White media mogul Steven Clifford: Straight white males should be banned from voting

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Steven Clifford, 75, is a former president and CEO (1987-1992) of the Seattle-based radio-TV media conglomerate King Broadcasting Company; a former chairman (1992-2000) of Los Angeles-based National Mobile Television; and  author of the book CEO Pay Machine: How it Trashes America and How to Stop it.

He is currently secretary and trustee of Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, and writes trite little columns that he thinks to be amusing for Huffington Post.

On October 30, 2018, after speaking at a forum on destroying market fundamenalism organized by the Center for Study of Responsive Law founded by Ralph Nader in 1968, Clifford told PJ Media that the right to vote should be taken away from heterosexual white males as a way to “save” democracy because a majority of them had voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

About the upcoming midterm elections, Clifford was asked what message or advice he would give the Demonrat Party. Clifford said:

“I’m not a campaign consultant and I think they [Democrats] have to get off the fact that Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Every voter knows that Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton spent $450 million every day saying that Donald Trump is Donald Trump. I think they’ve got to tell the voters why they’re going to be better off with a Democratic House or a Democratic Senate rather than just say Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump every day… ‘Anti’ doesn’t get people out to vote enough. It’s got to help me….

I think it’s the only hope for democracy in America and I will be leading a great movement to prohibit straight white males, who I believe supported Donald Trump by about 85 percent, from exercising the franchise and I think that will save our democracy.”

In a Sept. 23, 2016 essay for the Huffington Post, Clifford took issue with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan of “One America, One God, One Flag”. Clifford archly and with malice associated the slogan with Nazism. He wrote:

I think this is a loose translation of “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer” but my German is not very good.

So Clifford advocates banning straight white males from voting, which is racist, sexist and heterophobic, but he calls Trump a Nazi. Oh, the irony.

Then Clifford wrote:

But this One God thing has me worried. How do I know that Trump has chosen the right God for us to worship? I fear he could select the God of my Catholic childhood, a cantankerous old white man who, according to the local clergy, was obsessed with 13 year-olds masturbating. “There goes Clifford again. Hey Mary give him another two centuries in purgatory. Maybe I should grow some hair on his hands.”

We know what Trump thinks of Mexicans. What if the pearly gates are not guarded not St. Peter but by Quetzalcoatl, and Huitzilopochtli is the big Kahuna. We could be in big trouble….

Even with demanding human sacrifice, Huitzilopochtli doesn’t look so bad. Baal, Marduk or Thor would be a big improvement.

Since Steven Clifford, by his own description is an “old white man,” and since I very much doubt he is advocating banning himself from voting, I can only conclude that Steven Clifford is a homosexual.

There is no Wikipedia entry on Steven Clifford, but here are  his Facebook and Twitter. Bloomberg lists his business address, phone and fax as:

307 Westlake Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98109
Phone: 206-256-7200
Fax: 206-256-7229

So if you are a heterosexual white male and you are thinking of not voting next Tuesday, you may lose your right to vote in the future.


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27 responses to “White media mogul Steven Clifford: Straight white males should be banned from voting

  1. “Exaggerating Class, Race, & Religious division/hatred is a “Cornerstone” of Bolshevism/Communism/Liberalism”

    this article is interesting because we are continually told by the America, Christian, & White hating MSM, that “White” people are in power. Looks like the “White” people controlling the lying MSM are chameleons pretending to be White, but are not. Democrat Icon Louis Farrakhan calls these pretend White people “Termites” (((destroyers))).

    • Precisely. Guys like him say things like this for that very reason. He’s a tool. It is too ridiculous for anyone but an idiot to actually believe.. Restricting people from voting because of sex, race and attraction to “save our democracy” is preposterous. That’s like “screwing for virginity”.

      Hawkmoon is right, this is a ploy. They are after extreme emotion. I mean, just consider blacks. Thirteen percent of the population. You’re going to say “you need more representation”. Why?

      The new Marxists have targeted Whitey because they’re afraid of Whitey. They know that if they stir up the pot enough there will be bloodshed. If that happens they’ll declare martial law and institute the completion of their project.

  2. It’s the ignorant ones that should be banned from voting.

  3. I wonder what’s hiding behind his “proclamation”. Sounds to me there’s a “weakness” for white males, does he like them that much he resents them? Gay undertones, ain’t?

    • That is most likely the explanation. Clifford’s old bio photo on Amazon shows him sporting that Margaret Mead-style haircut, much as that other destroyer of reality, Richard Dawkins, used to be seen in. This is no trivial eccentricity and reveals the inner man, which in Clifford’s case is an old narcissistic poofter who’ll have no other white men before him.

