White House Insider on the Birth Certificate

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Here’s the latest leak from the unnamed “White House insider” (DT2 or DeepThroat2) who’s been talking to NewsFlavor blogger, Ulsterman. The following excerpts are from White House Insider: Clintons, Scandals, and the Birth Certificate,” by Ulsterman, NewsFlavor.com, November 9, 2010: 
The Democratic Party remains in a state of crisis:
“…the party is still in crisis, and there is going to be much more to come…what’s that saying?  First comes denial, then anger, and finally acceptance.  Maybe I’m at the acceptance stage now.  People in the party are talking, things are forming, I see a new and stronger direction for 2012 and beyond.  Unless of course, Nancy Pelosi somehow manages to keep her leadership role within the party.  That would be…incredibly stupid of us.  But you never know what Democrats are capable of right?  If Pelosi retains her position, there will be more staff leaving the White House because that will signal the party has truly lost its political compass and the White House will have been proven powerless in correcting it.  Nobody wants to work for a loser.  The poor bastards who were around for Carter – it took them years to recover their careers, and some never really did. She [Pelosi] is out. I just cannot see it happening – her being allowed to be minority leader.  No way.  Yeah, it could happen – it’s possible, but very unlikely.  And if it does happen…well, you can throw all of my hope for 2012 out the window.  Pelosi is too mixed up in what is coming at us in the coming months.”
On the forthcoming White House big scandal(s):
“This thing is percolating just under the surface right now.  Sooner – not later, the pot is gonna start boiling.  Yeah, someone is about to test the waters with this thing.  I’ve heard that.  Then again, I’ve heard that for a while now, so who knows, huh?  I’d watch yourself though – told you that before.  Be very careful who you are talking to on this.  These people don’t play nice.
[DT2 refuses to name names or give specifics on the nature of the scandal because] “I don’t have the protection.  Read the [New York] Times.  Somebody there has sniffed it out.  And a guy over at the Post.  If the Post starts to get on it, the Times will probably go ahead and break it open, loyalty to the White House be damned.  I told you before, parts of the story have already been given out publicly here and there.  One part will lead to another and then another.  It’s underway right now.  Every week a little bit more shows itself.
About Obama’s birth certificate:

Best way to discredit skeptics is to portray them as crazy “birthers”:

Hey, almost every great government scandal began as a silly conspiracy right?  It’s how one side effectively discredits the other – just call them crazy.  I have done it many times.  Not so much because I enjoy it but because it works.

If Obama is not eligible to be president, there’d be chaos:

“Hell if I know – and I’m not sure I want to know.  Do you realize the mess that would create if it was true?  There would be violence of the kind this country has not seen in our lifetimes – or at least your lifetime.  I forget sometimes how old I really am.

Even DT2 wonders about whether Obama was born in America:

“Look, I will say this- people seem to have spent a considerable amount of time and money keeping others from finding out.  I don’t know why more than to say this president has been very protective of almost everything in his past.  From college transcripts to medical records to writings…he’s clearly very concerned with his privacy.  I don’t necessarily fault him for that, but it does make you wonder – I understand that.  If you are asking me if Obama is an American I say yes.  I have no doubt about that.  If you are asking me if Obama was born in America… Yeah…that one is a little tougher to say.  I sure as hell hope so, because if he wasn’t, and somebody is able to prove it – holy hell we got problems.

It’s not so much I don’t think he was born in America, it’s more that I am open to the possibility of that.  Or I’m at least sympathetic to people who wonder about it themselves.  But I don’t want to go there – it’s irrelevant to me.  It’s too dangerous to consider.  And it’s Obama’s own fault.  He has covered up his past.  Beyond his books, which frankly from what I have seen of him firsthand I don’t think he wrote entirely himself, there really is very little we know about the guy.  The one most responsible for all of these conspiracy stories is Barack Obama.  When you have White House staff – people who were involved in the day to day decisions coming out of the West Wing saying they have no clue who Obama really is, that shows an environment that is going to create a lot of this conspiracy stuff surrounding the president.” 

The brewing scandal is not about Obama’s birth certificate:
No [it’s not about the birth certificate] – not to my knowledge, no.  Good lord, no.  Don’t tie me up to that subject matter! 
To read the interview for yourself:  https://newsflavor.com/politics/world-politics/white-house-insider-clintons-scandals-and-the-birth-certificate/

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0 responses to “White House Insider on the Birth Certificate

  1. We have a multiple choice of scandals with this administration. Number one for me is the birth certificate issue since it is the most obvious concealment of the truth. Whether it is the country of his birth, the definition of natural born citizen with his father’s British/Kenyan citizenship or his adoption by Lolo Soetero he is guilty on all three counts as far as I am concerned. Then we could hope they would look into Nancy Pelosi and the multiple and misleading candidate forms. The FEC could look into the long awaited issues of fraud at the caucuses in Iowa and Texas that has always appeared to be well documented. I know Dr. Taitz would be thrilled if the scandal was Mr. Obama’s use of multiple social security numbers. Blagojevitch and Rezko would certainly provide ample opportunity for a scandalous investigation. Philadelphia and the Black Panthers and the role of the DOJ would be another case of sabotage and subterfuge. If the Supreme Court or the Circuit Courts or the Congress open their hearts and minds to prayer and truth, our country can cut out the abscess that is this administration and we can begin to heal. I pray for justice every single day. I just have to always remind myself that God answers all of our prayers but in HIS time, not ours.

