosted a session titled, “Stories from the front lines of education: Confessions of a white, high school English teacher.” She said teaching is a purely political act and that neutral people should “get the f— out of education.”

aa-kill-whitey-t-shirtShe also explained: “Being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic. I will never be recovered by my alcoholism, to use the metaphor. I have to every day wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply embedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose every day to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way.”

But the propaganda and lunacy go even deeper. Jacqueline Battalora, professor of sociology and criminal justice at Saint Xavier University, informed conference participants that “white people did not exist before 1681. Again, white people did not exist on planet earth until 1681.”

That’s truly incredible. If professor Battalora is correct, how are we to identify William Shakespeare (1564), Sir Isaac Newton (1642), John Locke (1632), Leonardo da Vinci (1452) and especially dear Plato (428 B.C.)? Were these men people of color, or did they not exist?

John A. Powell, a University of California, Berkeley, law professor, told his audience, “And right now, I’m going to suggest to you that race is driving almost everything that’s happening in the country.” He explained the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans by saying, “They took money away from protecting the levees because the levees were protecting black people.”

Stephanie Baran’s message to conference participants was that capitalism is the cause of racism in the world today. This adjunct professor at Kankakee Community College, who calls herself a vulgar Marxist, added that racism was invented in Colonial America by white capitalists as a tool to divide labor and keep the working class in their place.

Educator Paul Kivel explained what he sees as Christian hegemony, saying, “Very simply, I define it as the everyday pervasive, deep-seated and institutionalized dominance of Christian values, Christian institutions, leaders and Christians as a group, primarily for the benefit of Christian ruling elites.”

Speaker Leonard Zeskind – according to the MacIver Institute, which covered the event – explained that “the longer you are in the tea party, the more racist you become.” He added, “Parents put their kids in private schools because they’re racist.”

University of Iowa professor Adrien Wing gave some of her observations about white privilege, asking, “Does having a black president change that? Has it changed that? Unfortunately, it hasn’t. … (President Obama) ends up being the front man for the system. … He works for the master of the system of white privilege.”

I can’t imagine people being stupid enough to believe all that was said at the White Privilege Conference. There’s something else at work. I think it’s white guilt. That’s why, for almost three decades, there has appeared on my website a certificate of amnesty and pardon that I’ve granted to Americans of European ancestry in the hope that they stop feeling guilty and stop acting like fools.


Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2014/05/public-schools-teaching-white-privilege-to-your-kids/#GUCQvjRuqXEzVPeg.99

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0 responses to ““White people did not exist on planet earth until 1681” – Jacqueline Battalora

  1. We have yet to have a truly Black president, for one thing. I’m so sick of hearing that, and not only that, his ancestors were not slaves, and I wonder how the Blacks in this country can identify with him–he hasn’t anything in common with them (including his history and family history) except for the color of his skin–but what if he had been born with the color of his mother’s skin? Regarding “white privilege” their are plenty of Whites in this country who are anything but privileged. And to what do we attribute the success of so many honorable black people in this country who are respected by so many people of all races? Gee, could it possibly be integrity and hard work? And if parents who can afford it put their kids in private schools it’s usually because they are not happy with the way things are and the things being taught in public schools, which has nothing to do with race.

    • I guess Queen Elizabeth I was a black. Queen Elizabeth II is down with that.

      • nope, I found the original article it’s actually a reference to the use of the term “white people” not the people themselves… not sure how they intended to use the quote here…

  2. Son of the Rabbit People

    The first permanent English colony in the Americas, Jamestown, Virginia, founded in 1601. The English in 1601 were not white folks until 1681 when magically they were transformed, along with every other person in Europe.

    • And if you visit Jamestown, it is replete with white guilt for offenses to the indians (justifiably) and they all but apologize for the fact that they cannot admit guilt for slavery in Jamestown because there weren’t any Africans there in 1607. The first blacks to appear there were rescued (by whites) from a Portuguese slave ship.

