White Ohio woman sues over sperm from black donor

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Cramblett/AP Photo

Cramblett/AP Photo

Sacramento Bee: An Ohio woman has sued a Chicago-area sperm bank after she became pregnant with sperm donated by a black man instead of a white man as she and her partner had intended. The woman is seeking damages and wants to ensure the sperm bank doesn’t make a similar mistake again.
Within days of their wedding in New York, Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon had become pregnant with the donor sperm. In April 2012, five months into her pregnancy, Cramblett, 36, called Midwest Sperm Bank LLC outside Chicago to reserve sperm from the same donor in the hope that Zinkon, 29, would someday also have a child.
That’s when Cramblett learned from a sperm bank employee that she had been inseminated with sperm from the wrong donor, according to a lawsuit filed Monday against Midwest Sperm Bank in Cook County, Illinois.
Cramblett said they had chosen sperm from a man known as No. 380, a white donor. The sperm used for insemination came from No. 330, a black donor, she said. “How could they make a mistake that was so personal?” Cramblett said during a telephone interview on Wednesday.
According to the lawsuit, her excitement about the pending birth was replaced with “anger, disappointment and fear.” “They took a personal choice, a personal decision and took it on themselves to make that choice for us out of pure negligence,” Cramblett said.
A woman who answered the telephone at Midwest Sperm Bank on Thursday would not comment and said an attorney would be providing a statement. She would not give her name or identify the attorney.
Cramblett said she and Zinkon love their 2-year-old daughter, Payton, very much and wouldn’t change anything about her. But they are concerned about raising her in the predominantly white community where they live.
The lawsuit said they had moved from Akron to Uniontown for better schools and to be closer to Cramblett’s family. She said that as a lesbian she has felt the sting of prejudice but doesn’t know what it’s like to be mistreated because of skin color.
The lawsuit says Cramblett also is worried about how Payton will be treated in her “all-white, and often unconsciously insensitive family.” Therapists have recommended that Cramblett, Zinkon and Payton move to a more racially diverse community with good schools, the lawsuit said.
Cramblett said she decided to sue to prevent the sperm bank from making the same mistake again. The lawsuit says the sperm bank has no electronic record-keeping and no quality controls that would have prevented it from sending the wrong sperm to fertility clinics.
The lawsuit seeks a minimum of $50,000 in damages. Cramblett’s attorney, Tim Misny, said some of the compensation would pay for ongoing counseling.

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0 responses to “White Ohio woman sues over sperm from black donor

  1. This woman sounds like the biggest racist in the world.

    • I agree Mike, that and I greatly fear for this Child’s wellbeing, not because of them being mixed-“race”, but because there is no guarantee that this couple isn’t like the pair of homosexual men in Australia that rented a woman’s uterus to get a child, just so they could abuse the child when they got custody (See here: https://illinoisfamily.org/homosexuality/shocking-child-molestation-story/ ). Is this pair pedophilic, in addition to their homosexual-illness, do they have designs on abusing the child (given the gender of the child is what’s on their “menu” as far as their corrupted sexuality goes)? We just don’t know… they have already proven themselves unfit by committing adultery-by-proxy (which is what I believe “sperm” and “egg” banks exist for) by taking sperm from some man they don’t even care to know just so they could get a child, that already shows a lack of moral integrity… with no idea of who they are or how corrupted they are, the Child’s future is very dangerous indeed, and not because of her amount, or lack, of melanin.

      • Oh my! I felt like crying…so much evil and that poor child! I pray we do right by our children and being PC is not doing right by our children.

        • Indeed, this is the vile underbelly of the homosexuality movement that the general public tends to not be allowed to see, I hope they have not abused the girl already, and hope that they aren’t that far corrupted, but again, we just don’t know. (pedophilia and homosexuality have been working hand in hand for decades you know, although for the past 14-20 years the homosexuality movement tried to bury and distance itself from the association because said association was ruining their psy-op.)
          Basically of mental-spiritual illness which is expressed sexually, homosexuality and pedophilia are of a similar fashion (Rather like cold and flu viruses perhaps, only with equal lethality and virulence). The main trouble with all this is, most “normal” folk have never heard of, nor seen, the vileness behind the “rainbow” banner, they’re still brainwashed by the thinking of the 60’s and 70’s.
          Hopefully this sorrowful pair of spouse-less women are only so sick with homosexuality, and don’t have an advanced infection of perversity. May God grant them health from the illness which they are treating as if it were themselves, may they realize their folly, that the child will be able to live safely and may she know a dad, and may the remaining one find a spouse with which to have her own child.

  2. Amazing! So the lesbians are more concerned the little girl will be damaged because she is bi-racial? What ignorance! I think being raised by a pair of lesbians is damaging to the poor child, not being bi-racial; too bad the little girl can’t sue “mommy” for being racist.

  3. The baby is black, so what??? I’d say it could be a problem if she were married to a white man and they planned on pretending the child was theirs… but she is a lesbian, (having a Hillary moment here), what difference does it make??? I’d be more concerned with the child having to deal with the fact that she has two mommies and that her dad is donor number 330, a man who took a cup and a playboy to a room in order to make her… seriously, being black in an all white community and insensitive family does not come close to this. Those liberals are so racist!!!

  4. Well,she just declared to the world that she’s a racist. She and her ol’ lady had better make sure nothing bad ever happens to the little girl-they could end up in Prison for a “hate crime”.

  5. I hope she/it loses and has to pay the court costs and the fees for the defense counsel.
    Better yet, maybe a judge will throw this frivolous lawsuit in the garbage before it even gets rolling.


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