White Genocide Looming in South Africa

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Move over self loathing white socialist professors Noel Ignatiev and James Livingston.
There’s another Genocidal Marxist in town.


The Hitler of South Africa tells white people he won’t kill them. . . yet

Simon Black – June 15, 2018 Santiago, Chile
Earlier this week while most of the world was transfixed on the World Cup, the Trump/Kim handshake, or a multitude of other sundry events, Julius Malema, aka the Hitler of South Africa, was busy telling white people in his country that he’s not going wage genocide against them. Yet.
In an interview with TRT World News published this week, Malema said, “We have not called for the killing of white people. At least for now. I can’t guarantee the future.”
When the reporter mentioned that some people might view these remarks as a call to genocide, Malema responded, “Crybabies. Crybabies,” but later warned white South Africans that “the masses are on board” for “an un-led revolution and anarchy.” 
READ HERE: https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/the-hitler-of-south-africa-tells-white-people-he-wont-kill-them-yet-23774/

While the politically correct main stream media felt satisfied they had saved South Africa from its Apartheid government, they slept as another monster loomed in plain sight. 

Pray for South Africa. Pray fervently for level heads and Christian values to prevail there; for the honest and peaceful cooperation of the races and ethnicities in that great nation.

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0 responses to “White Genocide Looming in South Africa

  1. frankly,the best bet is just to get out and not look back

  2. The whites in South Africa need to leave. I know it may be their homeland but they need to leave. Of course, the question is “where would they go?” If America falls there is no where else to go. Maybe America should swap Blacks, that think America is so awful, for White South Africans. Make it an even 1:1 ratio, starting with Kapernick, Jesse Jackson, Al Franken, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Clinton – the first Black President, etc.

    • Are you aware that no one has granted SA refugee status and few if anyone will take White South Africans? Are you aware of what it takes to get out of the country of South Africa. It takes literally years before you can get out, if you can get out at all. Right now I know of a former SA who is lobbying the Trump administration and the UN to declare emergency refugee status to White SA. Malema just called any White who wants to get out and go to Australia a racist. Can you beat that?! He sings songs about killing Whites, yet Whites are racist because they want to flee? That is what you call too stupid to breathe and just plain evil. They don’t want them to leave, they want them to stay so they can be murdered.

  3. The argument isn’t even rational there:

    • Anonymous . . . . this film is just about as demoralizing as possible. America should be giving priority in taking in the white farmers. Unfortunately, many of the black residents of South Africa are not as educated, and if given land no doubt will allow it to lay fallow, as we have seen in other parts of Africa — then America and the other civilized countries will need to step up and export foodstuffs to feed the people in these countries. One might say that whole ill advised scheme is like a person shooting himself in the foot.

    • traildustfotm

      Lauren Southern is speaking boldly and showing in plain view the monstrous nature of the black marxist racists of South Africa. Thanks for sharing this video, Anonymous.

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    From the representation – there is a mental problem.

  5. Sadly the whites in South Africa should leave their homeland because it is not their homeland anymore. They must either leave on their own two feet or in a body bag. I predict once the whites leave in 10 years that country will be nothing but death, rape and destruction. Where is the UN? I can tell you the UN is a Communist front and they are happy to see this happening and wouldn’t be surprised if they were not assisting in the eventual murder of whites.

    • brackenkaren . . . . I must say I agree wholeheartedly with everything in your comments. Just wait until the land is not farmed, and everything goes to the dogs . . . then you can bet your money on other people being expected to “pick up the pieces.”

      • “Just wait until the land is not farmed, and everything goes to the dogs”
        I know what you’re saying, but the dogs will be slaughtered next, and maybe even before the farms are in ruins.

    • This IS the history of Africa. Every time a Western Culture has built them up, educated them, and left them to run it, they allow it to slip into ruin and collapse. In twenty years there will just be rubble and ruins. They’ll still be squatting in the shadows swatting flies.

    • You have to have somewhere to go before you can leave because unlike the all the Black and Muslims that are accorded any and all accommodation by just walking across the border, Whites are not welcome. To my knowledge Russia is the only country that has made an open invitation, and one might see how a SA might have reservations about going to Russia given their history, and South Africa’s recent history.

  6. Comrade Obama

    Trade our blacks for their whites. Make sure our whites get the whites farms. End of story. Africa is going back to the jungle its time to recognize it for what it is.

    • You mean blacks like HUD secretary neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson?