  3. more ‘divide and conquer’ propaganda…I truly feel for the ignorant masses who actually believe this stuff taught by ignorant masses. The blame whitey game is ridiculous. ‘White guilt’ got obama elected the 1st time, insanity and fraud got him re-elected.

  4. This is unbelievably stupid. Here’s contact info for Saint Xavier U:

    Jacqueline Battalora.
    Office: WAC L-319
    Phone: 773-298-3949
    Fax: 773-298-3314
    Email: battalora@sxu.edu

    Christine Wiseman, J.D.

    Office: WAC A-305
    Phone: 773-298-3301
    Fax: 773-779-4763
    Email: president@sxu.edu

    • Eowyn, I think you are on the right track. As I stated in a post sometime back I can’t do anything about “Racism” and stupid people.
      But I said we need to start calling out these loons who preach this stuff. We need to call them and shine the light on them like cockroaches.
      Like in the story you just posted about youts rioting. The reporter bends so far backwards not to say black. I’ll see if I can find his info.
      And the pics that were shown were ridicules
      So we need to mass email and call the reporters, news outlets and police, yes police and say we need them to identify for the sake of the community’s safety.
      Until we can affect some kind of change in the reporting
      (and I think we can). Then nothing will change. In fact they will become more brazen by the day.
      The black community needs to be embarrassed by this nationally so maybe they will finally step up and do something about it themselves. JMHO>

      • In total agreement with you, Steve!
        Henceforth, when I do a post on another “youth” “ruckus,” I’ll include the cowardly lie-of-omission reporter’s contact info.

  5. White privilege is now the new meme. Sickening. If I had kids, I would never send them to public school.

  6. Up to that time, they all had pretty good tans, so they weren’t really white, unless they were albino….which was a group of people that didn’t exist either.

  7. traildustfotm

    I guess my family will have to call ourselves BLACK Irish. After that, perhaps we can start injecting melanin to bring the skin color into the socially acceptable range. Failing that, there’s always the spray tan booth.

  8. 1681? How did we get here? That includes BHO’s mother’s ancestors. How did Christopher Columbus sail the ocean blue in 1492 if he was not here? Oh, I see! It was time travel!

  9. jesus was white…

    • If he was from the Middle East, he would have been olive coloured, like his present day kin, the indigenous Palestinian people.

  10. Once again, racism is stupid, and the “whites are evil” deceit is racism all the same, and as stupid and ignorant as stupidity can possibly be. This is also troubling though, if anyone else has noticed the history of the fair skinned folk has vanished in large chunks and isn’t taught anywhere, the oldest history as far as that goes seems to be the Norse stuff, and that isn’t terribly ancient, where is the historic homeland of the folks of fair skin, form where did they come, and why does there seem to be a complete blanking of information with regards to that subject in particular?

    That aside, indoctrination in public schools is certainly nothing new, it is what the schools were built *for*, if they actually churned out thinking individuals on a regular basis, then the puppets of evil would not be able to maintain hold on the positions of authority they have flagrantly filched, or got in to for the purpose of abusing the station for their masters. If any class is overly privileged, it is those who serve evil, the criminals and filth of the world, the kakistocrats who are able to hide their crimes behind a curtain of money and corpses.

  11. Why would this even be an issue,unless you’re a RACIST?

  12. “White people didn’t exist…until 1681…” So…My family wood-bound Euro-American Reformation Bible w/recorded names, most backed w/ 1500’s Church Christening records—are imaginary??? These people were jailed/had tongues cut out in Cantons of 1500 Switzerland for religious beliefs. Earlier than that..so many white slaves after the Crusades that, in present-day Turkey…a white slave could be bought for the price of a pair of shoes. Does ONE RACE have a corner on persecution? Are there ANY Black scholars of WORLD history these days? Or do we have only those myopic “historians”who have no “big picture” concept of World History….but instead..that little, narrow, racist, color-saturated interpretation of one little corner of the world—the one that works best with today’s “Progressive” Democratic politics? (Which, BTW, always twists my hair into a spiral b/c it was NOT long ago the Dem Party in USA was chief PERSECUTOR of American Blacks…Cross-burning/vigilante hangings in trees/all that. Excuse me if I can’t get my head out of that & on to the next big Dem thing…..).

