White House and Alphabet Agencies Meeting With Tech Giants to Block "Paths to Radicalization" on the Internet

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0 responses to “White House and Alphabet Agencies Meeting With Tech Giants to Block "Paths to Radicalization" on the Internet

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    I fear I am already radicalized; I see the establishment as the true danger to the people.

  2. The United States Government is using every agency with SWAT teams from everyone like SWAT members from the GSA and Forest management and every other odd agency. They intend to defeat anyone who wants to stop their agenda. Islam is the only group they won’t target even though they are at war with the country.

  3. Well, there goes the conservative blogosphere… those evil “rightwing extremists,” you know.

  4. They’ve already started to dismantle the Second Amendment, now they are planning on doing the same to the First Amendment. Look Toto, we’re not in America anymore!

  5. Well, I liked everyone’s comments, and thank you for posting, Dr. E. My thoughts are these: What is radicalization but trying to get to the root of all the b.s. and disinformation and crazy scenarios we are given to imbibe? We’re supposed to try to get to the bottom of things as thinking human beings.
    And as far as social media such as twitter and FB are concerned if your opinions are deemed “hurtful” you are banned. Except that the Arab Spring (synthetic uprisings directed by USA/Nato) were made possible by twitter. We would be shut down in an instance if we decided to do something physical to upset NWO plans
    And now the Middle East is in shambles and that’s an excuse to disrupt the rest of the world by getting rid of their undesirables.
    If you aren’t “radicalized” you aren’t thinking.

  6. how obama sees “peace” and “freedom”:
    shut down guns…..shut down speech…..
    just like the EU where the people can’t protect themselves or speak against the government

  7. There go the Leninites and the Trotskyites and the Alinskyites again, never giving up on their Alice-in-Wonderland dreams of some scientific atheist utopia! “The State,” wrote or said Washington, “is not eloquence; It is force.” The ancient dream—which really dates back to Babylon—is for the state to have a monopoly on force. But not only force, but THOUGHT ITSELF.
    The modern “dream” really, for all practical purposes, focuses on the British Empire (underground but not yet dead), and this time, they are in accordance with Mussolini, in that corporatism is “a merger of state and corporate power.” And Mussolini was functionally or practically correct, and what people may not realize is that the modern corporation itself is a British invention. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that, but a corporation inherently lacks something nation-states should not: National loyalty or allegiance.
    This latest move toward what Mark Levin calls “statism” (“State-ism”) has taken its moves with the first Patriot Act, the new Patriot Act, CISPA, PIPA, the NSA, etc. They want what Aldous Huxley (and now Zbigniew Brzyznski) have promised: a TECHNOCRACY. And now we have the technology to surveil every person on earth. It didn’t begin with George W. Bush; It just got its legal footholds established, and they have passed the football to Barack Obama, who is about to pass it onto the next El Jeffe, who will run for the touchdown.
    The “real” freedom they seek is a scientific atheism, whereby we will all be part of a gigantic collective and worship the state. Why? What’s in it for the oligarchs, and what’s in it for us? In an interview with Alex Jones, Joel Skousen (about a year ago) opined that this groupthink, this herd mentality, will protect us from the Divine Judgment our sins deserve. But the technocracy and the science behind it CANNOT save us. (John Paul II was correct in this much). Technology is merely a means to an end; It IS NOT, and CANNOT, be an end in itself.
    This is what I think is going on. First, nothing happens here on Earth that has not already happened (you could think of it as being “rehearsed”) “in the Heavenlies.” It is a spiritual battle, first in nature and in historical time. Therefore, there will always be oligarchs and their lackies who will re-hash this battle out.
    Second, we are living in that historical period that Revelation says must happen: We are moving toward the Mark of the Beast. That is what all this science and technology is all about; That is where it is headed toward. Whatever is happening in the economic realm or the day to day political personality clashes is a reaction against that. And politicians, like roosters, always strut about and cackle for dominance. They’re just the latest roosters to crow and strut about, and someday they’ll croak, and make room for the next generation of roosters! They do not understand that a revolution of ideas is on the way, made inescapable by the demographic changes that have been happening across the world in the past 50 or more years.
    I repeat: This revolution in ideas is happening, and will happen, regardless of what happens in the economic realm, and it is inescapable because of changing demographics. (Even Karl Marx got this wrong, and he got it wrong “on purpose,” as it were, because he was a Satanist: Even the STATE ITSELF cannot resist the tidal wave of demographics and the change in ideas it necessarily brings.)
    So where does this all wind up? I believe we MUST resort to Our Lady of Quito and Our Lady of Fatima. First, Our Lady of Quito predicted that the current era of MADNESS going on in the Church Itself WILL have a definite end to it. But first, Our Lady of Fatima predicted that—unless the World repents—God would use “Russia” as His Instrument of our Chastisement. And that is the coup de grace we are, as a human race and as the West, are headed toward: Bush, Obama, Brzynynski, the Patriot Act, CISPA, Google and all these agencies and laws WILL FAIL. So we have to decide Whose Side we’re on.

    • In the Hebrew scriptures God places a clear choice before us: “I am the Lord, thy God; choose me, choose life, or choose death!”
      Later His Son declared: “I am the Light and the Life; no one goes to the father save through me.”
      Need I say more?

      • I agree 100%, Josephbc69, and I think all of history is a fight, an argument, between Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot. Judas insisted he had a point. Our Lord is not interested in anyone’s “point” (including mine). We have to make sure we’re not following Judas!
        Jesus is the only TRUE radical: He Alone gets to the point that really matters. (At 60, I still have trouble getting out of my own way!)


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