White House debuts 2018 Christmas decorations

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Libtards, as usual, have butt hurt. Personally I think the decorations are beautiful!


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12 responses to “White House debuts 2018 Christmas decorations

  1. Exquisitely done, finesse, sophistication and the child Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph made it all beautiful!

  2. Demonrats much prefer Obama White House’s Christmas tree decorations which, in 2015, included a bauble of mass murderer Mao Zedong.


    • “The black (?) Ego”. Everything that POS did was an outrage. It all got a total pass from the “media”. They even rue the day he left. Since that day he’s been erecting shrines to himself, talking nonstop about himself, and generally admiring his smug, smarmy face in the mirror.

      I’m so glad it won’t be that way this year. They are gonna cry and scream. Somebody needs to pull the plug on all these pathetic liars.

    • Mao on a Christmas tree. If that isn’t the definition of contempt I don’t know what is. Eight years of insulting behavior and arrogance makes my blood boil.

  3. For those wanting a Michelle Obama coffee mug…


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