White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is a Stinking Communist Puke

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Below is a PR photo of Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney’s kitchen:

shipman-lead-04102014If you are looking for a time waster, you may read the entire disgusting Washingtonian puff piece here.

But if you want to skip the malarkey and get down to brass tacks, take a close look at this:



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0 responses to “White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is a Stinking Communist Puke

  1. Good post, Dave! And it’s great to see you posting again!

  2. Shocker, not.

    Could they possibly Photoshop any more food on the counter? They’ve got enough food to feed the Red Army…

  3. The puff piece has more photos – one of them of the gang playing Jenga, but with 2x4s?! What is that about?? Wouldn’t they cause quite a few bruises once they tumble (especially for the boy sitting at the base of the stack)?! Just bizarre.
    Also noteable: the boy is wearing checkered Vans (are they “in” again – I haven’t seen them in years…), which was likely a wily way of sneaking in some freemasonic symbolism.

    What freaks, and what a rubbish pinko rag.

  4. And the scum just keeps creeping out from under every moss covered rock


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