  2. There is plenty of scandals going on! if for an instant they think they are going to get away with thee entire charade,they need to think again. They have been sloppy. “The New Democratic Socialist Party” wanting to globalize everything into a New World Order? and I believe there are a few of the “Good Ole Boys” from the Republican party that are just as guilty. And,yes,the “Ineligibility Issue” is huge and growing fast and furious everyday. We may as well not have had a POTUS these last 20 months,everything that has went on was criminal,they stomped the Constitution every chance they got. I would think the majority would be looking for a “One Way Ticket” out of here,or better yet stay and take what you have coming to you. IT IS EITHER UNSEAT THIS BASTARD NOW,OR GO DOWN FIGHTING LIKE HELL. THE PEOPLE ARE READY.

  3. Joseph E Fasciani

    Ditto to the above, especially the first author, who is clearly well-versed on the multiple intricacies of this slimiest of creeps to crawl out of Chicago. I was born there and lived in the Pit until our family fled in 1958, so I know what I speak of in this matter. By the age of 15 every child knew what the score was in Chicago, and how to fit into the machine. Or else.
    I won’t speak of the Pelosi creature, who’s so far beneath the Creation that the best she can hope for is to sink out of sight into the slime that bourne her. I was grossly reminded of her watching the be-tentacled Davey Jones last night in “The Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, Parts 2 & 3. OK, maybe Medusa?

  4. Oh please please please…pick any scandal and expose The Fraud!!!

    • DCG—I agree completely.Now is the time to expose this horrid creature of a president before any more irreversible damage is done. Hopefully, this nation can recover from all this evil.

  5. Obamanure is a FRAUD the Ponzi Prez.
    But forget Bushlicans and Obamacrats they are all anti-american and part of the DEMOCRACY CORPORATION FRAUD that has savaged and enslaved this country. The solution is with the Rising Republic.
    Learn More and inhabit this Lawful Constitutional Alternative.
    A Two State Solution is Great for America.
    DEMOCRACY = SLAVERY = TYRANNY end the unlawful Lawyers’s Monopoly in DC.

  6. If you are asking me if Obama is an American I say yes. I have no doubt about that. If you are asking me if Obama was born in America… Yeah…that one is a little tougher to say.

    This statement is wrong on the face. How can you say he IS an American and then doubt where he was born? The fact is that he NOT and American Citizen and NEVER was. He born a British subject, as he admits!! His mom was too young to confer Citizenship IF was born on US soil. So place of birth has nothing to do with his Citizenship. With all of that in mind now show me when he became a US Citizen? So we have a usurper in the White House and he needs to be arrested. There will be violence in the streets if someone gets up the courage to tell the American people the TRUTH.

    • Greg, I think you mean “How can you say he is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and then doubt where he was born?”
      I was a legal immigrant and now a naturalized U.S. citizen. I’m most certainly an American, though not a “natural born” American. 🙂

  7. Eowyn; No, I meant what I wrote. Yes he needs to be an NBC to hold the office but the common knowledge of people is that he needs to be a Citizen. So taking the insiders own words and what they mean is what I was commenting on. Even “he/she” who is a Washington Insider does not know what is required to President. This person is saying “Do I think he is an American?”… “I say yes, I have no doubt” But then goes on to have doubt as to his birth place. How can that be? Because this person does not understand even how you become a Citizen and unfortunately the masses have the same understanding.
    The dumbing down of America is complete.
    And I welcome here…

  8. The article is a hoax. You’re a moron. Here’s an excerpt from another Ulsterman article, quoting the “White House Insider”: Americans aren’t a complicated people, and neither is Sarah Palin, so that probably works in her favor. But President Obama is just out of touch. He really doesn’t understand what America is. What it’s about. Or who it is. And that is a real problem for him – and the Democrat Party at this moment in its history
    You really think a top Democratic White House insider would say that? Anybody can write for Newsflavor. These articles are made up. Wake up. Just because you hate Obama, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on that internet.

    • Well, if you’re thinking that Demo-rat figures are usually liars, you may have a point. However, when people say things against their interest that correspond with things already known, they’re usually telling the truth… in this case, he’s keeping himself anonymous and his observation about his party’s problem you cite could be met with “Duh, no sh*t!”

    • Hey, Brucie,
      Unless you are the “White House Insider” or blogger Ulsterman, how would you know whether the story is true? Umm?
      Not only do you need to “Wake up,” you also need to dial down your arrogance because that’s preventing you from really using all your brain cells. And if you’ve actually been AWAKE, you’d have read the entire series of “Insider” interviews and you’d know his authenticity already has been verified because everyone he predicted would quit (from the White House) actually did.

  9. Yes, but now that and things like to Pledge of Allegiance are “racist” there (unlike teaching John and Jane about condom use in gay sex before they even know anything about straight sex).

  10. Joseph E Fasciani

    Will Bruce apologise to Eowyn when this sordid mess finally is exposed by the truth? I very much doubt it, as his belligerence indicates far more heat than light on the subject, which is typical of those whose emotions overwhelm their ability to reason. Those who created this site also work diligently to maintain its quality. They deserve equal consideration from those of us who use it.
    And finally, Bruce, people who have real backbone and prize truth and country above self-interest can –and often do– come forward, admit the defects that hinder progress or renewal, and then get on with their lives. It’s often the only way to end self-destructive dead-end situations.

  11. Joseph E Fasciani

    Friends, I’m not all that much smarter than the majority of you. An immense amount of what I say and write is wisdom passed to me –as it does to all who are open to it!– from those who went before us. For example, Dr Richard Weaver’s beautifully written “Ideas Have Consequences” planted whole sentences into me –along w/Shakespeare and e e cummings!– that I can recall forty plus years later. We ignore those men and women at our very real peril, which is the essence of what ‘conservative’ means: to save the best that came before us. Or, as e e cummings wrote, “a world of made is not a world of born”.


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