      • The American blacks themselves may want to go after Dr. Ben. He was in the news in recent months for three things:
        1_Plans to increase Section-8 rent x 3. If a HUD Public Housing recipient currently pays $50/month, Ben wants them to start paying $150.
        2_Anyone 60 & under must work at a job at least so many hours. (Does not apply to disabled & seniors 65+.)
        3_HUD dropped the “non-discriminatory” & “inclusive” language on their site to a message of “self-sufficiency.” It’s much shorter & sounds so much better. The former message was longer & wearying as are all bleeding-heart PC-messages.
        The lefties, naturally, went bonkers over all of those changes/proposals.

        • “The American blacks themselves may want to go after Dr. Ben.”
          Is that a recommendation?

          • “Is that a recommendation?”
            I KNOW you are much smarter than that & have excellent reading/researching, writing, & comprehension skills.
            However, if you truly had trouble understanding that sentence (by taking it out of its context, btw), it was the “prelude” to & was intimately-connected to the 3-points that followed it which explains the prelude. Here is a more detailed version which hopefully will answer your question:
            “The American blacks [living in PUBLIC HUD housing projects] themselves [once they hear Ben wants 3x the current rent] may [get ideas in their heads that they] want to go after Dr. Ben [for that reason > the increased-rent-reason]. [SEE THE FOLLOWING 3-POINTS TO UNDERSTAND that opening sentence.]”
            DATED but Observations based on Personal Experience:
            –For a dozen years throughout the 1980s & early 1990s, small groups from our mixed whites & blacks church at the time, would go into the local HUD PUBLIC Housing “PROJECTS” (which was in the BLACK part of town) to hand out Bible tracts &/or talk to anyone willing to talk.
            –Everyone who lived there WAS BLACK, no low-income Whites.
            –Hence, when the subject of HUD PUBLIC Housing comes up, experience brings to mind that it most likely means BLACKS.
            –Hence, the use of BLACK in the original sentence; besides the fact the preceding comment/subject was re black Dr. Ben.
            PUBLIC HUD Housing are buildings that HUD itself operates. Hence the word PUBLIC.
            –Section-8 Vouchers can be used to rent units in PRIVATELY-OWNED apt. complexes or rent PRIVATELY-OWNED homes, etc. where you are more likely to find mixed working-class whites AND blacks. That’s different than HUD PUBLIC Housing (buildings) in BLACK parts of towns.
            –For anyone unfamiliar with what “black part of town” means, think back to “In the Heat of the Night” TV series. They referred to their “black part of town” as “The Bottoms.” There was no such title locally that I ever heard, but the scenario was similar.
            Attitudes to street preaching in HUD PUBLIC Housing/”Projects” (in BLACK part of town):
            –Young black males > made grunt noises as they kept walking passed us as if they were irritated at the sight of us.
            –Older-to-elderly black women > would allow you to talk to them but they would just stare (often coldly) & stay quiet & never say anything but “UmmHmmm” in a condescending tone.
            –Friendliest who would actually engage you in conversation & listen & interact, were the young black mothers with kids.
            –No older black men ever seen anywhere around the HUD PUBLIC Housing “Projects” except those standing outside the black bar down the street & yes we would try to engage them as well but they would just stare at you & not speak, their eyes severely glazed over from booze or drugs (& this was daytime). If you’ve never seen “dead-looking eyes” in a person, look into the eyes of hard core drunks or druggies. You’ll never forget it.
            –or older black males standing around at the black-owned gas station down the street (now that guy, the middle-aged black owner, was very friendly & loved to talk Bible topics. Friendliest guy in the neighborhood).
            –Maybe the rest of the mature & older men were at work(?).
            Hopefully this is sufficient background details to help anyone understand the gist of the original sentence in question.
            How about East Indians? They owned all the rinky-dink motels along the older highway strip where, at night it was said, the hookers & drug dealers would parade around. But in the daytime, same small groups from same mixed B+W church, would drop off Bible tracts at those “Patel Motels.” (Yes, every business card on their lobby counters said owned or operated by So-&-So PATEL.)
            Most always a middle-aged or older East Indian man would appear from the back room & stare a silent icy cold stare. They were more creepy than any of the blacks. If any East Indian woman was at the counter, they weren’t much better, also very cold & unfriendly.
            Fast-Forward later 1990s or so & more & more YOUNGER male East Indians were running practially all the gas station/mini-mart combos around town. They were MUCH friendlier but their thick accents were an ear-strain to understand.
            How about Jewish neighborhoods? That’s fast & easy > They didn’t give us one-single second of their time. They just huff & puff & keep going.
            Higher-income white neighborhoods? Mostly, but not always, ditto but with a gasp of disgust vs. angry huffing & puffing.
            I don’t recall any Asians so can’t comment on their reactions. No Hispanics at the time either. I had heard they all horded themselves in the “sleeper-towns” closer to Orlando.
            Did any of the above unfriendly-cold-or-icy people not engage with us because we were white, black, Christian, & THEY were “racist” or pagan or Jewish or atheist or “rich,” etc.? Only THEY know. It IS what it IS (& probably worse now). That’s life. Why force-pretend otherwise? Hope for the best, but don’t be surprised at the worst from anybody.