  4. Not a day goes by that the left does not reveal its true nature to us. It’s packed wall to wall with stupid people.

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    That’s what liberalism is all about; just giving our country away. There is no strength in diversity. It defies all logic. Diversity [I]s the root of conflict. Peoples may not have to share the same race,..but they do have to share the same principles and morality.

    No matter all the false arguments, our founders where Christian. Through most of our short history, those who were not, pretended they were, just as it was once understood that being gay was not accepted in politics. The perverts hid their true nature, actual having families while living secret lives, and non-Christians worshiping their idols in secret, or secretly denying the death burial and resurrection of Jesus.

    And now our whole political system, congress, the senate, our courts, all bureaucracy, and even the media, is so full of foreign interests (of course through lax and non enforcement of our immigration laws), traitor, they actually feel empowered to claim ownership of a nation to which they do not belong, or contribute nothing to but shame.

  6. So the only way to “save democracy” is to abolish democracy and institute discrimination based on race, gender, and sexual orientation (all federally protected classes)?

    1984 called. They want their New-Speak back.

  7. Wonder if this guy lives amongst the homeless in Seattle? Did he share his CEO pay for the sake of equality?

    I’m guessing a big fat no.

    • Why sure he did. Just like that pedophile POS mayor. I’ll bet he advocates for illegals to vote too. It’s only white, heterosexuals who are eligible to vote that he has a problem with. Why? Because they voted for the “wrong” candidate and that’s what his owner’s told him to say.

  8. There is no such thing as Race really, but if you want to use their terms, whites are the only “race” that are not allowed to exist or be considered as a race. This is a satanic agenda. The white race is the only race that can be considered to be a Christian race at least historically, this is why whites are attacked, for no other real reason no matter what any Antichrist atheist tells you. The agenda of marx was only one thing at its root, to turn the world upside down and rid it of all Christianity. Never be ashamed to be white, be proud to be white and be proud of all the great things your ancestors believed in and did for the world and their european countries before moving to north america.

    • Absolutely. But this is part of the method. Driving wedges is what they do. Once they get their groups they pit them off against each other. It’s a control mechanism.

  9. I would be happy to carry out his castration because it is obviously what he wants. How about a dull spoon.

  10. Dear God, Give people like Steven Clifford, Ebola or Flesh eating bacteria… The world will be a better place for it.

  11. How about banning brain-dead democRATs, illegals, and crybaby liberals from voting.

  12. An undercover video shows staffers on U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign describing how Planned Parenthood sends money to her secretly so she will not look as pro-abortion to Missouri voters.
    A pro-abortion Democrat, McCaskill is considered one of the most vulnerable senators running for re-election in November, Townhall reports. After voting against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, she fell behind her opponent, pro-life Republican Josh Hawley, in the polls.
    The video, released by Project Veritas this week, shows how McCaskill’s campaign appears to be trying to appeal to moderate voters in the mid-western state by downplaying her radical pro-abortion stance.
    “It’s f——- beautiful” how Planned Parenthood indirectly supports McCaskill’s campaign, one staffer tells an undercover investigator.
    Get out and vote all RED for the November election. Urge all of your Republican, Conservative and other friends to do the same and urge them to urger others. For the sake of this country NEVER vote for a DemocRAT again, NEVER, the future of this country, you children and grandchildren depend upon it.

    • Just make sure the Republicans you vote for are not RINO’s or you will be no better off than electing a Democrat. Do your homework before you vote.

    • I have great hopes for Missouri, as Missouri was the only state to vote Pat Buchanan in 1996 AFTER he won the first primary (NH) (which the Bolshevik MSM said he would come in 5th or 6th) and the lying Bolshevik MSM began their 1996 Kavanuagh-like slander smear campaign against Buchanan, which unfortunately worked against the unsuspecting & naïve American public at that time. I expect a Red Tsunami.
      The next step should be the demonopolize the Bolshevik MSM. Than our government & “education” systems need to be “De-Bolshevized”.

  13. Every voter in Arizona should watch this video. Pass it on.

  14. Every voter in Florida should watch this video. Pass it on. https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/1057804610595897344

    • Willie, fingers crossed and prayer 🙏🏼 offerings with the might of our hearts, God does not abandon us, he just upholds to see how much we believe in Him.

  15. Every Texas voter needs to see this video. Pass it on.

  16. I guess I should be offended but my snowflake barometer is off today… All I can do is shake my head over idiots like this moron…. A bumper sticker I saw summed it up perfectly…. “If I wanted to listen to an A-hole I would FART”…..

  17. The unfortunate thing is he is presently counted among us.

  18. why aren’t these people under arrest?

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