White House Targets Corsi Book on Obama Birth Certificate

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If we speak the truth and have truth on our side, we fear no evil.
If Obama is so confident that the matter of his birth eligibility has been settled by his releasing his long-form birth certificate last month, why is the White House in full attack mode against a little book that came out just today? The book is Dr. Jerome Corsi’s Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.
Further, if Corsi’s book indeed is, as Esquire magazine editor calls it, “a piece of shit,” why is the 79-year-old Esquire magazine acting as Obama’s puppet by publishing a fraudulent piece today claiming that World Net Daily pulled all copies of Corsi’s book?
From the WorldNetDaily article, “White House panic: Corsi book targeted,” May 18, 2011:

Why is the White House in full defense mode against a book by a small publisher contending Barack Obama is not legally eligible to be president?

Today, the Obama re-election campaign launched an all-out attack on a brand new book critical of Obama, “Where’s the Birth Certificate,” by bestselling author Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., calling it delusional, laughable and a “joke.”

…Today’s attack by the Obama machine on Corsi’s latest and most controversial book was introduced as an offering to sell Obama supporters a T-shirt or coffee mug with an image of the Obama “Certificate of Live Birth” released several weeks ago as well as a portrait of Obama, stamped “Made in America.” [See FOTM’s post on this here.]

…So, why the Obama organization’s attack against this particular book, when there are so many other hot-selling books that are also very critical of Obama?

“If what Barack Obama released is really a valid birth certificate that answers all the questions about this controversy, why is the Obama campaign in attack mode on Jerome Corsi’s bestselling book?” asks Joseph Farah, CEO of WND.com and WND Books, publisher of “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

“Because he fears it is his undoing. Do you really think the $1 billion Obama campaign cares about selling a few coffee mugs? Give me a break. This is an effort to derail media attention from a successful book and media tour that is focusing renewed attention on his ineligibility for office.”

Just an hour earlier, Esquire, the Hearst Corporation-owned 79-year-old national magazine, published a fabricated report attacking the Corsi book.

Esquire, which endorsed Obama for president in 2008, claimed falsely in the story that “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” was being “pulled from [bookstore] shelves,” was being disavowed by the publisher who was offering refunds to customers, and that all copies were being destroyed.

The magazine later claimed it had “committed satire” but not until after a number of major news organizations apparently accepted the report as genuine and contacted WND Books for reaction.

At the Political Punch blog on the ABC News website, Jake Tapper reported that Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt characterized the new effort as a “mobile version” of Obama’s 2008 online “fight the smears” effort, which attempted to mute criticisms about his candidacy.

Read the rest of the WND article HERE.
H/t beloved fellows May & Tina.
~Eowyn & Steve

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0 responses to “White House Targets Corsi Book on Obama Birth Certificate

  1. Just bought the book today–cannot wait to start it. Hubby says I must do medical dictation tonight–Yuck!

  2. Forget Corsi and forget his book “Where’s the Birth Certificate” (which is already moot). Don’t waste your hard-earned money on someone out-witted by Obama, instead read a BANNED book like “America Deceived II” by a real rebel and the “World’s Most Hated Author”, E.A. Blayre III.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    • Like so many other leftist novels, this one is just as useful, such as:
      An emergency supply of toilet paper.
      Birdcage liner.
      Campfire kindling.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    I think it’s going to backfire. WND could easily start selling T-shirts and mugs with a map of Kenya on it saying “OBAMA 8-4-1961”
    If you want to make something go away, you ignore it! Just ask the Rockefellers.

  4. Politicians can become president. Only leaders can effectively serve as Commander-in-Chief.
    Teenagers and young adults who proudly don uniforms of our armed forces, fight our wars, and many who return from battle crippled or dead, have far more integrity than Obama.
    See The Military’s Moral Dilemma article at World Net Daily.
    How can Obama stand saluting over the caskets of America’s youth returning home from war in flagged-draped coffins when he cannot lead them by his example?

  5. The only reason Obama released the phony long-form when he did was to try and stop 13 states from approving legislation this spring and summer requiring eligibility vetting before candidates’ names can appear on ballots. For some states, the long-form will suffice…unless the people of the state raise the validity of the document. Other states are demanding more comprehensive requirements for evidence (like legal investigation and ruling on his father not being a U.S. citizen, his use of a foreign passport as an adult, any foreign student status or financial aid as one). He also probably released it to delay and put into brief tailspins some eligibility court cases against him that were gaining significant legal standing.
    Obama surely didn’t want to show any of his cards, let alone lay a high one down on the table. This was a necessary step of desperate temporary survival. A stupid move. Now the issue of his father’s foreign citizenship will be center stage, an issue which cannot conveniently be hidden deep in Hawaii’s halls of darkness. It demands judicial ruling under full public, national scrutiny. That alone could keep him off 2012 ballots in some states.
    Team Obama is flapping around like a dying fish on a beach, until early next year when a legal tsunami hits them in several states. Dems will ride everything on one candidate and have all this come down on them…and unfortunately on America. But Obama doesn’t care about America, or Hawaii, or Illinois, or Kenya, or anyone forced or freely covering up for him. He’s selfish and will implode.