      • traildustfotm

        Thank you for that challenge, Dr. Eowyn. I believe the operative word here is not Black or White or Indian or Asian, but Marxist.

        • I would like to agree with you Trail, but I am really unsure about that. I do not like separating things according to race either. However to ignore the fact that the the brown skinned races have not been able to create or maintain what the White race has, is to ignore the fact of envy, jealously and basic human greed. They all want what has been created here in the West, but they do not have the capability or desire to do what it takes to create and maintain that order and prosperity, hence the only other option is to take it through communism. That is precisely why the elites are importing them by the droves- because they know without too many exceptions they will vote not for working for it, but or having it handed out to them- Communism. Why else do some 95% American Blacks even after all the civil rights advancements, handouts, special endowments, informative action continue to vote for democrats and liberal policies. Conservative Black Christians are a minority.

  7. They’ve already been killing S.A. white farmers off & on, though not via an all-out genocide/en masse.
    Recent California Senate candidate Patrick Little said the African-mine-owning-(((bad guys)))-behind-the-local-bad-guys there use electronic jamming equiptment so the farmers cannot call out for help, then they move in for the kill. It’s too graphic to describe how, but they force the men’s eyes to stay open so they have to watch their wives & children being killed first, then they kill the men.
    Other alt-headlines have said the farmers have been forming their own militias & were getting training on how better to fight back & protect themselves as a group. I hope they succeed at that if they can’t or won’t leave.
    I’ve also seen alt-headlines of Australia being agreeable to receiving at least some of the S.A. farmers/families. Why can’t they come here? Not much “white love” here either but it’s not as bad as there … at least not yet.

  8. There’s a lot going on here. Clearly, this is the definition of “racist”. So, they are basically saying that they can’t coexist with whites. I suppose the same could be extended here. Maybe all the blacks should leave.
    We have only two choices here. We either give up the whole “racist” dialog and base our interactions with each other on people’s actions, not race, or we decide that we are two separate species and we cannot live in peace.
    The Jewish argument is similar, but more subtle. They are the only “race” (cough!) that counts. I don’t think anyone has to stretch their imagination too far to see how this works. By forcing disparate groups into unnatural territories they create discord. While those groups are fighting each other the manipulators finish the job of stealing everything.
    Those who are old enough remember all the hand-wringing and bitter tears wept for those poor, oppressed black africans. Many are not aware that Nelson Mandela was the inventor of the flaming tire. Somehow, he became a “saint”.
    The one thing we can depend upon is that there will be paid propagandists to dish up gobs of putrid lies and false premises about these events. Meanwhile their owners circle the herd, ready for the kill.

  9. What was done to South Africa was many years in the planning, and in allowing Nelson Mandela—a covert communist—to assume power there has led to this. Yes, Apartheid was evil, but let us look at what it did give to South Africa—railroads, roads, hospitals, schools, farms, food and civilization.
    Let us also admit to two other true things: First, Israel is another apartheid state. Second, what was done to South Africa is now being done to Europe and will be implemented here if enough people do not wake up. I sincerely hope that President Trump will act decisively to bring Malema’s reign of terror to an end, and that he can do the same for Zimbabwe, too.

  10. This is complete nonsense, do you think that the majority of South Africans will support genocide of any race….

    • traildustfotm

      The scary answer is yes. The nature of a majority is to be somewhat passive, while a minority opinion is carried out, sometimes with great violence. This horror is happening right now. It’s not a matter of theory.

    • Traildust is correct. The masses are passive- it only takes a small group to orchestrate evil. And it is already happening; the Black run government looks the other way, and doesn’t report the stats. All it will take is the signal to be given from the Black Marxist thugs at the top, and there will be no shortage of those who will be happy to take them up on the order.