    Stupid is as stupid DOES …& SAYS. Does Jackie B. also subscribe to the Flat Earth Society/Theory?

    I do agree with: “Average American parents have no idea of indoctrination going on in the classroom…’ YEARS BEFORE 9-11, I refused to give amt of time to Muslim culture dictated by my textbook..(same for Japan/China). I taught World History then, & as dictated by text page amt. , I’d have spent 3/4 yr. on Africa, Muslim Countries, & China….& 1/4 on European/US history…including explorers, American colonizatioin (include, Central/South America…forget abt Canada) post US Revolutionary Europe. You all,.this means Medieval European History, too …which in a convoluted way resulted in OUR form of US gov.’t. today….And, dear Seumas…there was NOT a WORD abt Nordic cultures-those who spawned exploration, cultures of the British Isles. which transplanted in the earliest settlings in the now USA…& so I had to make a “mini’ unit” of it on my own–WHY ELSE would the STANDARDS’-REQUIRED reading of “Beowulf” make sense to these kids ? NOT ONLY ALL OF THAT…but the text went on & on ad nauseum abt MOHAMMAD/his life/beliefs…but when we got to Medieval Europe & the growth of Christianity ..NOT ONE WORD ABOUT CHRIST….not one comprehensive instruction abt Christ’s life or how Christianity spready after 33 AD…or how it came to pervade the last stand of the Roman Empire/Byzantium. NOT ONE delineation of belief or practice & yet, the book was filled w/Pillars of Islam & practices/belief/spread, historic leaders, schisms & resolutions, family squabbles, & on until you could barf!

    PARENTS…when your district adopts text books–review them on dates publicly published & then go to the Board meetings when they are voted upon—an organized GROUP would be best..(& at the public veiwing…you should ASK for a public disclosure as to the opinion of teachers —in their OWN handwriting…..who “field tested” the books beforehand—ask for a FULL compilation–NOT a summary– fr the person who supervised the adoption process for the district–usually some dim-wit classroom flunk-out who had to be sucked into district office & given a job so they could retire w/enough years….) Our last history text adoption was a joke…NO teachers particpating had access to more than ONE of the texts up for adoption.You are SUPPOSED to trial ALL OF THEM…one at a time…use one for each unit…then meet to discuss/qualify& disqualify. Our poor adoption process resulted in teachers each only knowing the ONE book they trialed…so guess which one they voted for? Guess who got to “pick” when there was a deadlock(?): The incompetant district person who arranged incompetant trial in the FIRST place!!!! ANd, SURPRISE! She picked an awful, incompetent textbook!