  6. Brian Schatz signs official campaign document showing missing statement that presidential candidate was Constitutionally qualified.
    Brian Schatz, Hawaii’s new Lt Governor and former State Democratic Party Chair during the 2008 election, signed a state certification letter authorizing the Obama-Biden ticket to be on Hawaii’s ballot. Brian knew full-well this Aug 27, 08 document he authorized, signed and released was crafted with wording “clearly omitting” the certification the presidential candidate was Constitutionally qualified. In stark contrast, two predecessors from Brian’s own Hawaii Democratic Party, Brikwood Galuteria and Alfred Lardizabul, did the right thing by clearly certifying John Kerry in 2004 and Al Gore in 2000 as Constitutionally qualified candidates. If we went back further in time, we’d probably find Brian’s actions as Democratic Party Chair are in clear contrast to far more than just documentation of the last few presidential elections. Brian most likely is not to fault in everything related to this. Many hands across our nation appear to have been deep in the cookie jar. The democratic party was fed a bad deal with what is clearly one of the biggest frauds in American history. Good people should have stopped it. Brian Schatz seems like a wonderful person. I’m sure Brian has done many great things for Hawaii’s communities but that does not excuse any elected or appointed leader from actions of this weight and consequence. This is a felony.
    Our country has gone down a road where our children look up and wonder if anyone in leadership has integrity. Few leaders have touched an honest approach to the shadowy skullduggery surrounding the 2008 election…and the world is just suppose to be okay with it.
    Teenagers and young adults are in tune with what is going on and watching to see how we make decisions and lead. We can’t blame them for not being engaged if we can’t make them believe that “right” is worth championing for.
    Our children and neighbors deserve much better.

  7. Daniel Cabrera

    This is simple, everyone with only two fingers of forehead can understand this;….birth certificate – as proof of american birth- was not available due to… did not existed,plain and simple…that is why all the tight lid / all the secrecy.etc, etc….the Obama band ((current adimnistration) was forced to come out with something so…there we have it, a last minute fabricated / produced one…so everyone is supose to swallow that one….really?…
    Americans are not stupid….everyone knows that the current admininistration is based on FRAUD…are they not?
    Need I say more?
    Opininos welcome.
    Daniel Cabrera

  8. I just listened to Jerome Corsi interview on the Conservative Monster. It was very good. Hannity was supposed to have Dr.Corsi on his show and without explanation cancelled in the last hour. {fox news isn’t fair and balanced anymore} I watched an interview with Gregg Jarret of fox news with Dr. Corsi on obamareleaseyourrecords website,and it was totally disrespectful,disgusting the way Jarret talked to Dr.Corsi,it was something like what you would expect to watch on msnbc. I sent fox an e-mail,voicing my opinion on the disrespect. I think Dr. Corsi’s book will go over the top without fox news.

  9. Obama’s first birth certificate states right on it that he was born in Kenya and the birth was recorded in Hawaii by his grandmother. The second one he come out with is computer generated and a fraud. Now that should be enough for the house of representatives and the courts to remove him from office. He is a muslim and a fraud. He is in the process of ruining our country. I personaly want all muslims out of our country as they are dedicated to kill each of us.

  10. It was Hillary’s camp that started the first legal cases against Obama’s eligibility two weeks after the 2008 DNC convention. Hillary knew Obama was ineligible. That’s why, as the beltway-insider, in early 2008 she yanked him into an intentionally uncomfortable 6-person Senate committee to dig through McCain’s eligibility. ‘Initially’ Hillary probably planned to select Obama as her VP choice and surge to a clear victory with a stunning ticket; however, when Obama’s own campaign for the WH overtook Mrs. Clinton’s, thermo-nuclear war probably began between Dean, Soros, and the Clintons. Two weeks before the election, even Wolf on CNN said “If Obama is found ineligible, can Hilary win on a 2-week run?” The heat was on all the way to the end.
    Reid and Pelosi were reluctant on Obama as the Dem candidate and knew joining on the Obama bandwagon could end in prison like Colson got after Watergate. That’s why Pelosi distanced herself as best she could by not certifying, at least for Hawaii, that Obama was Constitutionally eligible. She knew he wasn’t.
    Yes Bush and Cheney most likely knew Obama was ineligible, so did Governor Lingle, so did Howard Dean, so did Aunt Bea and Andy Griffith. Everyone had to bend for two reasons: too many secrets, and to avoid national and international race and religious riots.
    For crying out loud, Howard Dean created the largest super majority in a half century and then just a few days after the 2008 election resigns as DNC chair. Why? Answer: Separation. Space. Distance. From what? Ending up like those tangled up in Watergate. Even Blago got his foot tangled in the 2008 grab-bag net.
    The bottom-line: Hawaii cannot produce the original piece of microfilm that has the Nordyke twins’ full birth certs and Obama’s connected to it. Obama’s never existed. Everyone knows this to be true.
    That’s why in 2008 the Hawaii Democratic Party Chair Brian Schatz wouldn’t certify Obama as Constitutionally eligible as the Hawaii Dem Party did for Gore in 2000 and for Kerry in 2004. Like many others, to create some legal separation and distance from what was becoming a sticky problem, Brian only cited the DNC Convention guidelines rather than the Constitution regarding Obama’s eligibility to run on Hawaii’s ballot.
    In addition, new legitimate evidence indicates Obama’s father is very likely Frank Marshall Davis, not Obama Sr. Where Obama’s mother gave birth to her son is still unclear, but Obama is the splitting image of Frank Davis, and bares no resemblance to Obama Sr. See ‘Dreams of My Real Father’ documentary video.


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