White House Musical Chairs

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Andrew Cuomo with Skippy the Fraud

Hillary Clinton has said she does not intend to continue as Secretary of State in the Obama 2.0 administration. Will Biden take over her spot, and newly elected Democratic New York governor, 53-year-old Andrew Cuomo, son of former NY governor Mario Cuomo, then move into the VP slot?
This is the prediction of Willie Brown, a longtime and well-connected Democrat politician in California. In his weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle on April 10, 2011, Brown wrote:

“Speaking of presidential politics, here’s a prediction: Vice President Joe Biden moves over to secretary of state, with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo stepping in to bring new blood to the Obama re-election campaign. He’s a big name, a big-state governor. And a Democrat who is taking on the  issue of public employee salaries and pensions. Plus, he looks good.”

As the Obama birth certificate-eligibility gathers steam under the publicity brought to the issue by Donald Trump, are the Demonrats looking ahead to the unraveling of Obama’s presidency and an eventual resignation, so they’re positioning the more presidential Andrew Cuomo to take over?
As far as Conservatives are concerned, this is all just Demonrats playing Tweedledee-Tweedledum musical chairs.
Brown also claims to be a good friend of Donald Trump and wrote this about his bud:

“Trump is a friend of mine. And while he is undoubtedly flattered by the early  Iowa polls showing him tying for second place among Iowa Republicans, he’s not  anywhere close to being a serious candidate. But then, neither are many of the other GOP “stars” at this point.”


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0 responses to “White House Musical Chairs

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Trump has the power and glamour to attract the Hollywood crowd. I wonder how many A-listers would jump ship to be closer to The Donald, should he choose to run?

  2. how do you all feel about Trump? Frankly, we need soemone with business acumen and financial savvy to lead this country back to financial sanity. Too many Lawyers in government , and that’s a sad fact. Most lawyers have no practical sense when it comes to anything but how to write a law in wording so convoluted and voluminous that in the end said law can accomplish whatever the really wanted it to do. And most of the time it certainly isn’t to benefit us.

  3. I LOVE his attacks on Mr. Soetero and his ability to counteract the media’s disbelief. He has very firmly answered them without backing down. If the election was between Mr. soetero and Mr. Trump, The Donald would certainly get my vote. I think that Mr. Trump has some negatives: his divorces, his bankruptcies, his hairstyle, the lack of political positions, but I love his love of country and his desire to put America back on her feet. I would prefer Michelle Bachman, Mitch Daniels , Pawlenty or Cantor. They’ve made conservative choices and want fiscal responsibilitiy.

  4. “he’s not anywhere close to being a serious candidate. But then, neither are many of the other GOP “stars” at this point.”
    There they go again….the MSM is in overload mode attacking the GOP before 2012. Now that it appears Palin might be out of the picture, all eyes are on Trump. Note how every outlet says he isn’t a “serious” candidate. Wonder where they got that talking point from….

  5. He is most certainly not afraid of the “Gangsta Govt”-I love watching him talk,he knows what we need to get this Country ticking again.

  6. “Mitt Romney tonight pushed back against those in his party who are questioning President Obama’s citizenship, suggesting his fellow Republicans should put their energy into more substantive issues.
    “The citizenship test has been passed,” Romney said tonight on CNBC’s Kudlow Report.


    This is troubling because it suggests that the GOP is ready to divide itself on this issue. Trump’s overt sortie into Obama’s birth records has allowed him to take an early lead in popularity. Romney and others are now left to join ranks with the effort, or distance themselves to create an alternative approach.
    being that this about gaining the edge and not sharing it, Mitt’s posturing is… I guess, not terribly surprising.
    I think that as we go along and Obama’s little lie becomes more and more obvious, this will change. But I also do recognize the danger of the backlash from those who would prefer to ignore the violation of our constitution.
    If… or perhaps, when it becomes apparent that Obama has played this nation, there could be scenes like we saw in the ’60s and ’70s in LA and Detroit. I think that is what the status-quo folks in both parties fear and why many are ignoring what is becoming painfully obvious.


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