    With another teacher, I protested this to our Curriculum Advisory Council–(w/o their rubber stamp…a teacher-run group by vote—-you can’t send books to the Board to adopt– to the tune of a million bucks ea adoption..or more…) & ALMOST won (ONE VOTE short) a veto on our last history text adoption b/c the one “picked” by our incompetent district supervisor was written, edited, printed by PRO-ISLAM factions…..all there in public PRINT!!!! Every-other editor of a chapter was “Mohammad-something-or-other” The wife/salesman of editors/publishers (out of SanFrancisco) was Muslim…as were many of the chapter writers/editors. It was protested in several other states successfully by parents….even neighbor Arizona ….But…this is California….& I-didn’t “win” b/c the very council in charge of spending $ to adopt these books didn’t know until THAT day …anything abt the books they were voting on…ALSO..parents didn’t KNOW & could therefore not support us in the step AFTER our teacher protest…the vote for or against on the Board adoption….they did not know abt this stuff b/c they don’t read the paper, don’t follow district/school news…do not follow their kids’ teachers school site postings online, don’t keep up w/kids’ teachers’ current events…..or understand they can review books, can lodge complaints against text adoptions…can STOP this crap…far easier than a teacher can!!!! Parents have the power…but they are NOT organized….do not keep themselves informed…..are NOT active in their child’s education…. CAN you stand an example? Every YEAR my air-conditioning fails…EVERY year I try to soldier-on in 100-plus degree heat in my classroom, posting “service requests” to my district daily…..Every year no one responds. One year, as we (me& my students) lay panting on the floor/nearly puking & NOT doing expected lessons…but w/me reading a story to them to allow them to breathe/take minds off of heat/discomfort…I fiinally CAVED & told the kids to get out their cell phones/call parents to describe what we were going through (had been for a week or more!). RESULT: Parents called the district. My air-conditioning was fixed the NEXT day. MORAL: Parents …align yourselves w/teachers! Help them! They spend as much time per day w/your child as YOU do….maybe MORE….they are the ones who KNOW what is going on. Find one you trust & work w/him/her to keep your child safe academically & in the reality of every-day school environment or experience!!!!! Ask your teachers about the texts books…ask your teachers or trial techers about upcoming adoptions….after you get a teacher opinion, look at the books yourselves, compare the different editions/publishers….IF ther is something amiss…bond with a teacher against it….go to the Board meeting & at least say so…take a bunch of parents if you can!

    • What, nothing about the Romans and Greeks, from which Western civilisation arose? Were you actually teaching in a US college or one sponsored by Saudi Arabia?

  13. Is that the real reason behind the Salem witch trials. They were finally caught turning somebody white.

  14. This woman is certifiable. Another tool of subversive influences who wish to destroy our nation and Western culture. We allow these lunatics to teach our children this dangerous drivel which is why they cannot think themselves out of a paper bag.

  15. our European light skin is partly from our Neaderthal ancestors, we are a very old race, not a mixed race like, for example, “La Raza” (“the Race”) that is, Mexican

    • The point being that RACE arguments are idiotic. In Latin America there is no issue or discrimination between “black and white,” in fact there is no “black and white.” Latinos coming to the US think that this issue is one of the stupidest things about our society. I agree. As you can see from my icon, I am neither black nor white; I am green and yellow. 😀

  16. Fellowship of the mindless. What a twat. I suppose any attention is better than none. Didn’t you know Henry the 8th was black he just used a lot of white powder, Given to him by his 6 wives who were also black lmao.

    • “John” I was about to mark you as spam, but then Dr. Eowyn let your comment go through. So maybe we’ll keep you on a little longer for comic relief.

  17. @John, of Bacchus Marsh, Australia:

    Are all Australians as stupid as you? You also gave yourself a thumbs-up. Tsk, tsk. Pathetic.

  18. What a stew of stupidity our children are served! All people today are people of rights, but those rights are withheld by a few others, parasites of privilege, those who create the lessons you are being taught. They are striving to have everyone else at war with one another to distract us from their attempt at global tyranny. Part of the plan involves people crying over sufferings (real) that took place in the past. We even have a First Lady who lives in greater luxury than all but a very few, takes family shopping trips wherever she wants, and has such intimate friendship with the Queen of England that she is invited as a guest into her home and put her arm around her. Please note, the Queen of England is a white person of privilege, but almost all other people of any color are people of rights.
    Be grateful for the great blessings you have, paid for at the sufferings of ancestors. They went through that so that their descendants would some day have a good life. They will wail in great sorrow as they see you destroy all that they have slaved for, figuratively and literally. Almost everyone in the United States lives better than any of royalty a few centuries ago. Be thankful and constructive.

  19. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Understand your rights and understand that the people of privilege are very few in number and some of them don’t want you to see the blessings of the God-given life that is yours.

  20. traildustfotm

    Every time this article comes back, my first thought is, “How can anyone be that stupid and be able to even draw breath?”

  21. The garbage people dream of..,


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