      • I guess ya’ll have a point; the only thing that cane be expressed is disappointment of the Black South African gov’t if they allow genocide to happen it would make them no better then the Apartheid era regime. Mandela will turn over in his grave…

        • Yeah, right. Mandela is partying in his grave, along with the racist ex-wife, Winnie.
          “If” the black South African government allowed genocide to happen? Who sold their own kind?
          Man, history is freakin tough…

          • Mandela made the famous speech about fighting against white aggression and black aggression so why would he party when blacks are committing genocide; also the black South Africans did not sell their own lands. When the first whites came in they claimed land that wasn’t theirs just because some tribes temporarily vacated it…..then later on the Europeans did what they normally do

        • Apartheid was not good, but it wasn’t genocidal. No one was killing Blacks for the sport of it. Apartheid just means separate or apart. Black and Whites were separated, but Blacks were not killed because they were Black. One of the largest hospitals in the world was built for Blacks. Please understand that the real story of South Africa is far different that what we have been told through the Jewish owned leftist media. The same Satanic Jewish Bankers/ elites that own and run the rest of the world wanted the riches of South Africa. SA had their own currency based on their own gold. The elites have to own all wealth before they can control the world and they had to get a hold of South Africa Wealth. They sent in their Jewish communist agitators to agitate the Blacks, telling them they will have ” equality” and every other good thing if they overthrow the Apartheid government. Mandela is not the saint we all have been told. He was a communist- the ANC is a communist organization. Mandela blew up buses and murdered people- so did his wife who ” necklaced other Black people- the most notable case, a young 14 year old boy. The Jewish communists always look for criminals to carry out their plans for revolutions and takeover. Who do you think installed the mass murderer Mao in China?
          Many Blacks are even saying they had it better under Apartheid now that the country has been run into the ground.

          • Blacks were systematically killed and economically deprived under Apartheid it is well known….

            • No argument from here that Blacks were treated very unfairly, however I am not sure how you define “systematically killed”. I would define that as a plan and practice to genocide. That did not happen- nothing close. However If you are talking about killing Blacks who attempted to get out of line or buck the system, then yes.

  11. In South Palm Beach County FL, we have a rather large community of upper middle class South African white families. I worked for several of these families babysitting as a teenager decades ago and heard terrible stories. My dearest friend in high school was South African from Johannesburg. She told my why they decided to leave. Her mother was carjacked and her baby brother was still in the car. They found him alive and unharmed, luckily. After that, the entire family left to start life elsewhere. The dentist who took out my wisdom teeth was also a very handsome South African. All of these South Africans around here are almost 100% Jewish too.

  12. “The [Cheka] Of South Africa” Tells White People, He Won’t Kill Them…Yet!”
    *The jews were and are responsible for the fall of Rhodesia [Zimbabwe] and South Africa into communist hands. America is about 15 years behind events occuring in South Africa.

      “Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveal trends chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country.”
      That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because I was there and I saw it happen.
      White Americans may soon find themselves unable or unwilling to stand up to challenge the new political methods that will be the inevitable result of the ethnic metamorphosis now taking place in America. Unable to cope with the new rules of the game – violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations of racism,…
      Faced with revolution in the streets, strikes, civil unrest and the sheer terror and murder practiced by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC), the white government simply capitulated in order to achieve “peace.”

      “Just like the 2003 Brenhurst Initiative, which was endorsed by former president Thabo Mbeki and was a BEE policy framework developed by the Oppenheimers, Ramaphosa, through the so-called ‘New Deal’, shows how some ANC leaders continue to undermine the black intelligentsia and business when it comes to economic policy formulation.”
      Don’t overlook Chabad which is behind major political machinations inside ALL our countries, including America.

  13. “Gertler’s Bling Bang Torah Gang”
    Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo (Part 1)
    “The warlord’s deadly battle in Congo in March 2007 was a bid between rival agents—Jean-Pierre Bemba and Joseph Kabila—to be the black gatekeeper for the mining cartels run by dynastic families like Templesman, Oppenheimer, Mendell, Forrest, Blattner, Hertzov, Gertler and Steinmetz, and for companies like NIKANOR….
    Haaratz confirmed that Dan Gertler owns a complex network of interconnected companies, often registered in offshore tax havens and involved in India, Russia, Belgium and the United States, and that Dan Gertler is looking to God for guidance.
    When Dan Gertler and Chaim Leibovitch and their friends visit the luxury Gertler villa in Lumumbashi, the capital of Katanga, Congo’s large southern province, their kosher meals arrive by private plane from Kinshasa. The special executive jet that flies their kosher meals a few hundred miles over the roadless Congo costs some $US 23,000 per trip.9
    The average income for Congolese citizens each year—if they survive it—is about $95. Shootings at mining facilities and diamond mines are common,..”.
    Meanwhile, Dan Gertler’s kosher meals depart Kinshasa, the capital of the big Congo, through the arrangements of Rabbi Chlomo Bentolila, high priest of the Chabad of Central Africa. Rabbi Chlomo Bentolila has been a Kinshasa Rabbi since 1991, and he was a spiritual force who survived the terrorism of the old dinosaur, Mobutu Sese Seko, the way most elites did: by working with him. Rabbi Bentolila is a member of the Chabad Lubavitch Global Emissary Network, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and his wife Miriam is the sister of Rabbi Mena’hem Hadad, a high priest in Brussels.14
    NIKANOR is registered as an Isle of Man (UK) company, an offshore tax haven that helps to conceal criminal activities and maximize profits. NIKANOR directors include Dan Kurtzer, former U.S. ambassador to Israel (2001-2005) and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research under Madeleine Albright.”

  14. Many “Christian” organizations are not Christian. They hold that name while they engage in the duplicity, killings and oppression which they cause. They are doing the same thing inside America. This is from a book by a South African who was “an elder to the Church Council of the largest German- speaking Evangelical-Lutheran congregation in the country…”.
    “It is completely incomprehensible to them that the World Council of
    Churches in Geneva should stab in the back what many missionaries regard
    as the most Christian nation in the world, while giving moral aid and
    comfort and financial support to marxist-controlled “liberation move-
    ments” through the device of their Programme to Combat Racism, which
    is then used to wage a terror war against the godfearing Boers.” [pg 1]
    There is more. Skip to page 146.
    “CHAPTER 12
    The Role of the “Liberation Movements”
    We members of the Communist Party are the most advanced revolutionar-
    ies in modem history . . . The enemy must be completely smashed and rooted
    out of the earth before the communist world can be made a reality.
    Nelson Mandela, former leader of the
    African National Congress (ANC)” [pg. 146]
    From page 99: “That is why the savage punishment of the fiery “necklace” inflicted by
    the ANC on innocent blacks in South Africa does not deter the leading
    newspapers in the Western world from honouring Winnie Mandela (the
    wife of the imprisoned communist leader Nelson Mandela) as a heroine, al-
    though she has publicly expressed her whole-hearted approval of that
    incredibly atrocious form of murder. (“With our matches and our necklaces
    we shall liberate this country!”)”. [pg 99]
    “The Plot Against South Africa”

  15. The land upon which modern South Africa sits had no indigenous African inhabitants – only nomadic tribes from the north that would occasionally cross the land to hunt and forage.
    The original European settlers built the farms, cities, and infrastructure that created a First World culture with a thriving economy and some of the most advanced medical care in the world.
    The wealth and advanced culture of South Africa attracted black migrants from the north in droves.
    Although imperfect, the apartheid system allowed the black population to retain cultural homogeneity instead of subjecting blacks and whites to the horrors of ‘multiculturalism’.
    The apartheid system also provided much higher standards of health and education for all than currently exist.
    The Mandela-led revolution used apartheid as a cudgel and cover for its true objective of complete Marxist overthrow of the once prosperous and relatively peaceful country.
    The first major decision of Mandela’s post-1994 regime was to bring in a Chabad-Rothschild central bank.
    Frustrated at having still not succeeded in their objective of complete Marxist revolution, however, the ANC and nutjobs like this ‘Hitler’ of SA – driven by the demonic forces that created and drive Communism – cry out for massive human sacrifice to S@t@n to finally hasten the end.
    Remember, the Chabad Jews don’t consider themselves ‘white’ and have been actvely working towards the destruction of European Christian culture throughout the world for generations now.
    The black Marxist anarchists doing the Chabad’s bidding in South Africa are too blinded by their own hatred and stupidity to realize they are hastening their own doom by advancing white genocide. The Talmudic Chabad despise blacks and all other minorities almost as much as they despise whites of European ancestry – just look at apartheid Israel.

  16. All commenters here on this article…CHECK out William de Hewetts site on net…He has excellent articles on South Africa and the difference between Boers and Aftricaners…Just put REAL ARYANS DO NOT RACE MIX and you will see his site and how to read all his articles on South Africa.

  17. I have yet to hear so much as a peep about this out of the lily-white commie-lib media.
    But if you reversed the races, it would be all we would be hearing about.
    Hmm, I wonder why that is?


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